Recruitment Needed (Completed)

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Entry 1320 16/12/06 00:00
"This isn't good enough. We need more men." Amos said sharply, looking back at the soldier.

"B- But this is all we can find, sir." The soldier studdered.

Amos looked at the other two soldiers. "No, it's too risky. Three isn't enough. I'm sure there is more skilled fighters in this city."

"Yes, sir. I will look around again right away."

Entry 1321 12/01/07 00:00

Shuffling his nervous feet, Samuel approached the recruitmment officer by the name of Amos. After months in the free pool, he knew he had to get himself registered, and fast.
Clearing his throat so the man would notice him, he then proceeded to salute, and produce the usual greeting speech.

"Samuel Rock, Free Pool. Requesting permission to join this unit sir!" His voice changed from low to high pitches as he spoke, and his body trembled a little in anticipation.
Entry 1322 13/01/07 00:00
Amos looked up from his papers upon hearing Samual's voice and removed his feet from his desk. "Pfft, you've got to be kidding me..." Amos muttered to himself. "Soldiers, get in here!" He yelled.

Three soldiers entered the room shortly after and saluted. "What is it, sir?" One of them asked.

Amos looked at the three. "Which one of you found Samual Rock?"

"I- I did," Replied one of the soldiers.

"What did I tell you, then. I said EXPERIENCED soldiers, didn't I! Then you go and get one of those free poolers." Amos shouted, loosing his temper. "We're running out of time as it is."

"S-sir... maybe you should look at h-his papers..." One of the soldiers suggested, after Amos had calmed down a little.

Amos looked at his desk and started to shuffle through some papers. "Ah, here it is." Amos said calmly, resting his feet on his desk and leaning back in his chair. "Interesting... very interesting... I suppose since we don't have much time left, if any." He looked back at Samuel. "I will let you join, Rock. But before I do, tell me, what is your worst fear?"
Entry 1323 14/01/07 00:00
"Well sir.... it's.. um..." He trailed off, rubbing the back of his head with his left hand, and twizzling his goatee with his right. "...permission to ask why you need that information sir? If it's within my place to do so rightly..."

He was secretely intimidated by this mans temper alone.
Entry 1324 14/01/07 00:00
Amos smiled discreetly and leant back on his chair, laughing in his head. "Mmmm, you don't have to tell me if you really don't want to... if it's that embarrasing. As long as it's not..." He paused and lowered his voice, "beasts of The Enemy..." 

He looked at some papers on his desk. "Well, anyway, back to the matters at hand. Our mission for a few days, give or take, will be to travel to Carson's gate, on the south border of North Ideitess." He looked back at Samuel. "A scout reported that it has been breached by The Enemy, again, and we need to go down there and kill anything that got through, so we can repair it, not us in particular, but the builders, or whatever. This might be quite a challenging first mission for you, but it must be done, otherwise the king would have my head... in a matter of speaking... any questions, Rock?
Entry 1325 15/01/07 00:00
Samuel half raised his hand until he realised he was the only one being questioned.

"Just one sir! ... Am I going alone...?" He chuckled nervously, as if doubting his own question.

They wouldn't send him into battle alone. Surely...
Entry 1326 15/01/07 00:00
"No no no, of course not, that's suicide. But I do believe I said our, and besides, I was only telling you because I've been through it with the other soldiers already." Amos explained, leaning ford and taking his feet of his desk. "I hope you have had a good breakfast, Rock, because we shall leave right away. If we ride quickly, we should reach the gate within 5 days or so." 

Amos stood and walked around his desk to a door on the side, the other soldiers followed and went through the door. AMos turned to Rock, "Coming?"
Entry 1327 16/01/07 00:00
Saluting sloppily, Samuel raced past Amos out through the door with a "Yessir!" in a flurry of blonde.

He decided to follow the other soldiers to the horses and whatnot, and made sure his trusty hatchet was secured nicely to his waste, with the little buckler over it. Samuel also managed to quickly fill up his canteen from an outdoor fountain while the others prepared.

"All set sir! Which one is mine...?"

Entry 1328 16/01/07 00:00

Amos went outside himself and stood next to Samuel. "Hmmm, which one do you want? Besides mine..." Amos asked as the three soldiers got on their own horses, leaving four left, not including Amos's horse. There was two brown horses, a white one, and a black one. "Well, looks like there's four left." With that said, Amos mounted his own steed. His horse was a white stallion clad in blue armour with a black cloth that covered the horses's body and came down to it's knees. When Amos was atop his horse he looked at Samuel. "Well, come on. We don't have all day."
Entry 1329 17/01/07 00:00
Samuel was about to make a jump at Amos' horse himself, before he mounted. He settled for the other unique mount, the Ebony black stallion. It seemed to be wearing simple enough horse armour, not extending down the legs, but covering the belly and torso from near everything with layers of overlapping chainmail.

Samuel gave a nod, and waited for Amos to lead the unit into gallop.
Entry 1330 18/01/07 00:00
Once Keith saw that Samuel was ready to go, he started to ride off through the gate that lead to a road that went around the city below the castle and along the river side. When Keith was out of the gate he slowly led his horse into a gallop, as did the other men. They rode fast, though Amos' horse was covered in heavy armour, it was still just as fast as the others, being a strong royal horse and slightly larger than the average horse.

When the horses eventually got tired of galloping they slowed them down to walking. Since it was going to be a long ride still until night fall, Keith thought he would get to know Samuel better. "So, Rock. Found anyone special?" Keith asked, dropping his horse back next to Samuel, eyes fixed on the horizon.
Entry 1331 19/01/07 00:00
With a little cough, half from surprise, half from the rushing of the wind, Samuel answered hurriedly.
"Well, sort of- I mean no... this girl I knew left the city when something happened one night. How about you sir?"
Entry 1332 19/01/07 00:00
"I..." Amos looked down at his horses head. "My wife died many years ago..." Amos looked back at the horizon at the mountains in the distance. His eyes seeming to gaze at something unseen.
Entry 1333 20/01/07 00:00
Reprimanding himself, Samuel realised that was the worst way he could have started a relationship with Amos. In a hurry to change the subject, Samuel looked over Amos, finding something to nag about.

"So... uh.. where'd you find that horse of yours? Seems to be quite the specimen."
Entry 1334 20/01/07 00:00
"My daughter bought it for me... well, for herself but gave it to me. He's a special horse." Amos looked at Samuel. "Rumours say it was once one of King Ciril's royal horses... But I don't know how they figure that..." 

He looked back at the horizon, at the setting sun. "We should stop for the night soon."
Entry 1335 22/01/07 00:00
Riding so he was a little ahead, Samuel pointed out the crescent of one of the hills they were riding amongst, he had some comical trouble steering the horse with one hand though.

"There's some sheltered caves hidden in the grooves of these foothills Sir. We could slide in there for the night?"
Entry 1336 22/01/07 00:00
Amos looked at the same hill and narrowed his eyes in deep concentration. "Yes, we shall sleep there for the night, Rock," Amos yelled across the galoping of the horses. He steered his horse a little and they all eventually reached the caves and dismounted their horses.

"Well, men, we set up camp here tonight. So, you all know what to do." Amos ordered.

"Yes, sir!" The three soldiers saluted and went off to do their jobs.

"Well done, Rock. I would have never thought of staying caves let alone pointing one out from that distance. You're sharper than I thought you were." Amos said, giving him a little smile. He turned and called out for his men. Within minutes they all appeared before him. "All clear?"

"Yes, sir. Nothing in sight."

"Excellent. Well, as you know, one of us will have to keep watch tonight... So, make up your decisions."
Entry 1337 23/01/07 00:00
Ever the faithful, Samuel was two inches in front of Amos in a second. Landing a little wobbly, he half raised his hand, half toppled onto his feet, and announced.

"I'll volunteer for first watch sir? I've been out here lots of times..." He lowered his voice from yell to normal conversation when he was sure Amos flinched at the volume.
Entry 1338 23/01/07 00:00
Amos stepped back a little quickly, startled, and almost tripped. "Yes... I thought you might..." Amos said, looking at the moon. Amos leant down to Samuel. "Be very careful, quiet and wake me up if you see or hear anything. We don't know how far up they have gotten, de we?" Amos whispered into Samuel's ear. He leant up and looked at the other soldiers. "Well, men. Looks like we need to get some rest. The four of them went into the caves to rest while Samuel was left outside.
Latest Post Entry 1339 24/01/07 00:00
Samuel had been up here plenty of times. The wild animals, the bandits, he could handle. But a fully equipped enemy fighting force? He was glad they had the caves on their side, ambushes were so much fun.
Unsheathing his axe, and strapping his Buckler to his left arm, Samuel seating himself atop the cave entrance, with one leg dangling lazily over the doorway, as he looked amongst the foothills, reflecting.
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