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Entry 2436 29/02/08 00:00
Yohann was sitting on  a stairway made of marble. He was in front of a library, a book in his hand.
The boy was looking at the sunny sky. It was cloudless and he loved watching this light and so pure blue. Through staring at the sky like that made him feel happier, Yohann was also thinking about his brother who had left him in Lyte for 4 months already. 
It was long time since the red-haired boy had felt this solitude, his brother had never let him alone for that long, so Yohann couldn't help but think about what Stefan was doing right now.

Then Yohann realized he had to move somewhere else, it wasn't good for children to sit outside like that anyway.
The boy stood up and looked at the book in his hand. It was an old book, with a cover made of leather. He opened it and watched attentively a map of Riiga.
The day before, Yohann thought about going on a journey to look for his dear brother who had left him so suddenly.

All of sudden the young boy felt someone was looking at him.
Entry 2437 03/03/08 00:00

Nieko stopped near the library and shifted his pack. He massaged his shoulder. The meat he was carrying was starting to get very heavy. He had been hunting just before and had travelled a long way, his muscles were aching. He looked up the marble stairs and saw a young boy gazing down at a book. He had seen him somewere before, but where? Thinking about it made him annoyed, he couldn't quiet put his finger on where he had seen this boy before. The sun made him squink. He wanted to go up and introduce himself, although the meat in his pack was getting smelly in the sun. His brother would get angry if he didn't come home soon, but for some reason he had a feeling that he should go and say 'hi' to the boy, but what would he think of him?

Nieko made his way up the stairs, slowly one by one and stood facing down at the young boy. His shadow streching far over him.
"Uh hi..Whats your name?"
He was afraid of what he would say and his palms became sweaty.
Entry 2438 04/03/08 00:00

Yohann looked up to the boy who talked to him.
He was firstly surprised to see a kind of cat in front of him and stepped back, but eventually recognized an Ildemin. The boy had never seen one for real, but had read about them.

"hmm... what's your name?"
Yohann was quite uneasy with giving his name to unknown people, and more with hybrids... but the boy still felt this guy can't be that bad.
Entry 2439 04/03/08 00:00
Nieko was taken aback by the expression on the boys face. He looked like he had never seen Nieko's kind before.
"uh...my name...is Nieko, are you going to tell me yours?"

Nieko felt awkward standing in front of the boy, so he stepped back. He suddenly regretted saying 'hi' to the boy and he began to fiddle with his fingers.
Entry 2440 05/03/08 00:00
Yohann felt uncomfortable. He closed the book he had in his hand. The boy looked at Nieko's ears.
"It's the first time I meet an Ildemin..."

Then Yohann came nearer and looked at Nieko's eyes.
"... I'm Yohann"
The boy suddenly stepped back, his free hand on his nose.
".. you.. you are ... stinking!!"
Entry 2441 05/03/08 00:00

Nieko lowered his head. He felt ashamed, like the boy didn't want anything to do with him.
"Er.....yeah sorry about that..Its the meat in my pack." He looked at the boy but quickly looked away as he started to feel more and more uncomfortable.

"So, you haven't met an Ildemin aye?..Anyway what are you reading?"
Nieko just wanted to run away. He felt so awkward and regretted talking to Yohann. The boy also looked very unsure about him.
Entry 2442 06/03/08 00:00

Yohann turned red like a tomato.
"it's... it's nothing." he said with haste "it's not your business anyway right?"
Yohann also felt a bit ashamed about what he had said, but he couldn't bear this smell.
"I... I was surprised about this smell. I almost thought you Ildemin all smell like that ha ha" the boy said quickly like if he wanted to change the subject.

The red-haired boy, who was also red-faced now, started to go away. Then he glanced over his shoulder to Nieko and felt a bit embarrassed. This guy wasn't bad, but he had felt on him so suddenly it confused the little boy.

"You.. it's almost time to dinner right?" Yohann asked slowly trying to be tactful. "what do you intend to do?"
Entry 2443 06/03/08 00:00
Nieko could tell that the boy was over powered by the smell, so he stepped back and turned away, as he tried to hide the fact that he was turning red. He felt his confidence dropping. 
"No....i don't believe we all smell like this...." He paused and then looked back at the boy and almost laughed as he noticed that he was red faced aswell. 

Nieko stood motionless when the boy started to walk away, but was suprised when he turned around and talked to him again.

"Yeah, i should be heading home, so i can pack this meat away...uh...what do i intend to do? Well eat it." Nieko said shrugging and a grin began to extend across his face and he started to laugh at his silly joke.
Entry 2444 07/03/08 00:00
"oh..." thinking about eating this meat was a pleasant idea in the boy's mind.

Yohann wanted to do the same thing anyway: just leave like this, going home, eating and sleeping. He'd have a tough day starting the following day.
But the boy felt a kind of empathy when he talked to the Ildemin, he thought like if they had overcome the same hardships.
Moreover, Yohann didn't want to be alone again his last day in Lyte

"I... I think I'll go home and dinner too." Yohann started to say "Do you want to eat with me?" the red-haired boy murmured, he was turning more and more crimson.

Entry 2445 10/03/08 00:00

"Hey! You two!" 

Across the darkening street, a boy of about 10 or 11 with green hair was waving. Avoiding the merchant carts, he ran to Yohann and Nieko and put his arms behind his back, waiting a moment as if they were meant to say something. When they didn't, he looked over both shoulders. 

"Hey, uh, have either of you seen a grey cat around? That little girl has lost her--" When he turned to point, there was nobody there. "Oh, she was there a moment ago."

He trailed off, mumbling something about girls and their smells, and brought his arms out from behind his back, revealing the gold armour that almost encased them completely. Not only would the gold be quite heavy, but it would be worth an awful lot. He looked back at them both, first at Yohann, and then at Nieko. Drowning in awkwardness, he fell silent, blinking his golden eyes innocently. 

Entry 2446 29/03/08 00:00
"What's that guy?" Yohann was thinking.
The red-haired boy looked at the green haired boy who seemed to be younger than him and wondered how he was able to wear such a heavy armor.

"I didn't notice any cat except this one" Yohann said pointing his forefinger behind him.
But when Yohann turned his head toward the Ildernin, he couldn't see Nieko anywhere.

"huh? where is..." Yohann murmured. "...did I irk him or something?"
Yohann felt a bit ashamed and turned back toward the gold armored boy, looking at his eyes.

"Who are you anyway?" Yohann asked "...and why is everybody talking to me all of sudden when I need to think" he thought.

Entry 2447 31/03/08 00:00
Blake shook his head. "The other boy ran away. I saw him. Everybody is running away from us, hehe." He spent a moment in silence and then realised he was asked a question. "Oh! My name is Blake Guillera Behaerahel. What's your name?"
Entry 2448 01/04/08 00:00
Yohann looked at Blake carefully. Through it was still strange for Yohann that such a little boy like Blake could wear such a heavy armor, the red-haired boy thought he could present himself, since it was his "encounter-making" day.

"Just call me Yohann" he replied. "It's..." Yohann began, his belly was starting to gurgle. "... it's late now! I think I should go home and dinner"

Yohann started to walk then he stopped, and turned back toward Blake.

"You should go home too, don't you think?"
Entry 2449 04/04/08 00:00

Nieko scrambled into the shadows and disapeared quickly. He felt wiery about Blake. The smell of the meet in his sack drifted through the crowds of people as he walked home and Nieko wondered if he would ever see Yohann again.....

Entry 2450 05/04/08 00:00

"Can I come home with you?" Blake asked Yohann. He took the boy's hand in both of his and shook it excitedly. "I can cook, and I don't eat much. My parents are at the market. They'll be there a while. There's nobody else at home, and I don't want to be alone" He paused. "Please don't make me go back on my own. Can I have dinner with you?"
Entry 2451 05/04/08 00:00
"I..." Yohann began, his cheeks turning crimson.
The boy was surprised of Blake's spontaneous response, they had met each other about ten minutes ago and this guy made such a request.
Blake's confidence made Yohann feel uneasy. Suddenly, the red haired boy released his hand from Blake's. Despite his uneasiness, the boy couldn't help but think there was something special about Blake.

".. all right then" Yohann said. "I haven't dinner with someone else since my bro left, it may be fun"

The two of them arrived in an ordinary house. It wasn't very decorated and was quite tidy.
Entry 2452 09/04/08 00:00

Blake went and lit a sconce of his own accord, watching keenly as it shed light over the dim room. He was faced with a sort of rustic entrance hall that joined onto a dining and kitchen area to the left, with an old wooden table sitting on worn burgundy tiles. He took a candle from on the table and lit that from the first flame. As Yohann began to prepare something in the kitchen, Blake took his candle and seated himself in the next room, which was significantly darker, and he browsed the boy's books excitedly. 

"What's... channeling?" he called out. "It's in this magic book." He lifted his head to look at Yohann through the passageway. "What is it?"
Entry 2453 09/04/08 00:00
"Channelling? It's how mages call the searching for elemental surges" Yohann answered. He was washing some vegetables. "In general when you talk about magic channelling, it refers to the action of casting magic" the boy added. "To cast magic, you have to select a spell, find a channel, link to the channel and finally project" he said like if he was answering to his magic teacher. 
"Look at this"
Yohann was now casting a little fire ball in his hand and threw it in the oven. 
"Magic is quite useful, isn't it?" he said with a smile. "the Sage Nicolas Carson wrote an excellent book about it, I think it must be somewhere among my other books" the boy added.
Entry 2454 15/04/08 00:00
Blake didn't seem to understand at all. He blinked on occasion while Yohann spoke, but his face was the perfect depiction of cluelessness. Slowly, he placed the book back where he found it. But when Yohann cast the flame, Blake's eyes lit up and he jumped off the chair and went to the boy's side. He held out his hand. 

"Look! I can do that, too!"

Sure enough, in the palm of his hand, a flame sprouted and spluttered, glowing brightly before dying again. Blake shook his hand. 

"But I can't do it for long. It hurts. Oh, is dinner ready yet?"

Latest Post Entry 2455 16/04/08 00:00
Yohann woke up. It was already dawn. The boy stood up quickly and dressed up, he packed a few stuff and the book he borrowed the day before then got ready for his journey.

When Yohann got near the main entrance of Lyte, he couldn't help but think about the day before, and about both Nieko and Blake. He noticed he couldn't remember exactly what happened during the dinner with Blake, that fact bothered him a bit.
The boy tried to get rid of these thoughts to concentrate on his goal. Finding his brother was his only wish but whatever he did to forget about Blake and Nieko, he still wondered if he'd meet again someday.

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