Out of Place (Completed)

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Entry 271 15/12/07 00:00

Huskaar awoke, the storm outside was getting worst, in Huskaar's little apartment. I wish I never met Amos, he brought me here, and his going to kill me here. there's nothing to do, and everything is cold up here... dn YOU AMOS Huskaar silently thought to himself.  Join the Legionites he said, see the world he said... I'd rather be thieving.

Drifting back to sleep, Huskaar didn't notice that the sun was starting to peak up over the mountains, through the clouds, to the east. Huskaar was going to have to get up in less then an hour, and he would regret ever agreeing to do a late watch. whoever thought there was going to be trouble around here was an idiot Huskaar thought. He wasn't gonig to get any sleep at this rate. especially considering the person  who was meant to do the shift after him hadn't been bothered to come and get him. 

A loud knock came at his door "Its time to get up soldier" said a Captain, on his way to the Mess hall. Huskaar slowly got up, got dressed and went down stairs. After his week at this place, he had been the center of attention, as most people had not seen a illdemin before him, and had often been punished as such for being a 'mistake'. "you look tired half-breed" Half-breed had been given to Huskaar as a nick name, which just got Huskaar fired up. 
"yea, wouldn't be because somebody couldn't be bothered getting up to take my position, and because of you, I couldn't get out of the dn place until you got up. which nobody could be bothered doing either" said a growling Huskaar.
"Huskaar, your going with Matheson and Andrew to get supplies" said the captain, as he walked past Huskaar, who let out a groan of misery.
"captain, I think I deserve more sleep, somebody didn't get up to do there late shift last night, and the guard nearby wouldn't let me past to get Avery." complained Huskaar
"oh really? well he'll be punished-" said the Captain, staring at Avery "but your still not getting out of supplies."

Huskaar tried to look alert as he leaned on the caravan, in a tight packed market place with Rumormongers, and hawkers of all sorts, there were salesman yelling out wares of all kinds.
Entry 272 18/12/07 00:00
Another youth rode on the back of the wagon with Huskaar. The boy looked about 12 and clearly wasn't a soldier so he most likely worked in the kitchens. He'd probably been sent by the cook to make sure the right supplies were fetched.

The boy had a shaggy mop of red brown hair that would be around shoulder length if it wasn't pulled into a short pony tail and brown eyes that looked to have a hint of green in them as well - though he kept his head down and avoided looking at almost everyone. His clothes were plain and simple, long shorts and a tunic both greyish brown in colour.

After a while the boy scooted over and tugged Huskaar's sleeve to get his attention. "Mista... what'd you do ta get sent on supplies?" He asked in a slightly shy, timid sounding voice.
Entry 273 21/12/07 00:00
"I don't know, but I" Huskaar yawned "I need sleep, you work for the kitchen don't you?" Huskaar asked randomly, already knowing the answer "I kinda wish I could work in the kitchen, cos the job I got now, it really sucks, the shifts are annoying, and the work is tiresome. You should feel lucky" Huskaar said, ending with another yawn
Entry 274 21/12/07 00:00
The boy nodded his head but kept his face looking down. "Tha's right Mista. I dropped a tray of pies taking them out the oven... My uncle got real mad an sent me t' get supplies. Mos'ly so's I was outa the kitchen." The boy was then quiet a bit but he lifted his head.

"What'd you be doin if you wasn't a soldier Mista?"

The wagon jostled a bit as it went over some uneven cobble stones and eventually pulled to a stop at the part of the market that dealt in bulk items. The boy jumped off and a couple of men climbed down as well.
Entry 275 22/12/07 00:00
Huskaar watched the boy, and silently said to him self "thieving is what I did before Amos found me... But then again-" he cut himself short as a half dozen people got out of the wagon. Huskaar decided to take the moment to stretch his legs. "Oy Kid" Huskaar shouted as the kid walked towards the vendor "You didn't tell me your name!"
Entry 276 22/12/07 00:00
The boy looked back over his shoulder and for just a moment there seemed to be an odd expression on his face, the kind of expression that might say 'yes, I thought so'. It was the briefest of things though and could be easily missed. "Douglas" He replied then took a piece of paper from inside his shirt and unfolded it.

Obviously the boy could read and count to some extent because he looked at the list and started counting sacks and crates as they were loaded onto the wagon. The boy even dragged a sack or two himself though he clearly wasn't strong enough to lift them into the wagon.
Entry 277 22/12/07 00:00
Huskaar picked up one of the sacks that Douglas had just put next to the wagon, and put it in, in a neat little bundle. "The names Huskaar. although you won't ever hear anybody callin' me that" Said Huskaar, "Everybody just calls me half-breed, cos I'm Illdeman, I don't know why everybody seems to hate Illdeman, its not like we do anything wrong..." Huskaar took a deep breath, obviously stressed and tired. "God I need sleep"
Entry 278 22/12/07 00:00
Douglas laughed a little bit and actually lifted his face to look at Huskaar, apparently studying the older boy a bit. "All I can see is wolf ears... ya'd need more'n that ta be half. I knows numbers. Uncle learnt me to count the ledger." He said with a proud smile.

He then leant close and cupped a hand to one of the older youth's wolf ears so he could whisper, "Climb on the wagon an have a sleep. I won't tell and if yer behind the sacks an' barrels no one will see." It was strange. The whisper was sure and confident, quite unlike the shy tone Douglas had spoken in before. The words were very easy to agree with and even after the boy stepped away to talk with the merchant and the men that came in the wagon it might seem like Huskaar could still hear the words in the back of his mind somewhere.
Entry 279 23/12/07 00:00
Huskaar yawned again and said quietly "thanks for the tip, I think I need it as well, but you better wake me on the last stop, It'd be pretty weird if nobody saw me for the rest of the way, and then found me in the wagon, and I don't feel like being packed away in the storage room." Huskaar said.

Leaning back against some barrels and drifting off to sleep letting his mind wander.
Entry 280 23/12/07 00:00
Eventually the wagon moved on, though it didn't move far. Huskaar might notice Douglas climb back on and sit nearby, if he were only sleeping lightly at least.

"Ildemin are trouble." A voice murmured softly. "I don't know why they let that half-breed join up."

"We could dump it off in town here somewhere. Tell them that it ran off on us... they really aren't reliable, the captain would believe us."

"Right it doesn't even want to be a soldier."

"thieving is what I did before Amos found me..." this voice was different, soft like a whisper in the distance though Huskaar might confuse it for his own internal voice. "thieving is what I did before Amos found me... thieving... Join the Legionites he said, see the world he said... I'd rather be thieving... I'd rather be thieving." The voice stopped for a while and the wagon moved on again after a moment there it was again, just on the edge of perception.
"You'd rather be thieving... you're not really a good soldier... no one would notice if the half-breed  just left..."

Myabe it was just Huskaar's wandering mind and maybe not.
Entry 281 23/12/07 00:00
Despite being asleep, Huskaar heard every single word that came out of the other soldiers mouth, he heard them say "Chuck him in the gutter" and the "Nah, just put him in the sewers", he even heard the whisper that said "lets just slit his throat while his asleep, and then chuck him over the castle wall" all they did was just chilled his blood with the thoughts of dying. 

But he never woke only when the loud BANG! of a barrel of wine was dropped as they passed an inn did he finally wake, and with such force that he hit his head on the post above him and almost knocked himself out. "how long was I asleep" asked Huskaar to Douglas.
Entry 282 24/12/07 00:00
Douglas looked over at Huskaar from where he was sitting on top a wine barrel - weren't the boys eyes a different colour before? He blinked and his eyes looked to have changed back, maybe it was just the way the light had been hitting them.

The wagon was soon heading back towards the fort, now fully loaded the going was a little slower then it had been on the trip to town. "Long enough." Douglas replied. "I was just going ta wake ya."
Douglas slid down off the barrel and knelt in front of the Ildemin, looking right into his eyes for a moment. Then he moved in closer and cupped his hand to one of Huskaar's wolf ears again, "Meet me behind the store sheds tonight." Like the last time he'd whispered, there was a strength to the boys voice and the words seemed to reinforce themselves, repeating even after Douglas had moved to look out the front of the wagon. "Meet me behind the store sheds tonight... Meet me behind the store sheds tonight..."
Entry 283 25/12/07 00:00
Meet me behind the storage shed tonight... Meet behind the storage shed tonight... Huskaar seemed to be possessed by these simple words, they were slowly taking over him, telling him to go, until all of a sudden it was back to normal, and what had seemed like a good half hour to Huskaar had only proven to be less then a minute.

Huskaar and Douglas said nothing for the rest of the trip, but Huskaar kept glancing at the kid; There was defiantly something about him, and Huskaar wanted to find out

Huskaar was waiting patiently behind the storage shed, sitting on a log. I wonder where Douglas is was all Huskaar could think Meet behind the Storage shed tonight, woulda a bit more of information woulda been handy, like the exact time, well I guess I better get comfortable, cos theres a long wait ahead of me thought Huskaar as he slowly drifted off to sleep.
Entry 284 25/12/07 00:00
Sure enough Douglas found Huskaar asleep and he grinned. 'Excellent!' He thought to himself and squatted down so his face was level with the Ildemin's and studied him for a few minutes. Following as his resting mind wandered as resting minds often do. He also gathered more on the Ildemin's personality focusing on the things that Huskaar would much rather be doing.

Entry 285 26/12/07 00:00

There's somebody watching me, I know it, but I just can't seem to get myself up, oh well, he'll probably wake me when he wants to wake me, but it better be soon, cos I'm in deep trouble if I'm not in my room by dawn. Huskaar thought to himself. His dreams weren't very many, and not very meaningful either. But he did have a certain image, the image of his mother. It had always haunted him, and the blood on the wooden floor at the back of the inn.

Huskaar's features in the real world was a mask of concentration in the dark moonlight. And his eyes, if one could actually see them, were a deep red, which only occurred when Huskaar was angry, there was a dark thought going through his mind
Entry 286 26/12/07 00:00

Douglas chuckled softly to himself then very softly, so as not to wake Huskaar too soon mumbled some foreign sounding words under his breath.
'What do you care if you get in trouble?' The now familiar voice came to Huskaars mind. 'That's a rule made by stupid humans. You don't want to be a soldier anyway. You'd much rather be thieving.'

Still being careful not to wake Huskaar, Douglas murmured more strange words under his breath and wrote strange letters in the dirt with his finger. Something latched onto the images in Huskaar's mind, the one of his mother and the one of the blood on the floor. It tugged at them... it studied them... added to them weaving them into a frightening nightmare that assaulted all five of Huskaar's senses. The sight of blood, the smell of it, the feel of it on skin, the chill touch of a dead body.
Then more frightening, a dead body with all manner of bugs crawling over it. Those same bugs crawling across the floor and over Huskaar, nipping and stinging exposed flesh.

Douglas then moved away, around to the side of the store shed and waited.
Entry 287 26/12/07 00:00
Huskaar chilled, he was becoming frightened in his own imagination. All the bugs, crawling on his skin, biting, stinging, he couldn't get rid of the feeling. It was like an experience like no other, but then he heard a voice, little more then a low mumble, but the sound of it was horrifying. it could creep out a full grown soldier, Huskaar was glad nobody was around, cos he coulda sworn he start to squirm in his sleep, like he was reacting to what was happening in his dreams.

Then he was awake, and all he could see was some carvings in the dirt next to him, and Douglas a few meters away, just thinking to himself. "why didn't you come wake me?" asked Huskaar "Couldn't you tell I was having a nightmare?"
Entry 288 27/12/07 00:00
"Yes." Douglas stuttered a bit. "But I was told it c'n be bad to wake someone having a nightmare."
He moved closer and froze when he saw the marks on the ground then quickly took two steps back. "Wha... what's th... that?"

On close inspection the symbols in the dirt weren't backwards with regard to where Huskaar had been sleeping. In fact in the dim light it wouldn't be hard for an observer to assume the Ildemin had written them. Even more suspicious was the pool of what might be blood that looked to have trickled into some of the markings.

"Wha... what ha... happened?" Douglas now sounded rather scared as he stuttered the question.

'The blood. It's on your hands.' Murmured the voice in the back of Huskaar's mind.
Entry 289 27/12/07 00:00
Huskaar jumped, trying to get wipe the blood off his hand like it might be poisonous, he was starting to get worried, and was starting to wonder where the blood had come from. "What the hell is happening?" but almost as quickly as Huskaar had awoken, the blood just seemed to drain away; The blood on his hands were slurped into his hand, and Huskaar looked like he was about to throw up, and the blood on the ground just drained away into the ground.

"What the hell just happened?" said Huskaar, now feeling scared "I've seen some gruesome things, but that was just... just... DISGUSTING!" raising his voice just loud enough to pass through the warehouse.
Latest Post Entry 290 27/12/07 00:00
A yell carried out from near the store sheds, as Tarou jumped around to face them, his cat ears standing up on his head, listening. Without thinking, Tarou ran towards the storage sheds,
wondering what was going on.

As he neared the corner, Tarou slowed down, and he started sliding, and slid right around the corner, to find a Illdemin and a young boy looking rather scared about something.....
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