The Crazed Hermit (Completed)

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Entry 740 28/01/07 00:00
A small glimmer of light came through the trees the snow filled forest lighting up with the sun, a young looking Sirin slowly crept out from his small makeshift hut, holding his hand out to protect his eyes from the sunlight.

"Cursed morning! You spite me so!" He hissed the words at the sun, slowly walking along a small hunting trail, going to get his morning fast.

As he walked he started debating with himself, a heavy argument which could be heard all around him, the birds squawking and the little creatures fleeing from the noise that was being made.

"Why do we do this every single morning Zyan? We wake up in that little hut having nothing but the clothes on our back and a smoldering fire. Why do we live in such a state brother?" It was the eviler half talking, it wasn't as obvious as usual but it was there.

"Because it is how an outcast that is why. We must live in solace" was the reply as he walked along, unknown to him his feet where slowly taking him to his old home. In the village.

"We could repent! They would think you cured! Say you visited the sages brother. I will hide myself, will not show myself around them. Then we will be in comfort. We shall have the what we deserve"

"Is that all this is about? A warm bed and a plate full of food? Or is there something that you are plotting brother? You cannot hide your thoughts from me you know that." The good half looked at the trail realizing what it was but did not change his path.

"I know your thoughts as well, you want to return. So why question my motives behind giving us what we want? I win and so do you? Yes I shall loose my time in the daylight. But honestly all it does is cause my eyes pain"

There was shared laughter at this statement between the pair, then some whispers where shared, once again a friendship had been forged. And today they would seek their old home back. They desired to return to their own kind.
Entry 741 29/01/07 00:00
Another marked Zyan's trail from his little hut and that of the one following him. This other left no trail of his own, no trail that any Sirin could mark.

Who ever is was followed at a distance, but not so far away as they couldn't hear the conversation the Sirin was having with itself. The tracker stopped for a moment, knowing he could easily keep up with Zyan, kneeling and studying the Sirins movements, the way it carried itself. He then turned his attention to Zyan's surroundings looking for signs. Signs of what though?
Entry 742 29/01/07 00:00
The Sirin continued walking along the little trail, his voices slowly fading away as he stopped talking, in all honesty there was no need. The pair did not need to speak openly as they could in their own mind. Or minds... Whichever it was.

So instead of practicing talking, so that they would not seem like some silent crazed Sirin, they began to practice thinking to eachother, thus all forms of sound from Zyan  began to fade away slowly, and all around him began to go silent, the trees not even swaying in the wind... In fact there seemed to be no wind now.
Entry 743 29/01/07 00:00

A young Sirin was in Fabia at the time. He had heard the argument, but when he went to see what had happened he saw only the man Sirin he had met previously. Concerned, but not feeling like approaching and intruding in the man's business, he stood back and watched on, oblivious to anyone else who may have been watching either of them.
Entry 744 29/01/07 00:00
The secretive tracker tilted it's head as things started to go quiet. Whoever or whatever it was following Zyan's trail moved a little more slowly now, pausing to study. Trees, shrubs, soil, snow, the grey sky; just why the tracker was paying attention to these things possibly only he knew himself.

He saw another young Sirin arrive on the scene an studied him for a moment as well, noting his markings,  his scent, weather he seemed worried or cautious in his approach.
Entry 745 29/01/07 00:00
Zyan's treck continued, oblivious to the pair trailing him, oblivious to everything but that which was going on in his mind.

He walked slowly and ran into almost every possible obsticle along the way, his feet sinking too deep in the snow once or twice and causing him to trip up, but he always regained his balance without having to pay attention, without having to stop his chat with... Himself?

Entry 746 29/01/07 00:00
Aran slowly approached the strange man, stepping silently in the snow. Once or twice he almost went to help, but he didn't seem stable. Instead, he called out from a short way off. 

"Are you all right?"
Latest Post Entry 748 29/01/07 00:00
The other, whoever it was stopped as well. Still out of sight of both Sirin but still able to observe what happened and that's just what he did, his attention shifting occasionally from Zyan, to Aran and then to their surroundings.

The observer remained completely quiet, though not even a Sirin could hear him if he did make a noise.
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