Wandering in a Blizzard (Completed)

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Entry 1459 21/12/06 00:00
Noel fell completely silent. His eyes widened from the sight of the man's blood and he felt himself trembling. Simply the sight of blood made him weak and frightened. He looked away, tears swelling in his eyes. Too many memories were flooding back to him. He covered his face with his hands and took in a deep breath so that he could hide his tears from Srafel. 

He wondered if what had been out there was still there. He muffled through his hands, "You are injured. Let me help you..." He was frightened of the response he would recieve and his words became quieter until they dropped off.
Entry 1460 21/12/06 00:00
"No. Stay away," Srafel said sharply. "I am fine... This wound is nothing. It will heal in a few moments."

He turned and looked at Noel standing there meekly. Srafel's lower arm was visible and there was a gash on it. Within seconds, though, the skin folded over and it healed itself. Only a scar was left behind. Srafel was holding Noel's gaze all the while. 

"Don't cry. If you raise your emotions up they will come back faster. They feed on human weakness." He paused and looked at the ground. "Do you remember where you live at all?"
Entry 1461 23/12/06 00:00
Noel took in a deep breath, but his tears kept coming. He wiped them away quickly and managed to say, "I don't remember what the land is called... It's in Western Riiga... There is a great forest and it's a long island. There are mountains too... but... I didn't get to see much of it when I did live there." 

He rubbed his eyes tiredly. He hadn't slept well for a long time and it was starting to rush to him, vision blurring. He held his hands before the fire, and, trying to concentrate away from crying, he froze the edges of one of the logs with a thin layer of ice, which quickly melted. He repeated doing so, and then stopped. It seemed he did these things out of habit. 

"You can heal yourself. Were you born with that ability or did you learn it?" He asked. His eyes fell on the form of Srafel.
Entry 1462 30/12/06 00:00
"I taught myself," Srafel said quickly. "I had no other choice. It's the way of a Slayer."

He stopped and looked at Noel sideways. Watching the boy cast ice magic, he suddenly seemed hesitant to talk to him. His mouth moved but no words came. A moment later he sat on the ground and crossed his arms. 

"I need to get you home... But there is a slight problem. The normal monsters that roam this area are mildly strong. It's extremely unlikely death is possible for me when I fight them. However..." He stared into the fire and narrowed his eyes. "Somewhere out there is a... Well, commoners call them Scouts. They are much stronger. I'll have to kill it or it will surely attack us when we leave in the morning."
Entry 1463 30/12/06 00:00
Noel took in a deep breath and wiped his eyes from tears> He knew he shouldn't be crying, but he was tired and wanted to go back. 

He played around with the edge of a log and answered, "The morning...? Do they know we're in here...? Can they get in here...?" He thought about Srafel's healing magic. Magic in itself had interested him, but he had only been able to learn ice. No other magic seemed to come to him other than...

"So where can we sleep?" Noel asked.
Entry 1464 30/12/06 00:00
"Yes. Yes. No. Where you are," Srafel said, answering all of the boy's questions. He then answered them properly, seeing the confused look on his face. "The morning is in a few hours, but it's all the same in a blizzard. It'll die down by then. They know we're in here... partly thanks to your snivelling. They can smell it. They can't get in here though. They don't know how to open these doors."

He unfolded his arms and leant forward, towards the fire. "I'll stay awake and you can sleep where you are. If the ground is too hard, I'll sleep and you can stay awake." The wall was behind him so he leant against it, half-closing his eyes and still watching the fire. He was waiting to see what Noel would do.
Entry 1465 02/01/07 00:00
Noel hid a yawn and managed to calm himself down. The warmth of the fire was comforting. He knew he couldn't get much of a conversation out of Srafel, but Noel wasn't very outgoing either way. He had always been a little withdrawn and feared to speak to a lot of people. 

For some reason he felt a certain connection with this man. He was keeping him safe and was going to get him somewhere safe. He decided to catch up on some sleep and he propped up  his cape to make a pillow. He last saw the blur of flames before falling asleep.
Entry 1466 02/01/07 00:00

Noel was shoved in the shoulder and Srafel was squatting beside him, staring at the door. In his other hand was his sword. As always, his expression disguised any emotions he felt.

"Wake up," he whispered loudly. "We're leaving. Are you ready?"
Entry 1467 03/01/07 00:00
Noel was shocked at being awoken so quickly and he stood, looking about. "Wha... what?" Once he saw and remembered where he was, he calmed down. He looked at Srafel and then nodded. "Yeah." 

He quickly gathered up his cape and put on his boots. He felt a shiver up his spine. Thinking about leaving the temple to something unknown was somewhat frightening to him. 

"I'm ready."
Entry 1468 03/01/07 00:00
Srafel opened the door the same way he did last time and snow blasted into the room. He pulled Noel close to him and they walked out, the door slamming shut afterwards. The snow screamed around them but Srafel's large cloaks wrapped around them and protected them. They trudged on and turned left. Though neither of them would have been able to see two metres ahead, Srafel knew exactly where he was going. Every footstep he made was carefully planned as he stepped with extreme caution. 

"Think about something else," Srafel said above the wind. "Don't think about the blizzard or the cold. You'll freeze."
Entry 1469 04/01/07 00:00
Noel nodded, but he knew it couldn't be seen. Somehow he got a somewhat pleasant feeling from all the snow and ice, but he didn't like the feeling of it blowing so hard in his face. 

He looked down at his feet as they trudged through the snow and thought about sitting in front of a warm fire. Instantly, he found himself flooding back with memories. The warmth of Srafel's cloak relaxed him. He wondered where they were going to go and wondered how they were going to get there.
Entry 1470 04/01/07 00:00
Quiet suddenly, Noel was thrown into the ground in the snow as Srafel darted away. Something large and heavy flew right overhead, the beating of its wings overpowering the hiss of the snow. Ice was torn from the ground and smacked into Srafel like a wave. The rest of what happened wasn't quite visible in the flurry of the snow, and Noel's face was still against the ground, but there came the ring of metal, the sound of a weapon slicing the air, and then some horrid gashing noises. There was a few seconds of silence, and then someone grabbed the back of Noel's top and lifted him up. 

"I got one. Let's keep moving."
Entry 1471 05/01/07 00:00
Noel choked up snow and wiped his face. Instantly, because of the moistness on his face, the wind affected him and shivers ran through his spine. He wiped his face off with his sleeve and nodded, following after. "Do you want me to fight?
Entry 1472 05/01/07 00:00
"NO!" he yelled quite loudly, turning to lock his gaze. "...no. Don't you ever think to take on something of The Enemy - not even with me here. It's far too d--"

Something giant flew from nowhere and one of its legs smacked Srafel in the head, throwing him backwards into the snow. The giant mass lifted itself up into the blizzard cloak and vanished completely, though the air was still warm with tension. It was still right there... waiting.
Entry 1473 06/01/07 00:00
Noel's eyes widened and he knelt beside Srafel to help him up. "Srafel!" He felt the hairs prick on the back of his neck; he knew someone was watching him.
Entry 1474 06/01/07 00:00
Srafel lifted himseld with both arms and shook snow from his face. He quickly looked up and then leapt off into the blizzard with his sword. A moment later there was a piercing roar and Srafel loomed out of the snow, flying through the air. He collided with Noel but rolled to a squat and helped the boy up. 

"We must find cover," he said quickly. "We need to find foliage or something." And he began to scan the immediate area for something they could hide under.
Entry 1475 06/01/07 00:00
Noel was a bit overwhelmed by all the action that was going on, but he kept his eyes out for any foliage of any sort. It was a baren white wasteland and the blizzard made it hard to see through. To make it worse, his vision was poor. 

He was able to spot a rocky surface from a distance that seemed to give in as a small cave. Noel cried out, "Over there!"
Entry 1476 06/01/07 00:00
Srafel grabbed Noel's sleeve and they rushed towards it, diving into the sharp cold of the inlet under the rock. He pushed himself against the rocky wall and pulled Noel beside him. 

"Don't speak," he said harshly. "If we're quiet, we may be able to out-run it until we reach the shore. Do you need rest?"
Entry 1477 06/01/07 00:00
Noel shook his head, though he was a little shocked and cold. His eyes glistened as he squinted to try and see through the blizzard. He just wanted to be somewhere warm and he found himself tense. Sitting in one spot made him nervous, but he dared not say a word.
Latest Post Entry 1478 06/01/07 00:00
"Good," Srafel said. He waited a moment and then shot out from under the rocks, dragging Noel along behind him, whether he was on his feet or not. They trudged quickly through the snow away from the temple and pausing under every dead tree. Srafel's gaze drifted skywards as he did so, watching and listening for any sign of whatever giant monster circled above them. 

"We have a problem," he said, turning to the boy. "This island is secluded. It's a fair boat ride to get off of it and that doesn't include the freezing waters, the dangerous waves, and the abundance of airborne creatures. Remember... Think hard. Did you come here on any kind of boat?"
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