No time for rest (Completed)

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Entry 974 27/04/07 00:00
"Safe and sound, just like I promised," Talyndal commented to merchant she had been guarding, with an impish smile. The oldster had asked her to call him 'Granther' and swore she looked just like his granddaughter.. which was basically the only reason he had hired her. She had run out of money from her last job, and she had little other options, so she had gratefully taken the prospectively cushy job.

However, they were attacked by bandits. She and her shaggy beast of a dog defended him and his goods from the shady characters, and afterwards he was more than a little relieved that he had hired her. "And here is your payment, just like I promised," the elderly merchant tossed a small leather bag into her hands. 

She nodded to him as she caught it and it clinked.  As she walked him to the little inn he was staying at for the season, she noticed that it felt a little heavy. Probably he had used this as a chance to get rid of all his base coins. "Now, Granther, don't let all the littles cheat you just 'cause you think they're sweetlings."

"Just the ones that need it, I swear," the old man replied with the twinkle of laughter in his pale gray eyes.  

Talyndal shook her head, and waved farewell. As soon as he was safe in his inn, she secured the pouch inside another pouch, in a hidden pocket. She did not have enough money to take any chances. "C'mon Vrral," she motioned for the large dog to follow her. She was going to look over this tiny village - why in the world a merchant like the elderly man had wanted to come here was beyond her - and figure out what she was going to do. It was very unlikely she'd get a job out here. Most likely she'd have to get some provisions and head out to a more likely place.
Entry 975 27/04/07 00:00

Sitting comfortably on the porch of the small inn, Drake surveyed the passer-bys carefully. He was sent to watch out for possible bandits entering the town, and was determined to carry out his orders the best he could. 

During the day he had seen no one but homely merchants and school kids running across the streets--nothing suspicious or otherwise interesting. He would stand and walk about the streets for short intervals, but mainly he kept his position in his chair.

Currently, he shifted his position, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. He had almost nodded off. Drake peered out across the street and then to the left and later to the right. He almost leaned back again when two figures caught his eye. A bent older man and a smaller girl. From the distance he could tell she was pretty, and began to think of a way to approach her. Then he spotted the dog and cringed slightly: he didn't really like dogs.

The old man walked up the steps and said a few words to the girl before walking into the inn. As she pushed something into her pocket, Drake stood and casually walked down the steps. He cleared his throat and produced a dashing grin, hoping to catch her attention, but she had already turned away and didn't see him. He took a few paces and cleared his throat louder.
Entry 976 28/04/07 00:00
"Hmm?" Talyn looked over her shoulder at the sound of a clearing throat, thinking that the old man had returned or something of the kind. She blinked in surprise seeing that it wasn't. She motioned for Vrral to heel, and turned to face the man - having to look up quite a bit. Being short had its disadvantages, such as that. Having to look up at everyone, people looking down at her. She had quite enough of that as a child. 

 Vrral nudged his shaggy black head against her side - sitting, he was three-fourths her height. She patted his head absently. He blinked his bright green eyes at the stranger and decided that the man was no threat. At the moment. He let himself relax in all appearances, but remained alert for any strange scents or disturbances. Good doggy. 

"Can I help you with something?" she asked, semi-politely. Her life as a mercenary hadn't changed that, good manners were ingrained in her as a child. Tal looked upon his smile with some suspicion. Four years as a merc did that to you, if you survived. Ack. She truely hoped that this fellow didn't have anything weird in mind or she might have to make a scene. 

And leave without getting provisions. It wasn't as if she couldn't live off the land, she did it for at least a year before throwing herself fully into the life of a mercenary. But no sense in making such assumptions. She shook her head to get her mind off that line of thought and said, with her trademark impish grin, "'m Talyndal. Merc extrodinaire."
Entry 977 28/04/07 00:00
"I'm Drake," he said, "I've been sent here to watch out for bandits." He leaned against the post of the porch, "I'm a Champion, you know, from the Knights of Enos. Uhm, so, have you seen any about?" He stopped talking and leant over and patted Talyndal's dog. He drew his hand away quickly, and curled his fingers into a fist, as if the calm creature was going to bite them off.
Entry 978 28/04/07 00:00
"Actually, I have, on the way here. They won't be bothering anyone for a while, I think.." she shrugged, and patted her dog's head again. He was a fighter long before she had been born- he had belonged to her father's weapons-master. She had noticed Drake's nervousness with Vrral. Well, that wasn't uncommon. Dogs his size were rare, not to mention the fangs and the oddly bright green eyes. Tal had often wondered, as a child, where her teacher had come across such a creature. She glanced at her companion, whose tongue then lolled out. He didn't seem all that dangerous at the moment. To her, at least. "If Vrral and I hadn't been there, Granther-" she paused, realizing that she'd used the merchant's nickname, then continued, "-wouldn't have had a chance."
Entry 979 28/04/07 00:00
"Oh, really?" He replied, looking down at the dog with different eyes. It had just seemed like a protective pet instead of a fighter. His arm moved further away from the animal's jowels.

"I hope you and this Granther are okay," He stopped, trying to change the conversation without seeming rude, "I suppose he was the old man walking into the inn? Where do you plan to stay for the night?" He looked up to see the sky paleing as the sun passed behind the buildings, "Of course, since I'm on duty, I can't leave my post..."
Entry 980 28/04/07 00:00
"Mm, we're fine. They weren't very good fighters," Talyndal shrugged, and blinked when he asked her where she was staying. She hadn't thought about that, hadn't realized that it was getting late.. once again, she shrugged. "Suppose I could sleep at that inn." Tal had meant to get moving again. It wasn't good for her -or any people around her- if she stayed in one place. Things happened.  Wasting money on a room, that she did not wish to do.. but with bandits about -even such unskilled  ones- she had better not risk roughing it. Realizing, a little late, that what she'd said about Vrral had deepened Drake's nervousness rather than help assuage it. She shook her head and told him directly, "He only is a danger to those that attempt to harm me. He belonged to my father's weaponsmaster, and stuck around after the man died." In an incident involving a broom and a waterspout. Urgh.
Entry 981 28/04/07 00:00

"I have a room in the inn, but I won't be using it tonight, you may use it if you want." He shrugged along with her and smiled a bit, "I dunno if the innkeeper'll like that dog inside, though." He looked hesitantly at the panting beast, and reminded himself that Vrral meant no harm.

"But night is still a little way off. I'm going to take a walk about the town, would you like to join me?"
Entry 982 28/04/07 00:00

"Why not?" Talyndal asked, with a shrug. She might as well see the town. She was leaving in the morning, after all. "And thanks. But it prolly wouldn't be a good idea to leave Vrral outside. Alone. In a village. He can look after himself, but.." she shook her head. "He doesn't like being alone." Tal might be talking about the dog, or herself, there, since most people couldn't talk to dogs. She certainly couldn't. And really, it was practically impossible for her to relax without the shaggy beast at her side. The only thing left from her old life.
Entry 983 28/04/07 00:00
Drake smiled and began to walk slowly forward, glancing slightly over his shoulder. "Your choice, though he could always sit outside with me." He continued to take slow, deliberate steps, peering causiously down every alley and dark doorway.

Sticking his hands in his pockets and whistling a simple tune, he continued to do his rounds. "So, where are you headed next?" He asked suddenly. "Anywhere in particular?"
Entry 984 30/04/07 00:00
"Hmm. Not a bad idea. You're looking out for bandits.. if any turn up, it'd be good to have him out," the girl said, following, Vrral at her side as always. His eyes pierced the darkness, as if he thought he was already on duty for Drake. Tal smiled, slightly amused. Sometimes she wondered how much the creature understood. "He's good backup."

An inelegant shrug. "It doesn't really matter where I go, it never has," Talyndal said truthfully. It never mattered, as long as she never stayed in one place too long. And she rarely made plans, as they never worked out for her. Life was just too chaotic. She wasn't sure if that was the way for everyone else, but it was for her. And it was best for everyone. She had noticed a pattern in the chaos that was her life - chaos seemed to follow her around, and she was not the cause of it. When she was gone, things tended to go back to normal. So .. well, she still didn't get it. But she would, someday, because she refused to stop trying to figure it out.
Entry 985 30/04/07 00:00
Drake looked down at Vrral and smiled, "It must be great to have such a companion. I'm generally always alone." He gave almost a wistful look towards the dog and then moved his gaze back to the path and surrounding area. Dusk was falling lightly around them and a light mist was in the air. The falling dew left their clothes limp.

"I wouldn't be able to be a freelance what-you-call-it," he said, "I always have to have somewhere to go. If someone didn't pick for me I'd be a dead duck." He chuckled a little and stopped, his ears catching faint voices in the distance.
Entry 986 03/05/07 00:00
Talyndal paused when she saw Drake stop, and glanced at Vrral. His ears were twitching, and his fur was bristling. Oh. Joy. We're doomed, she thought, her usual way of mentally preparing for a fight. It might be anyone, we're in a town, she told herself. Random voices don't mean anything.. All the same, her stance changed slightly. She reached down slightly into the folds of her cloak, in which was hidden quite nicely her short little 'fighting staff'. Nice for cracking heads, or slicing them open with the little retractable blade. Of course that wasn't her only weapon, but it was her favorite. The many blades of various sizes, shapes, and types hidden about her person was handy though. And she was quite ready to use them. As always. Still, she motioned for Vrral not to kill unless absolutely necessary. It could be anyone, anyone. And even if there really baddies, anyone might stumble into a fight...
Entry 987 04/05/07 00:00
Drake held up his arm to Talyndal, "Stay here, if I need you I'll call." He took a few steps forward deeper into the darkness. He neared the voices and began to see dark figues moving about some ways in the distance. He crept, half haunched, nearer and nearer. He slipped an arm over his shoulder and grasped the handle of his katana.

A call went out before Drake had pulled out his weapon. A handful of burly men swept from the darkness, hurling destruction towards him. He dodged several blows and ripped his sword form the sheath, swinging madly in all directions. He backed away from the circle quickly, trying to avoid being trapped. "Okay! You can come now!" He shouted, blocking a swing from a shorter man weilding an axe.
Entry 988 24/05/07 00:00
For a mere moment, Talyn was annoyed that Drake had presumed to give her an order - when she wasn't working, she did whatever she wanted. Well, it was basically the same way when she was working, but slightly less so. However, she did as he said, waiting quietly as he went to investigate. After all, it was his job to look for bandits, wasn't it? Still, she pulled a slender knife from its sheath hidden in her belt, and detached the staff from its sheath, just as she heard the champion shout. She walked into the fray silently, followed by a dark shadow. With the staff in one hand and the knife in the other, she hurled herself into the fight. 

She saw out of the corner of her eyes, a man went down. Vrral would probably have bitten him, and then sat on him - efficiently putting the man out of action. She smirked and cracked a man that was reminicent of a bull in appearance and tempermant on the knee, hard, and then on his head when he fell.
Entry 989 24/05/07 00:00
The arrival of Talyn and Vrral was relieving to put it lightly. With the assaulters distracted for a moment, Drake retalliated and attacked fiercely and quickly, slashing quickly at their armour. Beads of sweat started to form on his forehead after the third man fell, and yet they seemed to swarm like flies.

Vrral was busily sitting on a man at his left and the petit Talyn was popping men with her staff to Drake's left. A few more men fell by his blade, but it seemed there were many more to go. He skirted a few blows and threw his own, slowly but surely edging towards Talyn's side. His tactic wasn't sure, but he felt less surrounded with the skilled girl nearby.
Entry 990 14/07/07 00:00
((falls the the floor I'm so sorry I vanished!))

Talyn noticed Drake trying to edge closer to her, so she ducked a blow, rolled under her attacker's legs - cutting them out from under him at the same time- to meet him halfway. "Heya," she said brightly as she reached him and fended off another opponent. How a delicate-looking, young woman was so calm and almost cheerful while fighting was questionable. "This is interesting. Ow." She kicked the cause of the 'ow', and continued, "Wonder what they're after, eh?" If they were after anything in particular.
Entry 991 14/07/07 00:00

"What was--" he stopped to duck a swing of a sword and quickly toss a few blows back "--that old man you escorted carrying? Bloody cart-loads of jewels?"

At the sound of jewels, everyone in the back seemed to pause in awe, "Where?" Wide eyed they were, with swords hanging loosely from tired hands.

"You want them?" Drake said, a bit shocked. A wave of nods went through the crowd of bandits, "I, suppose, you know... we could let you have them... but first," he said, a grin and a wink towards Talyn, a shake of his now rested elbows, "A little fun!" He quickly tore a swing through an opponent, sending him crashing down to the ground in pain.
Entry 992 16/07/07 00:00
What were the bandits, children? Because at the mention of jewels, they certainly behaved a bit like children would about candy. Talyn noticed that the man Vrral was sitting on was unconcious for some reason and that the large black dog returned to her side. 

She wasn't sure about everything the old man was carrying. He certainly did have some jewels, but not enough to cause this kind of ruckus...? Talyn caught Drake's wink, so when he attacked one of the bandits, she launched her self at another one. Literally launched, as she used Vrral as a springboard and took out her chosen bandit with a swipe from above. She landed in a clumsy roll, and tried not to laugh. That was fun, she couldn't believe it worked... The landing needed practice though, her shoulder stung a little. Er, a lot. But she could still use it.
Latest Post Entry 993 16/07/07 00:00
Drake looked over to his partner with a bit of worry, she landed hard and awkwardly. He hoped she did not injure herself too badly. She soon stood back up and seemed fine, so he went back to the endless swarming of theives.

Was this some sort of gathering? Is this bandit-land? He couldn't figure it out, and he was too distracted to get any real ideas together. A sharp pain went from the back of his head to the core of his brain, then a dull feeling swept over him as the terrain turned to darkness.
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