New Town, new Friends (Completed)

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Entry 604 25/02/07 00:00
Karel walked into town from where his guardian had parked their wagon. It was a nice day, not to cold or hot, and he had 'new' boots on his feet that reached most of the way up his lower legs, lined with fur for comfort and extra warmth. He wasn't quite used to the boots yet but they were much better then cutting his feet on sharp rocks.

As he walked he looked this way and that apparently scanning the crowd just to be safe as he headed towards the market.
Entry 605 25/02/07 00:00
Ethan smiled as he sat on the step and ate. Once again another simple and successful steal. He pulled out a couple gold coins. And he'd managed to nick these as well.

 As he polished off the last of the fruit he had he looked up and smiled as he saw a newcomer to town, a boy about a year or two younger than him. It took Ethan a moment to figure out the person's gender, but he was sure it was a boy. He stood and smiled. "Those are some nice boots he's got there. They'd look better on my feet." he said to himself and followed the boy silently.
Entry 606 25/02/07 00:00
Karel appeared unaware that he was being followed by an older boy and he kept his hands tucked in the pockets of his jacket as he stopped at various stalls, looking at trinkets and other simple items though he didn't buy anything until he got to a fruit stall, perhaps even the same one his new 'shadow' had just pilfered from.

He bought himself a single ripe, green apple then moved towards the fountain in the middle of the square where he sat on the rim of the basin to eat.
Entry 607 25/02/07 00:00
This particular part of the square was actually quite empty, and Ethan grinned at how easy things would be. He was near this boy now and he had a dagger ready to knock him out. Just about 4 metres away, and this boy couldn't see him. Ethan raised his hand and prepared to throw.
Entry 608 25/02/07 00:00
Karel might not have seen the boy, and he just remained sitting on the edge of the fountain, eating his apple and idly kicking his feet in his new boots. However, if he was even slightly observant, Ethan may notice the stone hanging from Karel's neck glow softly then intensify for a moment and suddenly the dagger in his hand got hot. Much to hot to hold onto.
Entry 609 25/02/07 00:00
Ethan dropped the dagger with a hiss of pain. He frowned and drew a second and prepared to throw it. He wanted those boots. And what he wanted, he got.
Entry 610 25/02/07 00:00
Karel still seemed to ignore the boy trying to attack him, just peacefully munching on his apple until it was just a core which he tossed away.

The second dagger got so cold that ice quickly formed around it, even starting to cover Ethan's hand. Then, as if to add further insult, the apple core sprang from where it had come to rest and hit the other boy in the groin. Much harder then an apple core would normally.
Entry 611 25/02/07 00:00
Now throughly angry, Ethan charged out of his hiding spot and directly, and physically attacked Karel. He grabbed him by his collar and hoisted him up. "Listen twerp, just gimme the boots and I won't beat the living daylights outta ya."
Entry 612 25/02/07 00:00
The older boy was just a little too quick and a little too strong. Karel was easily hoisted up by his jacket. His eyes were wide in apparent fear.

The stone hanging around his neck throbbed, it's glow throbbing slightly. The smaller boy remained completely still, he didn't even cry out for help as some might expect a small boy to do.

~NO~ The voice in the older boy's head boomed causing a painful throb between between his eyes and there the strangest sensation. There were flashes of light and colour behind Ethan's eyes like dreams and memories were flashing through his perceptions. There were sounds too. Even things the boy might have thought he'd forgotten were brought to the surface of his thoughts.

There was also a sensation of Karel suddenly getting much heavier than he had been, or was Ethan getting weaker.
Entry 613 25/02/07 00:00
Ethan staggered backwards and shook his head to quell the throbbing. When it had subsided he looked back at Karel with pure anger. He grabbed the boy off the ground again, though noted how much more difficult that was. In fact as he held him, Karel seemed to be getting heavier and Ethan was trembling from the effort to hold him aloft. In the end he just put him down and aimed a blow right at Karel's stomach.
Entry 614 25/02/07 00:00
Karel just let the blow land, there seemed to be no strength to it. The little kid laughed slightly but didn't say anything, not audible to anyone that might be nearby and paying attention.

~These are my boots. You have Gold. I know you do, I saw the memory of taking it in your head.~ Said the childish but strong and determined voice in Ethan's head. ~Kiss me and say you're sorry. I know you want to.~

(oopsie.. getting myself muddled up. Happens.)
Entry 615 26/02/07 00:00
Ethan laughed. "Stupid telepathy. And why would I kiss you?" he asked as he punched again, this time twice as hard, and added more blows all over the younger boy's body.
Entry 616 26/02/07 00:00
Karel grinned and lifted a hand, pouching two fingers to the bigger boys chest and pushed. He exerted very little effort but the resulting blow was like being thumped in the chest by a much larger and stronger opponent.
Entry 617 27/02/07 00:00
Ethan staggered backwards, panting. "How come I'm not doing anything?" he asked. "And why are you so strong?"
Entry 618 27/02/07 00:00
Karel grinned then made a grabbing and lifting movement that resulted in Ethan being hoisted off the ground by the front of his shirt - much like he'd done to the younger boy himself.

He gave no vocal answer to the older boy but once more there was the Telepathic voice, ~You're not doing anything because I don't want you to. You're not being nice.~ As this was said, Karel turned so he was facing the fountain, lifting his hand a little higher. When he turned, the older boy now held aloft by some unseen force found himself moving to hang over the fountain. ~And I'm strong because I want to be. Now say sorry for trying to hurt me or you're gunna take a swim.~
Entry 619 28/02/07 00:00
Ethan sighed. "Alright, sorry." Ethan said, letting his emotions subside. "Sorry. Now let me down and give me my strength back please."
Entry 620 28/02/07 00:00
Karel easily scanned Ethan's mind to see if he was telling the truth.

He then turned back away from the Fountain and set the older boy back on his feet. ~There, but if you try to hurt me again, Ethan, you're going in the fountain. I mean it.~ Said the telepathic voice determinedly.
Entry 621 28/02/07 00:00
Ethan smiled. "Alright. Enough with the dn telepathy." he snapped.

 Stretching and yawning he leaned against a wall. "Do I have my strength back yet?"
Entry 622 28/02/07 00:00
Karel frowned but nodded his head a few times. "Ii.. It's... ea..." He stammered at length, it took him a few minutes just to say that much then sat down on the edge of the fountain in a huff.

He glared at Ethan and the older boy would not only feel that his strength was back, but more than what he had, not only that but he was heavier too.
Latest Post Entry 623 28/02/07 00:00
Ethan frowned as he suddenly felt different, heavier. Suddenly the wall behind him groaned, cracked, and collapsed. He fell tumbled backwards and landed on his back, hard. And when he landed, the surrounding area rumbled a little. "What the hell?" he exclaimed loudly, and slowly stood.

 He reached down and scooped up a large chunk of debris like it was a small pebble, and walked to the fountain, holding it in one hand. Every step he took, an audible THUMP went through the ground. And he left footprints in the stone. "I seem to suddenly of become very strong and very heavy. I assume you have something to do with this Karel?" he asked.

 He set the rock down and looked over to Karel. "Continue to play with attributes of me, I really don't care. This is kinda cool actually." he said.
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