Not Just a Blacksmith (Completed)

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Entry 1351 05/01/07 00:00

Slinking in, underneath the west Watchtower, so as not to be seen. Georgio, with his over-concealing cloak, and spear strapped accross his back, made his way quietly through the ever 'welcoming' Portcullis.

Down a couple of streets, until he made his way into the far west corner of Lyte. All the houses were simple here, thatched roof, stone built. Some tiny establishments were merely mud-baked.

Entering one of the single cottage styled buildings, Georgio was greeted by two children, a boy with unbelievably bright red hair, and a tiny little girl with blonde hair in pigtails, bickering at a table about something the rest of the world could only guess at, who upon seeing him, fled to the corner furthest away from him, and tried to hide behind each other. A man in his mid twenties, with an Apron around his waist, looked up from his book, whatever it was, to see the intruder.

"Georgio, take that thing off your head. You're scarin' the young-un's."

Removing his hood from his head, the two children immediately recognised the face of their big brother, and ran over. His little sister, into the waiting embrace of his tail, which lifted her off the floor in a fit of giggles, and his little brother into a palm-to-palm slap.

Emerging from the back room, a girl, around mid-twenties, in a simple blue dress, with a white blouse, and hair to match the little girl, dropped whatever she was carrying upon seeing her 'husband' return.

Georgio also half dropped his little sister, and ran to meet her half way in a tender embrace.

"You know you're not allowed back in the city anymore... or at least, nobody wants you here." She said, as she looked up half tearful.

"But you still do... right?" He said,  holding her out at arms length so he could look her over.

"Always!" She said, half tackling him as she buried herself in her chest. While his little brother and sister clung to his legs.

"Hey! Careful! Leggo' you two! Maaaa'aam!!" He jokingly cried, as an old, semi-blind woman came limping from the back room.

"What's all the hubbub- Georgie-pie?" Rolling his eyes at the nickname, Georgio responded with a yes. Resulting in another body on top of him.

Stepping back out into the town after prying his family from him, he went for what he came to Lyte for. Entering a general store back on the main street, he was greeted by a tiny bell above his head.
Moving over to the tools, he collected what he needed, a pristine new Smithing hammer. Flipping the owner of the establishment a couple of silver pieces, he started to make his way back to the gates...

Until he saw what the gaurds were doing.
'Have you seen this man? Suspected Ildemen, wearing a  long coat?'
'Have you seen any Ildemen recently?'

Which earned him comments such as 'that cape of his sort of sounds familiar.'

Deciding to leave in a hurry, before the Gaurds clocked on, Georgio briskly, but calmly marched his way towards the Portcullis.
Entry 1352 06/01/07 00:00
She saw him but stayed far behind him. She wondered what her master was up to. She conceld her self in the buildings shadows. She notice he had bought a new hammer. It glemed in her eyes, she was amazed by the design of the hammer. She always wanted a hammer but just couldn't afford one. She always had to borrow Georgio's old worn hammer. She knew that the gaurds were up to no good and prepared for a fight!
Entry 1353 07/01/07 00:00

Noticing the lackidazical ability of the gaurds, Georgio  saw a potential exit. Making a brisk beeline for the portcullis, as the Gaurds shunned people back into their homes, he slunk out before anybody questioned or stopped him.
He was ten feet away, when somebody shouted of him to wait.
Entry 1354 07/01/07 00:00
She saw the man start to ask questions. She slowly crept closer to Georgio keeping in the shadows waiting for the violence that she expected to come....
Entry 1355 08/01/07 00:00

The gaurds, being of the.... highest minds in the city, no doubt, didn't seem to notice that Georgio was the one they were after. Even after calling another three men over, they never caught on.
Right up until Georgio was a little further away, when from atop the gatehouse, somebody with at least one working brain cell shouted to the others 'He's over there!'

Now was the time for running. As Georgio flitted and leapt through and around the outskirt traders and whatnot around the city, with the gaurds, hot on his trail and unsheathing weapons behind him.
Entry 1356 08/01/07 00:00
She crept fast to wards them. She then jumped out and slashed at their legs. Screams filled the air. They were slowed a lot do to loss of blood. She jumped ahead of them and caught up to her master.
Entry 1357 08/01/07 00:00


"Catch those beasts!" yelled the one in the lead, presumably a Commmander. "She's not human and she's working for him!"

They chased Georgio through buildings and homes, beginning to circle around and blockade exits to passages, knowing every street of the city quite well. Chance of escape was very quickly dimming for the two 'criminals'. 

"Blockage the corner of Adul and Keerfish! Put a sentry in the 22nd tower! Call a Captain from Headquarters!" 

They were getting very serious very fast. Perhaps if the Ildemin woman hadn't attacked the guards, they would have simply been thrown in prison. Thanks to her, there was going to be a lot more blood spilt this night.
Entry 1358 09/01/07 00:00
Not stopping to wonder where most of his pursuers disappeared too, and rather angry that he was going to be blamed for all it, Georgio, using his tail as a giant spring, leapt onto one of the buildings Rooftops.

Continuing to run, leaping from roof to roof over the trader's carts and shanties, as the gaurds alerted each other, and tried to get to the end to cut him off.
Entry 1359 09/01/07 00:00
She noticed them trying to cut them off. She realized her actions were rash. She used her spikes on her tentacles to climb up to Georgio who was a couple yards ahead of her. She ran slowly gaining on him. Soon they were neck and neck.
Entry 1360 09/01/07 00:00
Not bothering to look at who he knew had gotten him into trouble, and would likely disappear again when the time came to answer for it, Georgio merely stated.

"So how else do you plan to ruin my day this week then?"

The gaurds were now hopping onto the wagons in front of them, and forming a comical wall of meat out of their burlier members.
Entry 1361 09/01/07 00:00

Archers had now manned the towers and as the guards backed away from the two on the rooftops, arrows were let loose at blinding speed. Guards with shields ran up to the battlements and groups of men still blocked intersections in the streets. Behind them, some way off, the huge Headquarters building was visible. An alarm bell ran throughout the city and cries came form inside the houses below them.
Entry 1362 09/01/07 00:00
She said, "I think you are overreacting it is just an army and we are almost at the gates." The arrows were very hard to dodge. She started using her tentacles to grab arrows that almost hit. One slipped past her grip and hit her right in the arm.
Entry 1363 10/01/07 00:00

"There's a reason I don't let you in the forge anymore! And this is most of it!!" He said, diving underneath one of the covered Wagons. Half hoping she was riddled, or at least wounded behind him.

Then an opportunity arose. The underneath of this wagon had panels that were folded down, nearly completely shielding Georgio from the onslaught. The wheels were also unlocked.
With a heave, he started rolling it towards the gaurds at an increasing pace. He just hoped they were sloping a little.
Entry 1364 10/01/07 00:00
She screamed but headed on. She saw him dive under the wagon and saw it move. She desided to make a diversion and started running towards another gate. She enjoyed this chase because it was a training session in her twisted mind. She was slowed by the arrow but she pushed on. Eventually she regained her stamina, she dived behind a abandoned fruit stand and hid under it. It was in a part of town with many boxes in it.
Entry 1365 10/01/07 00:00
They saw the blacksmith hide under the wagon and the archers in the tower set their arrows on fire, letting loose on the carriage and quickly setting it alight. The guards also followed it and the ones ahead at the gate began to quickly close the giant stone doors. All other doors around the city began to close, sealing everything in tight. 

In the street Andy was in, all was reasonably quiet. Occasionally, a soldier would run past or a stray arrow would land somewhere nearby. Nobody suspected she was hiding there, at least, until another soldier entered. From beneath her fruit stand, Andy would have been able to see the guard stroll down casually. He had brown hair with some length, an unshaven and gaunt face, and his hands were in his pockets. He was walking along quite slowly, his dark eyes shifting left and right as he went, observing the street for anything out of place. Any citizen of light would have recognised him as Captain Lionel Murdock.
Entry 1366 11/01/07 00:00

Realising he was pushing a burning wreck, Georgio quickened the pace, eventually sending it tumbling down the road, hopefully to block, or at least impede, the gaurds from sealing the gates.

Although standing in the open with bows trained on him, his tail raised, and soldiers behind him couldn't announce himself more if he tried.

".... Can't we all just get along?"
Entry 1367 11/01/07 00:00
She saw a soldier that seemed to be far smarter than the others. He was very observant and that worried her. She wondered if Geogio was ok but was still mad at him for bailing.
Entry 1368 11/01/07 00:00

Taking Georgio's standing in the middle of the street as a surrender, the soldiers there cuffed him and led him back to the street Andy was in. Many more soldiers followed and archers in the towers kept their strings drawn, ready for any more insane attempts. He was taken to the Captain, who was now standing not a few metres from Andy's hiding place. 

"Well, what's this?" Murdock said slowly as Georgio was presented. "A beast, it seems. How long did you think you could try to outsmart us, hmm? How very childish." He looked up towards the towers for a moment. "If you try to break free standing here, you will die. The archers are highly trained. They will not randomly let loose at any sign of danger. No. They will take it in turns firing two arrows into your predicted paths of travel, waiting a second between each firing. You will die if you try to escape now." He pointed to the stall beside him. "So will she. You can come out now," he said, now looking at where Andy was hiding.
Entry 1369 12/01/07 00:00

"In a way I sort of wish she was already a shishkabob. Anyway... man.. dressed head to toe in black and battle armour. It was your gaurds who began pursuit of me before any physicallities took place. Then the little annoyance decided to involve herself. So what am I charged with this time?"
Latest Post Entry 1370 12/01/07 00:00
She came out slowly with her hands behind her back for cuffing. She said, "Ah a new commander." She examined the area noticing the archers, she tryed to think of a way to aviod the arrows. She thought they can't all know who is firing where, and there was a ledge below the archers making a shield.
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