The mysterious castle (Completed)

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Entry 317 06/10/07 00:00
It was pretty much an ordinary day for Necri, or at least as ordinary as things got in what he believed to be the last part of the world. He rolled himself out of bed and got dressed in his usual garb, that of black robes and white skulls. Even to him, it seemed a little over the top, but his master's word was final.

As he went out into the hallway, every torch lit up for him with a black fire. He still didn't know who or what did it, but the dark light at least gave him some vision as he traced his hands along the stone walls. Each crevice was known to him by name now, even though he still managed to fall down the stairs into the dining room.

"I've been here for as long as I can remember and the stairs still don't trust me!" he muttered as he examined the table. As always, it was exquisitely laid out with the best of breakfast foods. Necri didn't know how it happened, but it did.

Next to his usual place at the luxurious looking table was a note on a piece of parchment. As he picked it up, he read the words silently to himself; 

Necri, I'm heading into a sealed part of the castle. We are only a few steps closer to bringing the world back to its former glory-keep practicing your shadow magics, as we may need them.


P.S: Do not go past the graveyard. I had to move the castle again last night. You know the penalty if you try to leave.

Oh, he knew the penalty of trying to leave. He still had a scar on his leg from last time! Still, there wasn't much to do in this dank old place, so he sat down to breakfast. Plenty of fruit and breads from who knows where found its way into Necri's stomach. After he had washed up, he began to explore the castle again, as he always did.

Since the world had been destroyed, the castle seemed to change every time his master moved it to a stable part of 'the illusion,' as he called it. 'The illusion' was just a series of chaotic, magical areas that vanished and reappeared at random intervals, but The Master always managed to move it at the right time...

This time however, he heard a noise. It was the sound of opening doors! With great excitement, Necri ran to the main doors of the castle. They were positively huge and intricately carved with a depiction of some ancient battle. Still, they didn't lock quite right and one door always creaked a little, which was what Necri had mistaken for his Master's return.

"Aw, darn! I was hoping that would've been him. Practice is always more fun with him..." he said to himself as he leant against one of the many stone pillars in the main room. He allowed his eyes to wander through the room to the two throne-like chairs that sat at the other end. The larger was of course for The Master. It had a much higher back than Necri's, even though both were carved in the same way, with clawed feet at the bottom and a rich, red material over the seat itself.

However, as his mind wandered to the chairs, the doors began to open. A crack of light filtered into the dusty castle and Necri found himself moving out of the way. It must have been very cold in this part of the illusion to make him do that (Necri didn't like the cold much) but his curiousity brought him back.

"Who's there?" he asked tentatively as he tried to look out into the blinding white of the outside. He didn't know how something so white could still be so cold, but there was something-or someone there!

Whoever it was, Necri would fight tooth and nail to keep them out...
-----------------------------------------Meanwhile, outside the castle------------------------

The area where the castle had landed wasn't anything special, but its appearance did attract a lot of attention as it flickered in and out of sight a few times before it finally came to rest. It was sure to stay there for a while, but to any nearby adventurers (or even just rebellious youths) it would have seemed like a great place to find hidden treasure...
Entry 318 13/10/07 00:00

She sat curled up next to a tree, on the edge of a large clearing. She had spent many days in this area, though she didn't exactly keep count. Next to her lay the remains of her last meal, craftily stolen from a nearby home. She slept soundly next to the tree all night.

When the sun came through the tree tops in shafts of light, she blinked slowly and sat up. Just beyond where she sat, something flickered. She opened her eyes further, leaning forward to get a clearer view. She looked all round the clearing, but no wind stirred the grass. Deciding it to be a figment of her imagination, she sat back.

It appeared again, this time for a longer period of time. Rain jumped up and sprinted toward it, but before she could even clear the trees it had disappeared. This did not deter her. Rain continued to speed up to the point it had vanished, but ran into something hard as stone. She fell back, and tenderly rubbed a sore nose.

She had found a sort of invisible building, and very large by the fleeting glimpses of it. She approached it slowly, feeling around for a way inside. After about five minutes she found nothing but smooth stones. Giving up, she walked back into the field and sat in the dew-covered grass. She propped her chin on her hands and bore her eyes on the location of the mysterious building. Rain concentrated hard, trying to reconstruct it in her mind, until the mansion appeared again,  thicker and longer lasting. A door could be seen on a far side, and she leapt up and ran toward it.

This appearance lasted much longer, long enough for her to make it to the door. She grabbed the handle and opened it. This revealed a large crack of darkness. A voice called out, and she jumped in fright. Tenaciously, she stepped in and closed the door, and attempted to adjust to the total darkness.
Entry 319 13/10/07 00:00
Aha! Now the illusion, whatever it was, was in his playing field! Without hesitation, Necri prepared his one-handed scythe for combat. "I don't know who or what you are, but I have to insist you return to wherever you came from," he said timidly as the...whatever it was came into view.  He didn't know much about what lay past the graveyard, but he did know that it wasn't good for him...

"I'll ask you to leave now, before The Master returns," he said. His voice seemed a little more confidant now, even though he was still rather afraid of this newcomer. Who knew that anything existed outside of the castle? No, this thing was an illusion and if it didn't go away, he would deal with it as he saw fit...
Entry 320 14/10/07 00:00
Rain pulled out her short sword and edged along the dark wall. The large room was scantily lit, and she couldn't find the body belonging to the mysterious voice. When she could make out a dark figure, she spoke. "What Master? What is this place?" Her voice came out higher and quieter than expected. She did not speak much traveling alone.
Entry 321 14/10/07 00:00
"How do you not know these things, illusion? There is only this castle, then your false world!" he said as a shadowy ball began to form in his left hand. As he began to recite the words that would allow the ball to travel, it became apparant that there'd be a chance to interrupt him, but with the shadows so dark in this room, as well as the fact that he was now very close to completion.
Entry 322 15/10/07 00:00
"I'm not an illusion... sir." She said plainly, starting to wonder what sort of lunatic she might have run into. She desperately wished she could see him, or he could see her. Maybe that was it, she thought, maybe he thinks she isn't real. She moved quickly to a patch of light on the floor, facing his direction. Now that she was in the light, her eyes couldn't penetrate the darkness, and the stranger could no longer be seen.
Entry 323 15/10/07 00:00
"You're not? Then...there are other survivors?" Necri asked. He still didn't know what to believe, but if there was someone, anyone out there that was still alive, then The Master would surely want to meet them!

He quickly cancelled the spell and found a candlestick that had three candles on top of it. He took two small pieces of flint and lit each candle, one by one. As his features came into view, he looked upon the necomer with curiosity.

"But if you're not an illusion and you don't live in the castle, what are you then?" he asked as he moved closer to Rain. He still didn't know what to make of this being, but a little company would make him feel better...
Entry 324 15/10/07 00:00
"Survivors?" Rain asked curiously, now worried for this man's sanity. "I don't know what you mean..." She took a step closer to him, trying to get a better look of him. He seemed to have something on his face. She sniffed the air curiously, but couldn't smell food. "I'm a Sirin, my name is Rain. There are more people like me, though. What's your name? What are you?"
Entry 325 15/10/07 00:00
Necri took a step back. "You know, survivors? From when the world was broken apart?" he asked. He didn't know what she was talking about...still, it was good to have some company that didn't want to attack him, for a while at least.

"Sirin? Didn't know there were any of you left," he said as he gave a sweeping bow. "Nevertheless, it's nice to meet you Rain, my name is Necri and I'm, well, I think Master said I'm an Ildemin, or something like that," he said as he began to light more candles by passing around the room and touching them with his own candlestick, which still remained lit. With any luck, this 'Sirin' would stick around to meet The Master. He had a feeling they'd get along.
Entry 326 16/10/07 00:00
She raised her eyebrow at him but did not ask more questions: It was quite apparent that he was deranged. "I've never met an Ildemin before, it is nice to meet you, Necri." She turned from him and started to look around the room. It was rather boring to her, but that was because she was mostly interested in food.

"So your master, who is he? Where is he?" She wanted to ask more questions, but she would have time for that.
Entry 327 16/10/07 00:00
"Master? He's in part of the castle I can't get to yet. There's parts of the castle that are sealed away and he's working hard to open them back up, so I can learn more magic," he said as he examined every inch of this 'sirin' with his eyes.

"Oh! Where are my manners? I bet you're hungry. Would you like something to eat? Master always makes more than either of us can handle," he said as he beckoned Rain to follow him to the dining hall. If this newcomer was indeed an illusion, then the food wouldn't be wasted, since it wouldn't be eaten. If she was indeed real, then the food still wouldn't we wasted!
Entry 328 18/10/07 00:00
He could do magic? This worried her slightly, but nonetheless Rain smiled politely and walked after Necri into the dining hall. Good smells came out from the doorway, and her tail twitched in happiness because of them. Her stomach made hungry noises and her mouth watered slightly. "This looks great!" She said, looking at the foods before her.
Entry 329 18/10/07 00:00
Necri chuckled as he walked over to the roaring fire and put a few logs in. "Well, help yourself, I've already eaten enough to last me a while," he said as he placed the candlestick on the table and sat at one of the many empty seats. The more that he watched Rain, the more that it made sense that there were others outside of the castle...but not a whole world.
Entry 330 19/10/07 00:00
Rain sat down and starting pulling food toward herself. She ate heartily, enjoying the warm fire all the while. She was still particularly nervous of Necri, though he seemed rather harmless for now. She caught herself hearing footsteps, but when she looked about there was no one there.

"When will your master show up? Is he like you?" She asked, pushing away an empty plate and feeling rather drowsy.
Entry 331 19/10/07 00:00
Necri was glad to find someone with such a healthy appetite! He didn't know how he was going to explain all the missing food, but that would be a tale he could spin when the time came...still, her question confused him a little.

"When will he show? That depends on how long he's gone for, I guess. Whatever he does in those sealed areas is beyond me. Last time I tried to follow him, I was nearly dead for three weeks. If he's like me, well, not exactly. He's much more powerful than I am. Also, he doesn't have any whiskers," he said. He had never really thought about the differences between him and his Master before but now that he had, he wondered why his Master kept him around now, since they seemed so different!
Entry 332 21/10/07 00:00
She laughed and leaned back in her chair, just looking around the room and enjoying the warmth. It would be nice to stay here for a little while, just for the good food. She was a bit afraid of Necri, and his ability to do magic, and she was also afraid of his master, whoever and wherever he was. Just thinking about some strange man showing up made her want to lurk in the shadows.

She came out of her reverie scrunched in a ball, she looked around and saw Necri still staring at her. It was a bit unnerving but not unwelcome. She sat up, looked at him, and spoke: "You think the world was destroyed? Why?"
Entry 333 21/10/07 00:00
"Well, back when I was small, too small to even remember, the world started to break up from the inside out. The Master managed to save many people, but have since been locked away in the sealed area, so we're trying to save them so that together, we can reform Riiga to how it was supposed to be, but there's these things...illusions they're called-they attack the castle from time to time, but I've never met one I couldn't beat," he said. A tiny smirk could be seen on his face  at the end of his little speech.

"But enough about me. What about you? Where are you from? What makes you think your world isn't an illusion?" he asked. He didn't realise how forward he was being with all the questions he asked, but he was curious about the outside world, even if it wasn't real...
Entry 334 22/10/07 00:00
"Well, it's big, for one." Rain said, looking at him perplexedly. "There are a lot of people, good and bad. I've been on boats and things, and have had adventures. I'm not really from anywhere, I move around a lot." She stopped and looked at the fire for a while, trying to think of a response to the last question. "Well, I'm not an illusion, so I don't think my world is one either."

She looked around, "What do you do all day? Just sit and eat?"
Entry 335 22/10/07 00:00
When Rain asked if all he did was sit around and eat, Necri smirked. "I wish! I spend most of the day examining the plants that grow in the graveyard and practicing my magic. If I get any time between that, I mostly read," he said as small lines of shadow seemed to crawl along the table.

"As you can see, I still need a lot of practice," he said as he slowly started to recite an incantation that brought the shadows back to where they belong. It seemed strange, but the more that he listened to this Rain, the more the idea grew on him that there was a whole world out there to explore, to experience...but he still didn't believe it entirely.
Latest Post Entry 336 22/10/07 00:00
"You've never tried to leave the castle?" She stood up and looked at the doorway to the outside. "It's amazing! Come on, just for a bit?" She looked at him pleadingly, and almost sadly. It was odd that he had only been in this gloomy castle and, to Rain, weird graveyard.
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