Honourable Businessmen (Completed)

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Entry 811 09/03/07 00:00
Oh how Georgio had come to admire Captain Murdock. As well as suspect him beyond all reproach of fraternising with The Enemy. But that was probably paranoia.

But by Murdock's doing or not, somebody had taken it upon themselves to call the gaurds upon the mine.
So now here he was, fleeing Serten in a miniature convoy, with all of his tools, wares, and belongings. He wasn't a wanted man, and the gaurds hadn't thought to burst through his door recently.

The Foundry was silent.

And the road was long and uncomfortable. But now Georgio had a new mission. Cross the world to Carson's wall, and deliver weapons to the Legionare's.
Entry 812 12/03/07 00:00
A cry came from over the hill, and as Georgio presumably climbed it, he would have laid eyes on a young man and a hulking brute arguging in the middle of the road. 

"I don't care what you heard!" yelled the smaller of the two. "You probably can't hear anything! Your ears are so dn small anyway!"

"Why I ought to..." began the big man, wielding an axe that looked like a huge scrap of metal on a tree trunk. "Stand here and say that, y' runt!" 

He swung wide but the boy ducked, saw Georgio, and ran for him immediately. 

"Oi! Stop that kid!" the brute shouted. "He took me money!"
Entry 813 12/03/07 00:00
Georgio caught the boy by the scruff of his ragged cloak as he attempted to race behind him, and hoisted him into the air. Although he merely kept him there... and turned to the larger man.

"If you can find it on him I'll go get the gaurds."

Georgio was silently ushering the boy to hand over the money before the brute came over.
Entry 814 12/03/07 00:00
"I don't have his stupid money!" he yelled, going to pull his precious cloak from Georgio's grasp. "Check my pockets if you want! I don't have any coins at all!"

The big man frowned and axed the ground, only succeeding in bluntening his axe slightly. "Liar! You hid it all somewhere!" He stepped forward. "Where is it?!"

The boy shook his head. "I'm not lying. I swear! You must have dropped them somewhere!" He turned to Georgio. "Why would I steal money from a block-head like him? I'm not suicidal!"
Entry 815 12/03/07 00:00
Realising the boy might indeed be innocent, Georgio shoved him to the side, and took a little pleasure from watching him comically roll down the hill a little.

"The lad has a point. And I can see he doesn't even have pockets. I think you can go now."

Georgio silently placed his right arm on the back as he stared the huge man down.
Entry 816 15/03/07 00:00
The man looked at Georgio, then at the boy, then at Georgio, and he snorted and walked away. The youth patted Georgio on the shoulder. 

"Phew... Thanks for that." He slipped a coin from beneath his glove and flipped it. "So where are you headed?" he asked quite casually. "You obviously don't know where you are. You look like you could use someone who knows how everything works around here." He grinned suddenly, standing proud and waiting for a response.
Entry 817 26/03/07 00:00
Catching the coin mid-flip, Georgio held it out of the boys reach, demonstrating his height advantage.
"You feel like earning a pouch of these?" The expected yes filled Georgio with ideas. "In that case, do you have a ship? I'm looking for a private taxi..."
Entry 818 05/04/07 00:00
"A ship?" he asked, tilting his head. "You're crazy. But yeah, there are old coots in Elcheane that sail there, but I know a better place. Just east of Serten, by a small inlet, is a settlement. There are ships there but from what I've seen they're not sea-worthy. Maybe their captains are blind." 

He laughed at himself for a moment and began to lead Georgio towards this place. "Why do you want a taxi?"
Entry 819 08/04/07 00:00
Marching besides the young highway man, and towering over him as he did so, Georgio merely looked down to him. "Why do I need to explain myself to somebody who wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me?"
Tugging on the reins of the horse leading his wagon, he followed the young man down the road. He wasn't even aware it existed until this boy came along...
Entry 820 10/04/07 00:00
"Eh." He put both hands behind his head and closed his eyes as he walked. 

"So what's your name? I'm Colten." He put his hand out for Georgio to shake but then he quickly withdrew it, changing his mind. "And I know what you're thinking. How come you never heard of this settlement? If you ask me, it's because you live a sheltered life. You look like the kinda guy who's cooped up in some shack all day. Scientist? Tactician? Carpenter? Blacksmith? I dunno. But it shows. Trust me, though -- this place is neat. I know a guy who knows another guy who sails a ship. He'll take us where you wanna go. He owes me." 

He paused and threw a grin at Georgio. "What'd you say your name was?"
Entry 821 14/04/07 00:00
Catching only the last sentence, and giving a grunted sigh to the ecstatic youth, who seemed to have forgot that his life was threatened not ten minutes ago, Georgio merely muttered his name before sniffing the air.
"So which way boy? If this place is as good as you say it is, I'd like to get there soon."
Entry 822 14/04/07 00:00
"Ah, right down this road!" Colten said with an eerie enthusiasm. 

But this enthusiasm was reduced to mumbling by the time they reached a small collection of homes encircling one or two wooden ports on a pale beach. Though it was small, people bustled about as they did in any other town, and a small group of trade carts were heading back towards Serten as Georgio and Colten entered the village. 

"Here we go," Colten said. "Fiiiiinally. Now, I guess you wanna go straight to the dock?" He swung his arm and pointed to a jetty. "It's right there. But if nobody knows you, they'll be hesitant to give you a ride. Shall we go up and ask someone?"
Entry 823 16/04/07 00:00
Slowing his own wagon to a stop, as he calmed the horse, Georgio stared, mock dumbfounded at the boy.
"You said you knew someone. Lets go already!"
He was half suspiscious that the boy was part goldfish. At least in the brain.

But Georgio was amused to find out that it wasn't a pirate port. It was a pleasant slum by the water... nothing illegal, to the naked eye. Still, he'd been wrong before.
Entry 824 16/04/07 00:00
"I said I know a guy who knows a guy who has a sip," Colten said with a laugh. "And uh... Yeah. I'll... go get him now." 

He walked rather hastily down to the port and around a warehouse, leaving Georgio alone in the street. People bustled about him as though he wasn't even there. Eventually, a man with arms hairier than his head and quite a pudgy build approached him. 

"Are you Georgio?" he boomed in his deep voice. "Your ship is waiting. Follow me."
Entry 825 25/04/07 00:00

Leading his horse and cart around the building, and emerging on the other side, Georgio was introduced to a quaintly attractive sight. A Caravel, fairly dwarfed by the other ships Georgio could remember, tethered in five or six places to a home-made jetty. Sporting naught but one large cabin quarters, and a huge haulage hull space, it had a certain privateer feel, to say the least.

"Immpressive. Is she yours?" Georgio addressed the burly man, whom he assumed owned the ship.
Entry 826 27/04/07 00:00

The man gave no more response than a stone would. He headed down the jetty and crossed the plank to the ship, and after a few minutes of work with his fellow tree-trunk-arm sailors, they had transferred all of Georgio's items to the cargo hull. Colten was on the upper deck, waving to Georgio. 

"Hey!" he said. "Come up here, so you can meet the captain!" Beside Colten there was a man in a deep blue cloak and wispy white hair, staring down at Georgio with a detached smile.
Entry 827 12/06/07 00:00
Georgio strolled awkwardly onto the ship. It was... admirable, he could say. Not exactly a huge galleon, but there was a quaint sense of 'Privateer' written all over it. The triangle edged sails, and merry chuckles of the crew, as they casually tossed bits and bobs off and on the ship. What Georgio couldn't put his finger on, was why the capital steering wheel, had a spoke missing. He shrugged it off, and shook hands with the captain.

"Pleasure to meet you Captain. The boy said I could voyage with your crew..." Georgio looked back with a smile, as his entire cart full of luggage had been loaded already. "And I'm guessing you said yes?"
Entry 828 22/06/07 00:00
"Captain Darrin will do," the old man replied without so much as a smile. "And I only said yes because the boy does the jobs I set out for him and does them well. Now, this trip will be a long one, and if you've never been out at deep sea on a boat, now is your chance to find out whether or not you are susceptible to seasickness. Do you catch my drift?"

"You don't have to worry," Colten said to the captain. "This man is my responsibility so you won't even notice he's on board!"

"Wonderful!" Darrin said with what seemed more sarcasm than enthusiasm, though it was difficult to tell. "Then show him his bunk below deck and get out of my sight already!"

Colten walked past Georgio and urged him to follow as he entered the cabin and descended into the lower deck.
Entry 829 29/07/07 00:00
Following in tail with the brat, Georgio leaned over to his 'partner' to whisper.
"Crab up his breeches maybe?" He chuckled, as they clambered down a frustratingly small stairway, to the lower deck cluttered with crates barrels and sleepy sailors.
Latest Post Entry 830 05/08/07 00:00
Colten turned to Georgio with a laugh. "Hey it's funny you should say that, because about four years ago he... uh... nevermind. You can use this hammock here." He nodded to probably the cleanest piece of cloth in the room, strung between posts like a clothesline. "Perhaps you should check on your items? The captain is trustworthy, but if there's anything metal, someone might try and take it."
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