Recruitment Needed (Completed)

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Entry 1340 24/01/07 00:00
There was a noise, a distant noise, that sounded like the call of some unkown beast. The land grew darker as the moon disappeared behind a cloud. The air became colder and the air heavier. Another sound, the same beast call, was heard again, only this time closer.
Entry 1341 25/01/07 00:00
Perking up outside, Samuel too had heard the noise and plopped down in front of the doorway to the cave. Whispering sharply backwards "Amos... noise..."
He paced a couple of steps around to his left and right, searching for the origin of the noise. Whatever it was would probably be edible anyway...
Entry 1342 25/01/07 00:00
A scrambling could be heard from inside the cave and what seemed like the banging of ones body part against the cave wall, shortly followed by a a curse. Amos came up from behind Samuel and shoved him out of the way before exiting the cave. He stood up and looked around, slowly and cautiously. That same noise was heard again and Amos quickly looked every direction possible.

"Hmmm, they're here already, dn... Or, perharps it could be a wanderer. I have never seen them this close to Venzet before anyway..." Amos whispered to himself, looking at the ground and sighing afterwards.

Amos glanced at Samuel. "We should leave it, Rock. Unless it comes too close, then we shall kill it."
Entry 1343 26/01/07 00:00
Scrambling to look presentable, as the sheer force of Amos had knocked him from his feet, Samuel nodded, and leapt back atop the cave.

"Get some sleep sir. I'll stay on the watch."

He motioned back inside the cave, while lazily clacking his axe on the rock.
Entry 1344 26/01/07 00:00
Amos returned inside the cave and went back to sleep. There was more noises that night but the creatures did not come close. Samuel was enventually relieved and nothing else happened.

The next morning Amos awoke before all the others and exited the cave. He stood outside and took a breath of fresh air before saying hello to his horse. "Hello, there." Amos whispered to his horse.
Entry 1345 29/01/07 00:00
Inside, Samuel was lazily rolling from side to side in his sleep. He hadn't found the need to wake up yet, and had no intention of doing so if not under orders. Although worryingly he had trapped one of the other men in his progressive rolling, which was earning comical laughter from the rest of the troupe.
Entry 1346 29/01/07 00:00
Amos waited a while before lazily wandered over to the entrance of the cave. "GET UP, ROCK!" Amos yelled, scaring of all birds in the surrounding area. All the other soldiers that were in the cave exited, equipped their armour and mounted their horses. Amos waited impatiently for Rock and the third soldier. "We need to get going now!"
Entry 1347 30/01/07 00:00
Flying up, and straight into the roof, Rock found himself on the floor in front of Amos.

"Ah! Um... c-coming.. sir..." Scrambling over to his pack, then leaping to his feet, leaving the cave at the same time, Samuel was by his horse in an instant. He was dreading a superior's hazing for some reason...
Entry 1348 30/01/07 00:00
"Ah, good to see your awake, Rock." Amos stated, eyeing Rock by his horse. "I would suggest you not sleep in next time." Amos mounted his own horse and started to head southward, not waiting for the other soldiers or Rock. "Coming!?"
Latest Post Entry 1350 31/01/07 00:00
Alarmingly, Samuel appeared right next to Amos on horseback, and half screamed 'Yes sir!' in his ear.
He took up the flank diagonally behind Amos... for fear of bludgeoning.
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