Of Trinkets and Testosterone (Completed)

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Entry 1234 08/02/07 00:00
Oh yes, Georgio had indeed lost the Silver shipment to the enemy. Albeit, said enemy probably made a large crater somewhere nearby, as the smoke in the hills comically proved.
But now, standing before the gates of Lyte once more, the peasants clearing around him in a fearful aura as they recognised him, and his concealing yet obsolete cloak fluttering half elegantlly behind him, Georgio started up at the gatehouse.
They'd likely notice him and either call Lionel Murdock, or a security team.
Although this time he came unarmed, and on completely humble terms. Rubbing the pair of ebony black rings he had procured from Ignatius, the lapdog, Georgio knew that he had to speak to Murdock. If not, and god forbid, Talos.
Entry 1235 10/02/07 00:00

Murdock exited one of the towers, standing behind the battlements directly above the gate. He rested both hands on the edge and peered over at the man who seemed so tiny down below. 

"Leave!" he called out, not bothering to even greet to the man or ask what his business was.
Entry 1236 11/02/07 00:00
Murdock's greeting was met with an axe spinning through the air, and thudding into a post nearby him.

"Lionel get down here! Unless you want Lyte to be destroyed!"

Unfortunately this stirrup up more worry in the serfs outside of the gate... who began running for shelter as if Georgio was about to summon an apocalypse upon the city.
Entry 1237 11/02/07 00:00
Murdock looked at the axe and then down at the old man. 

"You threaten me with a weapon, then give me an order, and then threaten the city of Lyte?" Murdock yelled back. The other guards gathered round him closer as the citizens backed away. "What do you want, you old coot?"
Entry 1238 12/02/07 00:00
Shrugging wide enough for Murdock to see from the walls.

"What, all I want is to talk Lionel! And I'm as patriotic as the next man, so I'm not about to let Lyte be destroyed. Now stop acting like a treehouse child and get down here!"

He motioned all of his words with hands gestures, resulting in him pointing to the ground in front of him.
Entry 1239 12/02/07 00:00
Murdock sighed quite vocally. "If it's the only way to shut you up... Meet me in the top of this guard tower beside me." He leant over and yelled to the men below, "Let him in, but one wrong move and he's under arrest." And he looked back out at Georgio. "One more insult from you -- even in jest -- and you're going somewhere very, very dark for a very, very long time." He entered the doorway beside him and waited in the dark tower, sitting beneath a soft shaft of light.
Entry 1240 12/02/07 00:00
Saluting with no mockery at all, Georgio replied with a 'thank you captain'.
Making his way past the judgeful eyes of citizens and now frightfully alert gaurds, Georgio caught a glimpse of his 'wife' through the bickering crowd, who parted as he swished his way through. Ignoring quips of 'He's a murderer', Georgio with two men at his back, ascended the tower atop which Lionel awaited.
Entry 1241 12/02/07 00:00
Murdock nodded to a chair round the small wooden table. Various sharp implements lined the walls, making the room seem quite dangerous. 

"Now, sit and talk. I have a schedule to keep, so be thankful I'm doing this much." 

Two guards stood before a now closed door, weapons drawn.
Entry 1242 12/02/07 00:00
Ignoring the two armed men, with a swish of tail and cloak, Georgio sat.
Producing from his pocket, a pair of obsidian rings. Those of the enemy's messengers.
"Captain Murdock." A note of deathly concern rang throughout Georgio's voice. "Lyte is in danger of invasion, and as much as I respect the gaurds prowess in combat, these men cannot hope to stop a horde un-prepared."
Entry 1243 12/02/07 00:00
Murdock threw a bored glance at the rings and then back at Georgio, his gaunt face utterly unimpressed. 

"Are you done?"
Entry 1244 12/02/07 00:00
Rising slowly. Georgio beckoned the captain over to a window. Pointing out into the foothills, a strange assortment of winds thrashed with one another. And seemingly pushing towards the Lyte and Serten area.

"All due respect captain, albeit that is slightly reduced. You cannot tell me that does not worry you. And I hear the river was poisoned recently..." He mumbled into Murdock's ear, as one of the gaurds appeared to be more than a little worried at the strange storm. "And I spotted a worryingly familiar ring..." He nodded back to the two Obsidian rings on the table. "On a market stall on my way up here."
Entry 1245 12/02/07 00:00
Murdock looked at Georgio, dumbfounded. "That is why I urge discretion on such matters..." He stood and folded his hands behind his back, walking to the window and looking out. "The more you make a big deal out of it, the more you will worry the citizens. That makes things difficult for us. I'm aware of everything you speak of, and many... other things." He turned his head slightly. "I am doing my job and dealing with everything appropriately." He paused and scratched his chin, raising his tone slightly, saying, "Besides, with the way you've been acting, what am I supposed to think when you come in here bearing two rings of The Enemy, hmm?"
Entry 1246 12/02/07 00:00
Coughing with a laugh, then chuckling. Georgio couldn't help but smile.
"You know me better than that Murdock. Albeit we have only met once... besides, if I was the enemy, I wouldn't want to advertise. Why do you think I had to cause such a ruckus to get in here, eh?" Staring out amongst the hills, Georgio came to his final point.
"Your men. They will need... equipment."
Entry 1247 12/02/07 00:00
"No," Murdock said quickly. "If we equip the men, the people become distressed. That alerts any infiltrators of our actions and will drive them out before we can catch them. Also, we would need to inform the other cities and towns." 

He walked away from the window and towards the door, but then stopped and turned round on the stop. "We are in an ongoing war with The Enemy. I suppose your information is remotely useful, but I suggest you stay right out of this. Once one of them uses you for one thing, they'll be back for another thing. Soon, you will owe them too much. Then you won't be able to turn back..."
Entry 1248 12/02/07 00:00
"Incidentally, what of the rings I recovered? Shall I dispose of them in the forge?"

He jingled the pair of offending objects in his hand, preparing to leave the city.
Entry 1249 12/02/07 00:00
Murdock snatched them from Georgio's hand and stashed them in a pocket. 

"Tell nobody of this. Since the towers and walls aren't considered Lyte, I would go back to whatever hole you crawled out of before I change my mind. You're excused." 

The soldiers opened the door and Murdock walked out. One of them led Georgio back down the tower and outside the gate.
Latest Post Entry 1251 12/02/07 00:00
Leaving the city gates for possibly the last time, Georgio patted the gaurd on duty on the shoulder as a farewell.

"Oh, and have this delivered to the captain. I forgot to present it to him."

Producing from under his robes, Georgio handed to the gaurd, a rather intricate dagger, with a silver coated blade. It was no more than half a foot long at best, and had the letters 'L.M' engraved deeply into it's decorative curved hilt.
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