Wandering in a Blizzard (Completed)

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Entry 1479 07/01/07 00:00
Noel pondered deeply at how he arrived. His memory was fades of white clouds and instantly a flash black came to him. 

A girl and him were playing by the river at the edge of a forest, when all of a sudden she ran off screaming. Puzzled, he had stood up and looked towards the sky at a strange scaled flying creature, which picked him up in its talons and he couldn't remember much after, but he remembered waking up in the snow. 

"I flew here," Noel answered.
Entry 1480 07/01/07 00:00
"You... flew..." Srafel repeated oddly. "Then, you shall fly back." 

He checked over his shoulder one last time for the beast and they kept running faster south. There came the beating of heavy wings again and Srafel pointed a hand behind them, roaring lightning blasting from his fingertips. The bolts struck something and the shadow retreated. Even in the cold, he was sweating. 

"The water is somewhere ahead but there will be ice so tread carefully..."
Entry 1481 07/01/07 00:00
"Maybe I could cross the water with my ice, or go on chunk of ice and accelerate by using my ice. It will help us reach where we're going faster," Noel offered. He knew that his ice magic didn't take to much out of him, but his hands would be numb for a while. They'd heal quickly. 

They could now see the faint line of water, which was dark. A white fog swiveled and the wind was piercing.
Entry 1482 07/01/07 00:00
As they neared the water, Srafel went and touched it with a finger and quickly pulled it back. He looked up at the flurry above, and then behind them for any signs of the beast. 

"That ice idea isn't so bad... You can do this in the state you're in?"
Entry 1483 07/01/07 00:00
Noel nodded. "Yes, ice magic doesn't take much out of me. It's easy to regain power, especially in these cold climates. I can get us both across, but if I get tired I may need to rest up a little bit." 

Thinking about it gave him a nervous thrill, but at the same time he was afraid of falling in the deathly cold water.
Entry 1484 08/01/07 00:00
"NO!" Srafel said loudly. "I'm not leaving. Th-thank you, but this is my home... I... regret... that we did not talk more. May Renin cast fortune upon your life henceforce." 

He put his hand on Noel's shoulder, and Noel would have noticed a small surge of energy, like a sudden perk. He looked back again for the giant flying beast. 

"Make your ice boat now, boy, and I'll drag this thing away back into the blizzard." And he held his sword at his side and began to trudge back up towards the temple.
Entry 1485 08/01/07 00:00
Noel saddened. He had felt as if a certain bondage had formed between him and Srafel. Though he'd be reliefed being away from the cold temples, he found Srafel interesting. He stood still for a while, thinking it over, but he worried about the dark creatures that were constantly attacking. He would never learn to fight them off. 

He crossed onto a large ice chunk, which crackled. Instantly, as it began to snap off the original chunk of land, a long crack ran through it. Noel patched it with ice and pushed off the land with his ice, making the ice chunk go faster. He  neared deeper into the water, when a sudden stillness filled the air. The current was uneasy where he was, different from where it was in other places. 

Noel's eyes darted across the water and he listened intently; the only instinct he could rely on. He saw something large swim towards him from under the water, and then disappear. "Srafel..." Noel began, but was suddenly knocked off violently by a huge force that hit the floating ice chunk, a cry escaping him. "Ahhh! Srafel!!"
Entry 1486 08/01/07 00:00
Srafel picked up a voice on the wind and he looked over his shoulder. The flying beast came up behind him, heading for the sea, and he quickly grabbed its leg with one arm with great skill. Still flying out, the monster writhed in mid-air, trying to shake him off. It seemed more intent on going to hunt down Noel, though. The iceberg came into view and Srafel swung his sword over the head, gashing the monster. He landed on the ice on two feet and the monster flew away. 

"Noel," he said, going to him. "What is it?" 

Before Noel needed to answer, he looked at the water and saw a shadow. He went to it and put his hand in and a surge of light went from his hand and into the water, making it glow eerily for a moment. Their ears popped. He hurried back to Noel, wrapping his cloak around the boy. 

"I'll stay with you until we reach the land," he said. "I electrocuted it, so it should be quite hurt..."
Entry 1487 09/01/07 00:00
Noel shivered under Srafel's cloak, still a bit shocked at what had just happened. He had always taken things a bit slowly. He remained close to Srafel, feeling completely protected, but his eyes staying on the water. He didn't know that the strange creatures could swim too. 

"We should get a head start," His clothes were soaked and weighing him down. A large draft made him freeze up and he could barely move his fingers any more. He pulled the cloak tighter around him.
Entry 1488 09/01/07 00:00
"We're moving quite fast as it is," Srafel said. "Don't worry about me. Just sleep and you'll arrive when you wake up as though it's all been a bad dream."

He looked up at the white sky, scattered with snow, and then down at the crystal water, currently void of life.
Entry 1489 10/01/07 00:00
Noel stood still for a few moments, almost dreamlike of watching the figure of Srafel going close to the water's edge. Going to sleep sounded just as great as being treated like a prince. He bundled up tighter in the coat and sat down against a bolder. The biting feeling of the snow underneath him was unnoticed because he was so numb. 

He drifted off to sleep, taking in a deep breath and then exhaling. He just wanted to be somewhere warm... Home...
Latest Post Entry 1491 10/01/07 00:00
Noel slept soundly for quite some time. He was lying on a beach at the north end of Ideitess, where the wind was cold but the sun shone brightly. Anyone would have thought what he had experienced was a dream, were it not for the dark orange cloak he was wrapped in. 

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