Religious Zeal (Completed)

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Entry 1213 12/02/07 00:00
Trekking up into the freezing cold of the mountains, Weiss and his violent companion Srafel, were now standing before the snow encrusted, Temple Volass.
Weiss looked over it with disappointment, and realisation. He looked down to Srafel, and asked simply enough.
"May I go in with you?"
Entry 1214 12/02/07 00:00
Srafel turned and glared at Weiss, somewhat accidentally. 

"What for? If they're coming here, they're not going to find the way in. We can ward them off from atop the wall easily." He walked to the wall and stared up along it. Though it was quite high, it was known that Srafel was proficient at leaping many times his own height.
Entry 1215 12/02/07 00:00
Weiss looked up at Srafel's wall, then down at the soldier who was likely planning to leap up.
Chuckling as the soldier was going to do just that, Weiss circled his hand in the air, and with a whoosh noise, had propelled himself to the top of the wall using a blisteringly cold snowy pillar.
Entry 1216 12/02/07 00:00
Srafel jumped up behind and turned to face the calm snowy fields. 

"Do you know when they're coming? I don't feel like waiting for too long. If they're going to take their time, I'll sense them before they reach my temple anyway..."
Entry 1217 12/02/07 00:00
Srafel's question was answered for him, by an annoyingly rythmic, yet out of tune chanting. Close to two dozen chanters too.
Ambling along the wall, Weiss could see what looked like a bunch of brigands, but what was indeed a group of temple seperatists. Four of their number carried one of the rabid ape like animals in a sturdy cage.

"So Srafel... which one do you want first?"
Entry 1218 12/02/07 00:00
Srafel pointed an open palm to them and screwed up his face. A light wrapped around his arm and there was a deafening bang as a bolt of lighting struck the cage, arms of electricity grabbing at the people surrounding it and sending screams into the sky. None were killed, but many were greatly injured and others were utterly shocked. Some looked up at the wall and pointed and yelled something. 

"Those ones," Srafel muttered to Weiss. He then turned his attention to the people below, "GET OFF OF MY ISLAND!"
Entry 1219 12/02/07 00:00
Weiss crossed his arms, and bowed his head.
"I'll have the rest..."
With white eyes, the cracking of ice from the temple roof could be heard. Above Weiss, had risen about a dozen Javelins of ice! Poised to strike down, he waited for Srafel to finish negotiations.
Entry 1220 16/02/07 00:00
The people had began to scurry away in a frantic madness. Srafel let them. 

"We need to let some get back to warn others of this place," he said quietly. "If people continue to come here, I will have no mercy on any wandering soul meaning harm." He turned to Weiss and then back around at the stone building there. "This place is dangerous enough as it is..."
Entry 1221 16/02/07 00:00
Dropping his arms, the Javelins shot into the ground in a half intricate fence arrangement.

"Srafel. Do you still think these temples have any real importance in the new world?" Weiss said from atop the wall, his hand on the stone of the building.
Entry 1222 19/02/07 00:00
"The new world?" Srafel repeated, walking to the edge and leaning on the battlements. "The 'new world' contains only new people. I am not one of them, and I never will be. My duty in life is to protect my home." He looked towards Weiss. "New people are shallow and weak."
Entry 1223 24/02/07 00:00
Weiss looked down at the man with a new admiration.
He was like a lost child. Srafel's knowledge of the heavens was likely near un-paralelled. Yet his mission was now nothing more than a soldier. Nobody wanted to visit the temples anymore, so Srafel was reduced to turning everyone away with cold steel.
"Srafel. Maybe the time of the temples is past?"
Entry 1224 24/02/07 00:00
Weiss received a cold glare from the young man. Srafel then turned around and walked along the battlements, not so far away that his voice did not reach Weiss. He whispered hoarsely and with a slight shake in his voice, "Never."
Entry 1225 01/03/07 00:00
Close to ten feet apart, Weiss turned to face Srafel with his whole body.
"Srafel. If the temples are seen as nothing but treasure for the taking, then they should be removed. For their own sanctity." Slowly raising an un-wavering hand as the wind picked up, and pointing a solid finger at the Slayer's back. "Surely even you must realise this is the only true way."
Entry 1226 01/03/07 00:00
Srafel whipped out his thick blade and held it forth, the end hovering just above the temple's stone. He shook his head at Weiss slowly. 

"I am not a nobody like you. I have purpose and duty. I have utmost drive. I have a job to do and I do it. I am free because this is my destiny, and as such, I do not oppose it. Insult these sacred grounds again and your blood will stain these stones." He paused and turned his head to his left, looking over the frosty sea beyond the land. "At least give me that much, for our friendship and... for my mother. Your faith is what is truly weakening."
Entry 1227 07/03/07 00:00
Curling the point making finger inwards, making a tiny peak of ice form on Srafel's shoulder as he did so, Weiss turned to look accross the wastes.
"Faith is for those without hope." He muttered in his defense, raising his head to the heavens as a gust of wind lifted him into the freezing night, riding the airborne ice like a board down a river. "And your duty is a failing tradition!" He yelled back down to the Earth, before turning to face a mountainside, contemplating what he could do.
Entry 1228 07/03/07 00:00
Srafel wasn't quite sure exactly what Weiss was thinking of doing. He knew that he himself could not be killed by the likes of a mere wizard with some elemental firecrackers. Whether Weiss knew that, Srafel wasn't sure either. Then, if Weiss would turn his aggression towards the temple or its surroundings, Srafel knew he wouldn't have to do anything to protect it -- Weiss would perish duely, not to mentioned painfully, by making such a sacreligious assault. Srafel decided to stand back and take a bystander position. A smile curled onto his lips, as he knew Weiss could do nothing to both him and the temple. He had no words for Weiss. He was rapidly losing respect for the old man.
Entry 1229 09/03/07 00:00
Now reaching an arm down to Srafel, Weiss would clasp his fingers into a fist again and again, and as he did so, a staircase of ghostly ice would rise.

"Come up here and tell me something Srafel! Justify your beleifs in the eyes of the Behemoth!"

Now Weiss stood atop a staircase to nowhere, on a perch that could see for miles around. One could truly hear the breath of the world when standing amidst a blizzard.
Entry 1230 09/03/07 00:00
The young man showed a face of disgust. He looked compelled to turn around and simply walk away, as he didn't feel the need to justify himself to someone with so little knowledge and such an unwillingness to listen to words that were constantly going unsaid. He walked to the base of the staircase and stared down at it as though it was a dog waiting outside in the rain -- waiting for shelter and warmth. He stepped up it and then ascended very slowly, his gaze now fixed on Weiss at the top. 

When he reached the top, he whispered, "If you are ever to ask someone to share their thoughts, do not raise yourself up to a falsely superior position. It is both insulting and rediculous." He moved nearer Weiss, his voice eerily hush. "My life ended long ago. This may be my punishment, but... it is all I have. I won't justify anything to you, and don't talk about the Grand Behemoth as though you have any kind of 'connections'. I'm following orders. You're not."

He stepped back, his weary eyes falling down to the wasteland below them. As he began to descend again, he stopped to mutter a few last words. "Go home, old man... Just go home."
Entry 1231 09/03/07 00:00
Grasping the back of Srafel's collar, Weiss muttered accross the dying wind.

"Do you not feel your true superior? As you stand in his wake?"

Then Weiss did something foolish and pointless. He stepped from the platform. Plummetted a little, but was then swept up into the sky. Floating loveably around for a little, his hair flying everywhere but in a straight line around him, he would land in front of Srafel, who had likely continued his Angsty decent.

"And trust me boy, staying out here all the time makes you pretty bored! And knowledge is the cure for boredom!" And then, with a twirl rising like some insane fairy into the wind. "I know everything about the temples! But that just made me ask questions..."

The old coot would then after some rambling come to rest upon the walls of the temple.

"Although, I've never figured how to get indoors! Ahahahaaa!" Weiss patted the side of temple like it was some giant pet, before seating himself atop the wall.
Latest Post Entry 1233 12/03/07 00:00
Srafel walked towards the raised part Weiss was on, glancing up at the man with little more than an unimpressed expression, and he walked to the wall below Weiss, out of the man's sight. Had Weiss then leant over to see where Srafel was, he would have found that the youth was no longer standing there. He silently disappeared while facing this solid wall of giant blue-grey stone. He had had enough. 

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