Who knew trees could catch fire that fast (Completed)

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Entry 383 14/07/07 00:00
"Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, did you just see that!!!" Said Kaian "Who knew trees could catch fire that fast!? The elders are going to go mad!" Kaian proceeded into a pace whilst trying to think of a way out of his dilemma. " I know I'll just walk away..It's not like I'm the only Sirin that uses fire magic. Oh no it is!" Kaian tried to put out the fire by blowing but his tail ended up on fire. " Oh no what to do."
Entry 384 15/07/07 00:00

A large snowball smacked into Kaian's tail and extinguished the small flames. Aran leant against a naerby tree with another snowball in hand. He looked at Kaian and shook his head. 

"You're surrounded by snow and you're worried about a fire." He walked to the year-younger-boy and hit him on the head gently with a smirk. "Figures. Come on, let's put this tree out." And he turned around and began to kick up snow with his feet, splashing the singed tree with ice.
Entry 385 16/07/07 00:00
"Yeah I was going to do that before you turned up, but you didn't give me the chance." Said Kaian embarassedly [1] Kaian helped Aran kick the snow at the tree untill it was eventually quenched of it's firey thirst.

"Anyway when did you arrive there was no-one around for miles when I was surveying the area." As usaual Kaian was trying to appear cool in front of Aran "Lets head back to the village I'm bored." Kaian walked away from the tree and the other Sirin hoping that he would follow. [2]
Entry 386 19/07/07 00:00

Aran smirked as they extinguished the fire. "I don't expect you to find me. I'm a hunter. We're supposed to be unnoticeable." 

As Kaian walked away Aran watched him and then rushed to catch up. "Hey, wait. You didn't see a stag come this way, did you? I was following it when I found you."
Entry 387 26/07/07 00:00
Kaian turned around with a huge grin on his face; now was his chance to annoy Aran "Ah-ha I am a Sirin of many secrets," Said Kaian mysteriously "I may have seen the stag, I may have eaten the stag, or I may have seen nothing until you give me something to help me remember."

Kaian, with his hands touching behind his back, proceeded into a strut around Aran. "Oh oh oh," he blurted. " Did the stag have big big big horns and a cut in its-" Kaian extended his paws to look for an 'L' shape "-right side? ' cos that flamin' animal made me loose me concentration and set the tree on fire, it did" Kaian took a step closer to Aran waggled his finger menacingly and said " It is the work of the Devil!!!"
Entry 388 27/07/07 00:00
Aran crossed his arms, bored and annoyed with the youth already. 

"I dunno what you mean by 'the devil', but you better not had hurt it. I need to take that thing down myself if I'm going to earn respect from the guard leader in the village." 

He looked over both his shoulders, sniffing the air quickly. There was indeed a strong presence suddenly among them, but nothing could be seen between the tangles of dead trees in all directions. He put a claw to his mouth to try to hush Kaian and he gripped his spear in both hands, crouching low and looking around slowly.
Entry 389 31/07/07 00:00
Kaian slowly copied his fellow Sirin and crouched down next to him. He took a deep breath in and sniffed the air, all he could smell was singed fur and burning wood.

"So, how come we are sniffing?" Whispered Kaian in his quietest tone; which was about as quiet as a warlord before battle. "Are you ill? I'll get someone to help. Oh are you-" Kaian stopped speaking as he saw a rustle in the trees up ahead  and a large horned animal trot quickly away from he and Aran. Was he in trouble now.
Entry 390 05/08/07 00:00
Aran went to hush the boy but he hushed himself, and both of them stared in the direction of the noise. It seemed as though the stag had heard them and had begun to run, but it slowed to a halt though it was out of sight. Aran crept forward a few steps and pointed his spear forwards, his blue eyes fixed ahead unblinkingly. With a raised finger he hushed Kaian and continued to creep forward, looking for where the stag seemed to be waiting.
Entry 391 13/08/07 00:00

Kaian followed Aran once more to where the stag was lying in wait. Just after the duo stopped for extra stealth; and so the stag would detect little movement, a huge gust of ice wind came howling through the trees like a sleepless demon. The wind pushed Kaian down to the cold, icy floor as he let out a little yelp.

When the two Sirins regained their eyesight the noticed that the stag had disappeared.

Entry 392 24/08/07 00:00

Aran thwacked Kaian over the head. 

"You're gonna make me lose it!" he whispered lately, and he rushed across to inspect the tracks in the snow. He didn't bother to help Kaian up, though he normally would have. He seemed utterly intent on catching this stag no matter what it would cost him. After a moment he stood and began to walk away, not saying anything to Kaian. He didn't tell the boy to stay where he was so it wasn't clear as to whether or not he needed assistance.
Entry 393 26/08/07 00:00
Kaian quickly jumped up and walked over to where Aran was studying the ground carefully. "What is the big fascination with this stag?" Blurted Kaian "I mean why can't you find a nice hobby like... furball collecting or something like that."

Kaian peered in over Aran's shoulder; the tracks lead further in towards the tangle of decised, icy trees, lying in wait as if to grab the two Sirin so they never returned to the village.

"Y'know I thiink we should turn back.., I mean I was always told that it's like really dangerous in there; and I'm telling you I knew some pre-ty brave Sirins I did."

Entry 394 03/09/07 00:00

Aran ignored the boy's last comment. It wasn't like him to back away from an idea once he got it in his mind. He was determined to get this stag for one reason or another, and little stories weren't going to stop him. At least, that's what he thought. 

"Collecting furballs is for children," he whispered with a smirk. "I have my reasons for getting this stag." He continued on down the path, but the signs were growing more sparse as they walked on. "Don't tell me I lost it!..."
Entry 395 16/09/07 00:00

There was a soft chuckling sort of half growl from somewhere nearby followed by cold breath very close to Kaian's ear. The voice that spoke was oddly distorted but soft, "You're right. It really is dangerous. You probably should go back." This was followed by the sensation of a cold touch to Kaian's back, right through his jacket.

Moments later a figure stepped out of the dense under brush just ahead and to the left of the path the two Sirin had been taking. As he came closer it became more obvious that he too was a Sirin though his clothing was different. He was wearing pants similar to the other two, brown a little darker than his fur. Over the pants was a drop of dark blue/purple cloth that reached a bit further down his legs then his pants, held up by his belts. The over all result was like he was wearing a robe but only from the waist down as his upper body was completely uncovered. He looked a little more 'feral', his fur was scruffier, his hair longer. Though he certainly smelt like a sirin.

This youth - he looked around the same age as Aran and Kaian, after all - stopped just out of range of a spear thrust and grinned. "Bit far out aren't you?" He growled softly, perhaps so he didn't startle their hunt. Even his voice was a little more feral than most other Sirin.
Entry 396 06/10/07 00:00

"See," Said Kaian proudly "I told you we shouldn't have gone out this far, and know we are lost being followed by a feral Sirin who has a good sense of.......THIS!! And who is probably going to eat us." Kaian pushed himself up from his knees that he was crouched down on; stood up, and started sniffing the air.

An inquizitive look appeared on Kaian's face "Do I know you?" He asked. "Your scent, it seems, familiar" Kaian sniffed the air surrounding the mysterious Sirin once more; the scent was unmistakeable he recognised him from his childhood.
Entry 397 10/10/07 00:00
Aran took a careful sniff of Tern. Indeed he smelt familiar, but Aran couldn't tell from where. For the time-being he shrugged the inkling off. 

"I don't think he's feral," Aran said. "He's dressed too well to be feral." Nevertheless, Aran's spear was now pointed at Tern's chest. 

"What do you want?" he asked Tern, not giving the boy a chance to answer Kaian's questions first.
Entry 398 10/10/07 00:00
Tern crossed his arms over his chest and looked at the point of Aran's spear for a moment.
"Just thought I'd give you a friendly warning." He said with a grin. "If you keep following that Deer, you'll end up somewhere you aren't supposed to go." He paused a moment perhaps for effect. "You're Sirin, I can't be sure they'd give you the chance to leave. At the least they'll want to know how you got there."

Tern then looks to Kaian and chuckles. "You might, or you might be confusing me with someone else."
Entry 399 11/10/07 00:00
Kaian pushed his way in front of Aran; to stand almost nose to nose with Tern. "Look buddy!" This sudden burst of confidence and a bit of foolishness raced around Kaian's body "You better stop speaking so mysterifingly and start speaking proper like me and my buddy, and answer our questions." Aran pushed back infront of Kaian just to be lectured by him once more.

"...and you, bloody 'lets go track a deer' are just as bad getting us lost and now 'them' won't be happy!!" Kaian finally realised what he had just done and said, and saw Sirin that were much older, faster and stronger than him staring back angrily. Kaian just smiled and stepped back to his original position.
Entry 400 29/10/07 00:00
Aran looked from Tern to Kaian, a little perplexed. "How we got there? Where is there? How do I know that you're not just trying to hide some secret stash of something? I don't know you. I don't want to trust you." He paused and scowled, "You don't look like one of us." 

He turned to Kaian. "Stay away from this one," he said. "Something isn't right..."
Entry 401 29/10/07 00:00
Tern looked past Kaian shifting his weight slightly to one side. "Because of the way I'm dressed, Aran?" He asked with a slight smile as he revealed he knew their names, or at least Aran's. "You might not know me, but I know you, you're Nari's friend. Him being interested in secret stashes I can imagine but I got the impression you were more... mature." The strange Sirin didn't bother taking a step back from Kaian while he spoke past him to Aran. "To be honest, you're right. I might be hiding a secret stash of something."

He then turned his attention back to Kaian after the slightly younger Sirin stepped back. "My name's Tern, since you're wondering who I am. I did answer your questions, Kaian. Aran asked what I wanted, I said I was warning you to stay clear of a certain place. You seem to recognise me so, I've said who I am." He paused a moment relaxing his stance and resting his hands on his hips. "And if you think I'm speaking mysterifingly you haven't spoken to Elders much, they can be really mysterifing."
Latest Post Entry 402 01/11/07 00:00

Kaian stepped forward again to stand next to Tern "Um... you know if you do have a um... stash could you give me um... some." Said Kaian, sweetalk was never his strongpoint. "Cos you know um.. I did stay clear of the path and I have done what you have said,"

Kaian twisted his body so his lips were pressed against Terns ear " Not like him, Aran, he just keeps asking questions not like me."

Kaian put the sweetest smile he could on his face; but he eneded up looking like a pyscho. He spun back to his original position and put two thumbs up at Aran, but he just stared through him.

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