The Fort Shefich Extravaganza

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"You worthless bucket of slime! If you arrive late once more, maggot, I'll ensure you a world of pain that your grandkids will be feeling the bruises of! Now, for the last time, you scumbag, give me a valid reason why you're late - and it better not be another one of those "The boys were picking on me" excuses, or I'll ensure you that the only way they'll be picking on you is by picking you up with a shovel!" the Seargant exasperated with a spray of spittle across Huskarr's face. Huskarr would've wiped it off if he weren't afraid that his spleen would be ripped out and eaten infront of him by the monstrous Seargant. It didn't help matters that all the other recruits were snickering behind him.

To complicate the matter, another Ildemin standing behind said-Seargant, mimicing his every move, even down to mouthing the Seargent's speech - disturbing curses and all. Huskarr was apparently the only one able to see the Ildemin, and it was impossibly difficult for him not to be distracted by the Ildemin when he need to be on complete focus of the Seargent.

"I- I was-" Huskarr stuttered, trying to come up with an answer that wouldn't involve having his liver carved out with a rusty butter knife. "I was on my way here, sir, when I was called forth by one of the cooks, who was having difficulty rounding up some chi-"
"Shut the hell up, you spineless worm! I'm sure I've defficated better responses then that!" The Seargent (With Ildemin still in exact mirror image) practically spat - actually, Huskarr felt a small glob of spit land on his cheek, it felt horribly gross.

Luckily, Huskarr didn't have to respond, as his Senior Seargant turned at that exact point of time to do his Pacing-Thinking that he does when trying to come up with a brilliant-yet-suitable punishment... pretty much just for Huskarr. The more he thought about it, the more he realised the Seargant really didn't punish anyone like he did Huskarr. But none of that mattered, as the Seargant's eyes fell on his Ildemin clone, who'd also spun around and had his leg lifted in the air in a prepared march that never came. 

Tarou struggled to keep his eye from twitching as he dropped his leg slowly and attempted to walk inconspicuously towards the door but before he could take more than two steps was stopped short by the Sergeant, who lifted him up by his shirt.

"What. Were. You DOING!" The Sergeant said, his voice growing louder as he roared in Tarou's face. Blinking a few times, Tarou wiped his face before answering.

"To be honest Rickos, I was just passing by to see how you were going..but i think i found out." Tarou grabbed Rickos' hands and pried them from his shirt, landing on the ground lightly, but a little unsteadily. Sergeat Rickos looked at Tarou questioningly, before a look appeared in his eyes.

"Rickos....?" he said quietly. Tarou glanced up at him as he dusted himself off. "YOU!"

"Surely not." Tarou said, narrowly dodging a swipe at him by the Sergeant. Anger clear on the Sergeant's face, he struggled to control it before asking what Tarou was doing inside the compound. It had seemed like a perfect opportunity to sneak inside to see a "friend" of his, and before he could stop himself, he had seen an old comrade from his soldier days and decided to have some fun.

"You little dirtbag." Sergeant Rickos said menacingly, hatred in his eyes as he decided on how to keep Tarou from getting away a second time. Meanwhile, Tarou flashed a grin at the Ildemin standing in shock on the other side of the Sergeant and winked.

"Lovely day, isnt it just?"
Sergeant Rickos' angry snarl reversed into a devious - almost satanic - grin. The kind that one would only wear when they were about to do something horrible to someone. Unfortunately, Huskarr felt that the grin was somehow directed at him, even facing the new-but-apparently-old challenger. "Hm, yes, it certainly is a wonderful day to spend inside a prison cell - Huskarr, I want you to lead our friend here to the cells. Oh, and if he escapes, I'm holding you personally responsible, okay?" Although Huskarr couldn't see his face, he could practically hear the smug grin on the Sergeant's face.

"Yes, sir" He replied with fated resignation and a half-assed salute. He grabbed onto the other Ildemin's arm - a little sharply, actually expecting there to be nothing there when he did, but equally surprised and glad that the Ildemin was being cooperative - and led him toward his prison cell.

Once they were out of earshot from the Sergeant and other training soldiers halfway through some sort of marching practice - like they ever needed more of that - the silence was awkward. Though not for the other Ildemin, who seemed to hold a cocky grin plastered onto his face. Not able to take it anymore, Huskarr finally broke the silence. "So... another Ildemin, eh? Uhm... My name's Huskarr" he asked, figuring he should at least know the name of the person getting him kicked out or more-likely hanged from the Legionites. 
Tarou sighed inwardly, a little irritated that Rickos should take such a similar path to the last confrontation. Maintaining his grin, Tarou waved at Rickos as the unfortunate Ildemin led him out of the room roughly by an arm. Tarou let his grin slip as they put distance between the Sergeant and glanced at the other Ildemin when he heard him speak.

"Tarou." Tarou replied shortly, his eyes darting around at his surroundings quickly, almost eager to find a path of escape.

"Pity i never got to see Ashye...." He murmured, his eyes glinting a little as he frowned, remembering the Sergeant's attitude towards Huskaar being painfully similar to the one he received.

" Yeah, another Ildemin.....stupid ass." Tarou said, "Not you, though." he added, looking at his captor apologetically.

"So why'd you join the Legionites? Curiousity? The chance to get your ass beat? Us Ildemin aint welcome in the armed forces, as you know." 
"Well, I joined the Legionites mostly as necessity - I kind of ran into someone I knew as a kid, who just happened to be a recruitment officer. When he caught me picking his pocket, he kind of enforced me into the Legionites as part of my punishment. Of course, the fact that I hadn't eaten a meal in about four days didn't help his decision." Huskarr paused, his eyes scanning around him to make sure nobody was eaves-dropping. "He probably thought he was doing me a favour as well. I mean, yes, I didn't die of hunger, sure - but compared to the racism I get to experience every day - and Sergeant Rickos isn't helping that either - well... let's just leave it at that.

"Anyways, you seem to know the Sergeant well enough, what's your story?" Huskarr asked, just a few steps from the prison building. 
"Necessity huh. The racism is familiar to me, to say the least" Tarou said, sighing. Bringing up his times in the Legionites wasn't the most pleasant of experiences.

"You really want to know? First things.. he wasn't really ever my superior, that came later. Rickos was a fellow soldier when i joined.." Tarou ground his teeth at the memories.

"Basically, he managed to get to his position through tormenting, disgracing and humiliating me. Ya know, new kid in the force, gotta show him his place. Sure he did some good things that got him noticed... but at my exspense. I learned to ignore him. after the first few months." He shook his head quickly.

"Till he became the leader of my group...I mean, being hit a few times during a patrol was one thing, but trying to beat me up constantly, leaving me without transport in the middle of raider territory.." Tarou bared his teeth in a vicious grin.

"Lets just say i got out of there before he could actually kill me and get away with it." Tarou fell silent for a moment, before looking at Huskaar.

"So what are you going to do, lock me up for trying to talk up a cook's assistant I never reached?" 
Huskarr - who happened to be looking at his feet the entire time - looked up at Tarou's question in time to see himself running into the cell gate at the end of the corridor they'd been walking down. Rubbing his nose that'd been sufficiently flattened, he looked at Tarou, as he began reaching for the keys to unlock the cell. It was at this point he realised he never picked them up from the entrance guard.

"Crap" Huskarr, muttered, before finally answering Tarou's question. "Well, to be honest - it's either you or me at the moment, and I don't really want to be hanged at the moment... Hang on, I need to go get the keys." Huskarr sighed, "Do you think you could wait, uhm... like, right here, while I go get the keys?" Huskarr asked, a little dumbfounded that he'd asked that question in the first place, before turning and leaving without even getting an answer. 
Tarou looked at Huskaar as he went off to get the keys and rubbed his face with a hand and sympathy, hiding a bitter laugh at the sight of Huskaar running face first into the cell gate his head was smashed into a year or two earlier.

"Yeah.... I'll wait." Tarou said, sitting down next to the door as if to emphasize his answer, watching Huskaar disappear, knowing he didn't hear. Glancing around at the room, Tarou frowned and stood after a few minutes, and began tearing up his shirt methodically.

"Stuff this. Rickos isn't going to kill me this time..."

All he left was a strip of cloth from his t-shirt tied on the cell door with a message written on it :

Kid, I know you said don't leave, but considering im your prisoner it would be logical that my only goal at the moment is to escape. And seeing as your part of Rickos' new kids.... im not going to sit by and wait for my death from that oaf. Ill be around town if you ever feel the need to catch me up. - The Prisoner who got away (x2)

Ps:Show this to Rickos if you want to laugh.

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