Wandering in a Blizzard (Completed)

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Entry 1439 18/12/06 00:00
Noel was quite cold, bundled up in cloaks and his eyes wincing from a cold blizzard that had come in. He shielded his eyes with his gloved hands and crept forward, trying not to be knocked backward from the wind. His scarf whipped off from around his neck and he was knocked backwards, falling on his rump and crying out. 
He shivered, wiping a runny nose and attempting to stand again. He halted, believing he heard a sound. With this, he turned to see if anyone was watching him. "Hello?" He called out harshly.
Entry 1440 18/12/06 00:00
The young man was crouching on a high stone wall like a predator. His capes were flinging up behind him in the ferocious wind but his gaze was locked onto a figure below, probably oblivious to the mighty stone structure just to his right, which was known as Volass Temple. He dropped down to the ground swiftly and trudged forward towards what he now recognised as a boy. 

"I should leave it," he said to himself, his voice like a warm candle to his skin. "It's not my problem."

Instead of turning around, though, he crept nearer. Something urged him onward, though he did not reach out for the youth.

Entry 1441 19/12/06 00:00
Unaware of any approaching figure, Noel walked briskly and squinted through the snowy flurry at the temple. He muttered quickly to himself, "That should be a good place to stay for the night," He didn't even hear himself speak and dropped his speech halfway through. The wind was unbearable and his ears felt as if they'd fall off. 
He, with great difficulty, trudged through the snow, his head low and looking at his sinking boots, going into the snow at knee level for him. He approached the temple with a tired light in his very light eyes.
Entry 1442 19/12/06 00:00
Srafel walked much more skillfully through the snow than Noel. He trudged in front of the boy so he was clearly visible and then headed up a bit further, stopping again. Not only did it make the snow easier to crawl through for Noel but he was guiding the boy to the temple's entrance, as anyone else could have wandered around the stone behemoth for days trying to find a way in.
Entry 1443 19/12/06 00:00
Alarmed at the presence of a Srafel, Noel halted in his tracks, but was instantly knocked over, face-first, in the snow. He was now completely shivering and a weariness fell over him. He didn't even feel like getting up, but he remembered the man he was not acquainted with and leapt up. "Who are you?" Noel dared to ask.
Entry 1444 19/12/06 00:00
"Follow me," Srafel said sharply, his voice like a warm knife edge. "Don't be weak."

He took a few more steps and waited for Noel to get up and keep crawling. At the rate Noel was moving, he'd never make it into the temple to escape the blizzard. Srafel did not make any movements towards the boy. He seemed either afraid or very cautious... or both.
Entry 1445 19/12/06 00:00
Noel's eyes shimmered for a moment. Could he trust an absolute stranger? However, he had no other choice. He was either going to follow Srafel and live, or stay in the blizzard and freeze. Without a work, he followed Srafel through the snow until he reached him and studied his face for a moment. "Where are you taking me?" Noel asked a little quietly. He was so cold, though, that anywhere sounded better than being out in such a cold blizzard.
Entry 1446 19/12/06 00:00
Srafel stared right back, though he knew his own face wasn't visible. For being so accustomed to blizzards, he had fine features, as opposed to the rough and parched skin snow gives to those who live in it. 

"Volass," he finally said. "Hurry. If they catch you, I won't save you."

He walked away again, this time standing right by the great wall of the temple where the snow barely blew. He waited for Noel to reach him again.
Entry 1447 19/12/06 00:00
Noel sped up, wondering who "they" were and not wanting to get caught. 

As he plunged through the snow, having difficulty because of his short height, he staggered through the snow and lost a boot, which filled with snow. He winced and leaned up, grabbing it and slipping it back on his foot. Instantly his foot froze up and a dose of shivers overwhelmed him. He tried to ignore it, following Srafel to the wall. 

"Who's they? Oh, I'm Noel by the way," Noel told him, trying to be nice.
Entry 1448 19/12/06 00:00
Srafel didn't respond. He forced a nod and went up to Noel. Swiftly, he scooped the boy up in his arms and leapt into the air. To Noel, it would've been a blinding blast of cold ice and snow as he was lifted onto the high wall. Srafel ran quickly towards a doorway and plunged into the darkness. He placed Noel on the ground as gently as he could and then went back to the doorway, closing it and locking it, sending a loud clang of metal through the extensive stone chamber. 

The hall was engulfed in darkness but it didn't bother him. He walked past Noel and went to sit on a broken column to rest his legs. His breathing was silent.
Entry 1449 19/12/06 00:00
Noel was at first alarmed and unaware of much that had happened, but once he relaxed, he was silent. He walked between a few columns, his hands following the smooth marble and his eyes full of admiration. 

He was extremely cold, however, and sat beside Srafel. Noel's sight wasn't great, in general, because of being albino he had picked up poor vision, but just enough to where he didn't need to wear glasses. 

He glanced at Srafel as a chill ran up his spine. "Should be start a fire?"
Entry 1450 19/12/06 00:00
"If you must," Srafel said. "Call me Fel. You won't be able to remember my full name, nor pronounce it without insulting my very blood and bones." 

He stood up, not really liking Noel sitting next to him, and went to grab something from the darkness nearby. He threw something on the floor in front of the boy. It was some dry logs of wood. It seemed as though Srafel stored many things in this high chamber. He then walked around a corner, out of sight.
Entry 1451 19/12/06 00:00
A burning sensation filled Noel's stomach. Feeling as if he did something wrong, he knelt beside the dry logs and rubbed two together with an astonishing speed. Instantly, flashes of embers fell on the logs and a fire began to blaze. 

The fire flicked happily as it swallowed up the logs and instantly Noel was warm. "Fel? You must be very familiar with these lands. I don't remember much of what happened to  me." He thought about how cold Fel might be. "You can sit by the fire if you'd like." 

He stared off into the dark at the dark figure of the man.
Entry 1452 19/12/06 00:00
"I am well," Israfel said. "If you don't remember much, what do you remember? This island is remote. The only way here is by boat. Unless you don't remember even how you came to be here..." 

He was doing something on a table away from the fire, probably chopping something up to eat. He turned and threw a piece towards Noel. It looked like a cross between meat and stale bread. Israfel was eating some himself. 

"It will make you feel warmer," he said as he chewed. "Eat it. I don't need another corpse in my home."
Entry 1453 20/12/06 00:00
Noel eyed the food, but respected recieving it, "Thank you," He said quietly. He ate it greatfully and politely. He sighed and looked deep into the flames. "I don't remember much of anything. I don't remember getting on this island either. All I remember is that I was walking through a forest following some dark shadow and before I knew it, I woke up here." He took in a deep breath before taking another bite of the food, his stomach warming up his body and his shivers finally stopped. 
He looked at Israfel and told him, "This is good. Thank you." He wiped his eyes tiredly, noting how his vision was blurring and he stifled a yawn. "How did you get here?
Entry 1454 20/12/06 00:00
"Don't ask me," Israfel said, a little harshly. "It's not personal. I just don't like talking much. I hope you understand." 

He finished what he was eating and walked past Noel over to the door. The wind was howling outside but the door was thick wood enforced with metal and was sealed tight. He pressed his ear to it and waited. A silence filled the dark room. He then stopped and walked back to his table, resting his hands on it and taking a breather. 

"They can smell you from out there. They're just sitting outside... Waiting... I might have to kill them all."
Entry 1455 20/12/06 00:00
Noel's eyes widened and immediately, he stood. "Smell me? Who are they?" He was careful not to appraoch Israfel, especially being closer to the exit which would make his smell stronger. 

He continuously wondered who was standing outside looking for him. 

"Who's looking for me? Why do they want me?" He asked.
Entry 1456 20/12/06 00:00
"You don't want to know what they are. The only reason I'm alive on this island is... I can kill them quickly. Normal people can't." He looked towards Noel. "Not even mages." 

He whipped out a jagged sword and walked to the door, putting his hand against it. Bowing his head, he seemed to be contemplating going back out into the blizzard. 

"I'm going to go and kill them. More will come, but only in a day or two. Meanwhile, I need you to remember where you came from so I can get you off this island. You won't survive here for more than a week." 

He didn't even wait for a response. He shoved the door open and vanished into the flurrying snow. The door closed behind him and Noel was shut inside the cold stone all on his own.
Entry 1457 21/12/06 00:00
Noel was a bit frightened at the fact of being left alone, but he stayed close to the fire. Where did he come from? Truthfully, he was completely clueless. Being knocked out cold had completely wiped his memory. He just barely remembered his name. 

He knew he was from Western Riiga. His parents? He didn't remember his parents. He recovered many tormented memories and shut his eyes tight before tears would slide down his face. 

He was cold and lonley. He wrapped his arms around himself and took in a deep breath of air, his eyes lingering on the fire after opening them.

He remained silent, however, and listened intently to what could be happening outside. Since his eye sight wasn't the greatest, he had a good sense of hearing. He could hear crunching coming from outside.
Latest Post Entry 1458 21/12/06 00:00
The door was pushed open and Srafel trudged inside, now limping. He closed the door behind him. Walking past Noel, it was clear in the light of the fire that his blood was streaked with a very dark liquid, darker than normal blood. He slammed his sword on the table angrily and began to wipe it down with a cloth. His boots and legs were again crusted with frosty snow, and his cloak had a few extra gashes in it.
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