Out Alone

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Entry 1816 16/12/07 00:00
The soft crunching of snow was the only sound Dirn made as he made his way through the forest. He loved the quiet of the area and it was nice to be away from everyone teasing him. "Just because I'm a 'one stripe'," he mumbled grumpily.

 Still it didn't matter. The spot he was going to was his own, private little spot. A place where he wasn't going to be disturbed. The trickling of a small creek was his first sign. The young sirin followed it to where the trees got really thick. And there between the roots of a couple large pines was a small tunnel large enough for him to comfortably crawl through. And that's what he did.

 The tunnel opened up into a small cavern. Nothing large or intricate, but he felt most at home here. It was small, round and had two small holes for windows, but these had small furs over them for blinds. Other things he'd added were things he'd nicked from people. There was a beaten old rug, some pillows and a sleeping bag. There was a little fire pit as well which he'd occasionally light.

 However, despite the fun he could have here, he also came here to let his emotions out. The bullying from everyone took a toll on him, he just masked it elsewhere. But now he let it all out with tears.
Entry 1817 21/12/07 00:00

Nari leaped over a log and nimbly avoided slipping on a large flat stone. He was moving swiftly -- more striding than running -- through the forest that appeared dead. His scanning eyes indicated he was looking for something, but he wasn't hungry and he had not lost any items of his. Anyone who saw him would have to physically stop him to ask, because his mind was so occupied he was not listening to anything around him. 

A sound came to his mind. No, it was in his ears. It was more powerful than his own breathing and the silence of the forest. At first, he thought it was some sort of audible memory of his own, but then he realised it was someone else. He heard crying and it reminded him of himself. His heart jerked as he came to a halt. He looked over both shoulders, his keen ears picking up the distant sound more clearly now. He could neither see nor smell anybody, though. 

"Hello?" he said, but his throat croaked. He cleared his throat and tried again, "Hello? Who's there?"
Entry 1818 21/12/07 00:00
Dirn barely heard the call at first. Then it registered someone had heard him crying. Immediatly he tried to dry his tears as he crawled back out of his hiding place. However he still remained in the shadow of the trees. He could see another sirin, only this one had eight-stripes. "What do you want?" he asked sharply, coming into view. "Come to make fun of me have you? Tell me I have no future and all the other crap I hear!?"

(dunno if referring to the striping as 'crap' is sirin or not, but bare in mind he is upset)
Entry 1819 22/12/07 00:00

Nari turned to face the Sirin child, only a few years younger than himself. Immediately, he noted that the cub had one stripe. Phrases came to mind like a chilling breeze: 'why does he have so many stripes? What did he do to deserve them? He can't even wield a spear like any other Sirin man!'. At this, Nari frowned and held up both hands. 

"No, no! No way! I just heard someone crying and I thought that, well... was it you? What's the matter?"
Entry 1820 23/12/07 00:00
"Maybe it was me," Dirn said, going on the defensive again. "What does it matter? A bunch of jerks keep putting me down cause I only have one stripe," he snapped, pointing strongly to the single stripe on his shoulder. His anger however was starting to falter as tears came back. He sat down against a tree he cried. He was past feeling shame. "Why did I get one stripe?" he asked through stuttering breaths. "Yo got eight! What I wouldn't give to be you."
Entry 1821 30/12/07 00:00
Nari was a little unsure of what to do. He felt sad for this kid, but his legs wouldn't move him nearer. His mind skipped and wavered. He knew how it felt to be put down by people. It was a terrible thing, and of course he didn't want anyone else to go through it, but now his mind was blank. 

"Why would you want eight?" Nari said, confused. "At first, everyone expects the best things possible from you, and when you do something even slightly below what they're not expecting, you get called a fake and a liar. Then they get jealous because they think they deserve more stripes. Do you think that would be any better?" 

He stopped and let this kid -- who looked familiar now -- reply, though he wasn't sure whether he'd just get more tears or a show of sense.
Entry 1822 30/12/07 00:00
Dirn wiped his eyes a little and looked up at Nari. "Why would people get jealous of you? How could you be a fake? Stripes are stripes." He sighed sadly. "And just because people make fun of you... at least you have something grand in your future that means that will change. I'm apparently destined to be a failure and a wimp my whole life."
Entry 1823 05/01/08 00:00
Nari didn't want to try to convince the pup otherwise. He knew how unreasonable children where when they are upset. Feeling a little protective of this Sirin, he took some steps towards him, testing to see how close he could get. 

If I could just pat him on the back or something, he would hopefully calm down, he thought to himself. 

"Don't worry about them," Nari said aloud. He wanted to say neutral things that wouldn't create more things for the boy to argue against. "Right now it doesn't matter. There's no one else around. See?" He looked over both shoulders. Sure enough, there was nobody there. He looked back to Dirn with a hopeful smile.
Entry 1824 05/01/08 00:00
Dirn looked around and sighed. The older sirin had a point. There was nobody else out here, and he seemed nice. Dirn wiped his eyes again and managed a sad little smile. "I'm Dirn."
Entry 1825 08/01/08 00:00
"Nari," Nari said, with a less sad smile. 

He went over and sat by Dirn, seeing he had calmed down significantly. He sat silently for a couple of minutes. He had been looking for something before he heard the crying, but for now, that something eluded him, and he'd completely forgotten about it. Now Dirn was taking up most of his thought. Nari said nothing, allowing Dirn to take the conversational lead.
Entry 1826 09/01/08 00:00
"So why are you out here," Dirn asked. His sadness was quickly passing and curiosity was taking its effect. "Like you said, nobody out here. So why are you out here?"
Entry 1827 16/01/08 00:00
Nari looked both shocked and stupefied, as though it was the silliest thing in the world that he forgot why he was out there himself. Then, he remembered. 

"I was--" he paused, "I am looking for some...thing. It can wait, though. Don't worry about me." He bit his lip and hoped Dirn would be happy with that much, because if he wasn't, Nari would have to come up with a cover story on the spot.
Entry 1828 03/02/08 00:00
"What kind of something?" Dirn asked. "And don't lie or make something up. I've been given false pity and cover up stories my whole life. I can tell if you're lying." He folded his arms, with all the bossiness of a child.
Entry 1829 09/02/08 00:00
Nari stared right into Dirn's eyes for a good minute or two, but the manner of staring was more 'staring through', rather than 'staring at'. At a couple of points, his mouth hung open as if to speak, but then he changed his mind and continued thinking. Either he was trying to think up a cover story or he was trying to think of a way to put it so Dirn would understand. 

"I heard some stray human soldiers were found in the wilderness last night. They were found dead. A bear had killed them. The guy at the fountain told me nobody was allowed to go and find them, but I wanna see if the humans had a sword I could borrow."

He muttered the last word quite suggestively, and a cheeky grin crept onto his face. He left it at that, watching for Dirn's reaction.
Entry 1830 09/02/08 00:00
Dirn grinned. "Awesome! I always wanted a weapon," he said and picked up a stick and swung it around like a sword. "I'm Dirn the Brave and I'm gonna defeat the evil hordes." He slashed wildly at invisble enemies. Then he turned to Nari. "Oh no! It's the mighty warlord himself," he said and pointed the stick at Nari. "What have you to say evil one?"
Entry 1831 10/02/08 00:00
Nari blinked, taken by surprise. Dirn was playfighting? After a moment of thought, he walked past Dirn, heading back into the thick of the forest. 

"No time for games if you wanna find the bodies," he said, but then he stopped. "Unless..." he took into his hand a long stick and pointed it at Dirn with a playful grimace, "...the Mighty Warlord finds them first!"

And he spun round and darted into the trees. He then moved to one side, hiding behind a large tree. There, he waited silently for Dirn to find him.
Entry 1832 12/02/08 00:00
Dirn whipped around and chased after him. "You won't escape justice!" he cried and looked around through the trees. He held his breath and listened carefully. He trained his ears on the sound of breathing. Nari was the largest creature in the woods at the moment. So he figured it wouldn't be hard to track him. And true to form he heard breathing and crept quietly towards a tree. He sprang out from behind it. "I got you now!" he yelled in playful triumph, raising the stick as if to strike him. Though he didn't bring it down hard.
Entry 1833 18/02/08 00:00
Nari exaggerated the stick's strike and sent himself plummeting into the snow with a forced cry. He spun around and crawled backwards, making a futile reach for his "spear" but failing. 

"Oh no! I have no weapon! ... You wouldn't make this an unfair battle, would you?"
Entry 1834 19/02/08 00:00
Dirn said nothing for a moment. He'd suddenly noticed what Nari could be doing. Just the little corner of his mind that was more grown up. He realized that there was a possibility Nari was testing him. If this was a real fight, would he kill an unarmed opponent. He wasn't sure. But it was no reason to stop the game. "No. I won't. I'll make it torture," he said putting the stick down. "The terrible tickle torture," he said and tickled Nari's ribs.
Latest Post Entry 1835 29/02/08 00:00
Nari gave in and rolled in fits of giggles, snow clinging to his fur but not making him feel cold. Then, when he swung an arm to the side, it struck something under the snow. He yelled in surprise and partly in pain, as the object was quite sharp. He rolled Dirn off gently and rubbed his arm. With one foot, he shovelled the snow aside. A metal shield jutted out of the ice. Nari looked at Dirn, his eyes glinting excitement and caution.
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