What is Riiga?

Riiga is a fiction world originally created by Treijim and Xennavor. It has since expanded to this collaborative writing forum!

How do I participate?

  1. Register an account
  2. Create your first character. Once approved,
  3. Join an existing story or create a new one
  4. Add your character to the story
  5. Start writing!

What's new?

Character creation is now significantly more advanced! When creating your character, various widgets will help you through the process. All restrictions are automatically enforced. Hopefully this will make the approval process faster and easier for everyone! Remember, you can only have one character per rank! Check your rank on your profile page.

Story entries can now be tagged with your characters! This will place their icon beside each entry with that character in it. You can use this to find every entry that included a particular character. It also looks cool when posting dialog entries; Dialog entries are abbreviated entries, so a conversation between characters doesn't take up so much space.

Attention existing users!

As part of our migration from the old forums, your accounts were automatically recreated here. This includes your characters and stories! However, in order to reclaim your account, you'll need to contact an administrator. We recommend you do this through the old forum at proboards. Please do not create a new account!

You may also want take a look at your existing characters. We've included the original profile of each character in the description field to avoid losing any data. If possible, you should clean this up and tweak your character profile to your liking. Character changes are also susceptible to the approval process. Don't panic if your changes are not immediately reflected!

Although we believe we successfully imported all the old data, please let us know if you notice any bugs. Contact an administrator or file a bug. We hope you enjoy the new and improved Riiga!