Lost... (Completed)

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Entry 1377 03/01/07 00:00
The small kid staggered down the street, he was almost blue and could barely move he was so cold. He certainly wasn't dressed well enough to be this far north, not for a human in any case.

He looked scrawny too, suggesting he may not have eaten in a while which probably wouldn't help with the cold.

A few meters on, the kid staggered again and fell. He didn't get up.
Entry 1378 03/01/07 00:00

A figure watched from a distance as passerbys ignored the fallen child. He scowled at them from the darkness. As he approached the boy, he stepped with caution and fear, careful not to attract attention to himself. When he was within earshot, he spoke softly. 

"Are you all right...?" 

Not waiting for a response, he took a few steps closer. Humans try to set up Sirins all the time, so he was very weary of this. His instincts told him this child was genuinely unwell though.
Entry 1379 03/01/07 00:00
There was no answer from the child and he just lay there where he fell just off to the side of the street, barely even shivering his small body was just that cold and tired.

There was some indication the child heard the voice though, perhaps even noticed it's owner even though he'd moved carefully and quietly closer. A sensation of being so cold it hurt to move, intense hunger and the suggestion of having walked a very long way with no knowledge of where you've been or where you're going.
Entry 1380 03/01/07 00:00

A soft crunching could be heard, a shadow seen not all that far in the distance. Emerging from the direction of Hluff, slowly the features of a male Sirin could be seen, arguing with itself, it's voice not heard, yet it's lips moving. 

Unpainted, clothing of nothing but a simple jacket and a pair of tattered and baggy pants, a clear outcast, one with no use to those in Hluff, the crunching in the snow continued as the figured moved closer to the boy. Ignoring all of the others, even the one who stepped from the darkness. Slowly the sounds where coming audible, the Sirin kneeling down next to the boy.

"I have told you I will not let you manipulate a child!" The Sirin yelled at itself in a raised yet somehow light voice, which was designed not to frighten the child yet scold whatever it was going to scold.
Entry 1381 03/01/07 00:00
Aran stopped where he was, somewhat confused. This Sirin he'd never seen before came out of nowhere and started yelling at himself. He wasn't worried until he saw this Sirin had no tattoos. Suddenly swelling with concern, he jumped in and crouched between him and the boy on the ground, baring his teeth. 

"Lower your voice," he said with a snarl. "You can't attract attention to us you fool. Humans find any excuse to arrest and attack Sirins and we're in a human town. I will just take this child somewhere warm..." He stayed where he was though.
Entry 1382 03/01/07 00:00
The child whimpered, a small weak sound that only a Sirins keen hearing could pick up. He tried to pick himself up, tried to move away from the one that seemed to be arguing with it's self.

There was a strong flash of fear and pain, blindingly strong, possibly strong enough to shock both Sirin since it seemed to be targeted at them. Well more targeted at the one arguing with it's self then the one that found the child first.

The child tried to move a second time, his body twitching but he didn't manage to move more then about a centimetre, if even that.
Entry 1383 04/01/07 00:00
Zyan was about to reply to the one talking to him, yelling at him, scolding him, his eyes glinting in a vile manner. But as his eyes opened the small child whimpered, drawing Zyan's attention to the child.

Zyan's mouth closed slowly as he watched the child begin to back away, then his mouth opened again mere moments before the flash of fear and pain shot through Zyan. His hands sliding to his head and clutching at it. His knees began buckling, magic had always had a bizzare affect on Zyan, due to his multiple personalities.

Zyan knelt there, his hands clutching his head, which was tilted back as he snarled loudly towards the child, his hands slowly sliding away as he regained his composure, his eyes naught but slits as his claws glinted, a smirk crossing his face as he slowly began to walk forwards, his feet slamming into the snow despite his slow pace.
Entry 1384 04/01/07 00:00
Aran stared on, confused, wondering what had just happened, and now concerned for the wellbeing of the human boy. Without further hesitation he took the child into his arms and backed away from this seemingly mad Sirin. 

Some of the townspeople began to gather around them, watching. Aran knew all they'd have to do is call out and they would be surrounded by guards. That's all it would take... and neither of the Sirins would make it out alive. Aran hoped with all his being that the humans could see he was trying to protect the child from a Sirin that wasn't one of him. He didn't want to be judged by the worst of his people. 

"Stay back," he growled at Zyan. "You're... unwell. I'm taking this child somewhere warm and safe." Now that he thought about it, the humans could take the child, but he felt quite protective and the fact that the boy attacked Zyan and not him with some mind power made Aran feel even more like a guardian.
Entry 1385 04/01/07 00:00
The warmth of Aran's fur covered body seemed to have a positive effect on the child's near frozen body. Instinctively he snuggled in closer to the warm body that held him. The child pressed one side of his face to Aran's shoulder and rubbed against him almost like a child snuggling up to a warm blanket.

Aran might notice the 'tear-drop' shaped stone hanging around the child's neck, he might even notice the soft glow that seems to start when he picks the child up. As the Sirin spoke the words 'safe and warm' the glow from the stone throbbed twice. 

~So cold~

~you... you're a Sirin? But you're helping me?~

Entry 1386 04/01/07 00:00
Zyan slowly grew to his senses as the crowd began to slowly surround him. His snarling slowly stopped as he watched the child leave the crowd with the other Sirin, he knew how cruel these humans could be, so he instinctively followed Aran, another Sirin was better company than a mob of humans, even to an outcast like Zyan.

So slowly following Zyan's eyes flicked repeatidly, it was a sign that he was talking to himself, yet not even those that had grown up with him knew this. He debated with himself as to what to do and eventually came to a conclusion, despite his hatered of himself, on both accounts, he someone always managed to compramise.

Bowing his head slightly Zyan spoke to Aran 

"I appologise for earlier... My madness got the better of me"

This simple appology was also a sign of trust, as Zyan had not only appologised but given the reasoning behind why he was exiled, which was a hard thing to admit for most.
Entry 1387 04/01/07 00:00
"Of course I'm helping," he whispered, hoping the boy could hear him. 

They were all now clear of the crowds, who had left, seeing nothing of particular interest happening anymore. They were standing in an alley on the side of town. Clearly, Aran knew where he was taking the child. Aran stopped walking and turned to face Zyan, pausing. 

"Mm. I know who you are and I can't trust you. You're a danger to me and your child, whether or not you are capable of apologising afterwards. Do you apologise after you hurt or kill someone? Does it fix anything? I'm only going to say this once: Get lost."

He turned back around and walked on, not showing any pity for the slightly older Sirin behind him. He was heading towards a shed at the back of a building, hidden from view of the streets and seeming to be locked up. Aran did not notice the necklace of the child or the glow from it.
Entry 1388 04/01/07 00:00
The kid stayed snuggled up to his warm furry protector the whole time his head resting almost sleepily on Aran's shoulder. His body was still cold, but being held seemed to be helping. The boys feet were still blue and covered in cuts and scratches and other marks that might suggest he has walked a very long distance without shoes or boots.

~He's trying to hide it, but the two voices are still fighting in his head.~ 
~He's broken in two.~

The small boy shifts, snuggling a little more against Aran's warm body.

~He's losing control of himself. Slowly.~

Entry 1389 04/01/07 00:00
Zyan looked at Aran taking quite a bit of offense.

"So because I get angered at those that attack me you assume I murder and maim? You assume I am some vile creature that wishes to destroy and then attempt to make amends?"

He slowly shook his head in disgust and stopped following Aran standing there looking at him.

"You assume much, take the child and be on your way, I would like to see it when he realises what it is that took him in"

Slowly Zyan spun on his heel and walked away from Aaran and the child leaving them be.
Entry 1390 04/01/07 00:00
Aran looked over his shoulder and watched Zyan leave. He narrowed his eyes and turned back to the child to see how he was. It was then that he noticed the necklace. Though it didn't mean anything in particular to him, it caught his eye and he stared at it. Then he remembered what I was doing. 

"You're talking to me through my mind," he muttered as he came to the shed and kicked the door gently. "Is that... magic?" He went to a window and peered inside. "I... don't mind if it is. You're just a kid so you don't know any better. I'll have to put you down while I figure out a way to break the lock on this door, though, okay?"
Entry 1391 04/01/07 00:00
The boy's head nodded weakly against Aran's shoulder. ~People say it's magic. Say I'm bad. Hurt me.~ The lock on the door rattled briefly but nothing seemed to happen. The boy whimpered again then went limp perhaps he passed out.

The stone on his necklace throbbed once then went dull, looking like any other smooth blue-green stone. Maybe he over exerted himself finally, or his body just couldn't keep going.
Entry 1392 05/01/07 00:00
Entry 1393 05/01/07 00:00

Difficulty, he supported the boy with one arm and gripped the padlock with the other, using a claw to try to pick it. After about a minute of scraping metal, it clicked loudly and popped open. He yanked it off and quickly entered the shed. In the snow, it was considerably warmer. Probably because the heat could not escape the stone-walled building very easily. He placed the boy in a chair and he had clearly been here many times before because he had a lantern out and lit quite soon. A warm glow filled the darkening room as the sun set outside. 

"We'll be fine here," he whispered, shuffling into a sitting position on the floor and leaning against the wall with his elbows on his knees. "Unless that madman comes back..."
Entry 1394 05/01/07 00:00
It was at least a few hours before the child so much as stirred. At first it was just a shiver, then he curled up hugging his knees to his chest, or at least started to. He whimpered softly as though it almost hurt to move but that was the only sound he made aside from a sniffle or two that might suggest he had a cold.
Entry 1395 06/01/07 00:00
She knocked at the door waiting to go in the Sirin safe house.
Latest Post Entry 1396 06/01/07 00:00
Aran's head perked up as he heard the knocking. He could see only darkness through the window. He sniffed the air for a moment and then asked quietly, "Who's there?" He then looked to the boy, wondering if he could use his 'magic' to see who it was.
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