Hiring a Mercenary (Completed)

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Entry 1152 10/02/07 00:00
The breathing in the basement stopped when Daven reached for his weapon. As his eyes would have been adjusting to the darkness, he would have seen that that corner of the basement was indeed empty. In a few places on the floor, certain tiles stood up slightly higher than the rest. Across the other side of the basement was an old wooden door. 

The corridor Sirena came to seemed normal. There were no visible trip-wires or anything that looked harmful. Light from outside streamed in from an open door at the end of the passage, on the right. From this room came a soft voice, seemingly talking to itself.
Entry 1153 12/03/07 00:00
Hmm... Daven though. I wonder what's behind the door....

He approached the doorway cautiously. His hand reached for the handle and went to turn it.
Entry 1154 15/03/07 00:00
As Daven went for the door, a voice began to murmur from within -- the kind of voice that talks to itself when reading something that requires utmost thought. The voice would grow louder and quieter irregularly and a dim light lined the wooden door. No traps activated. Yet.
Entry 1155 13/04/07 00:00
((Now that I'm not busy being hospitalised...here is my post!)

Daven froze cautiously, ears twitching as he heard the voice. He attempted to focus on it, ears pricking forward, as his paw moved away from the handle.
Entry 1156 14/04/07 00:00

The voice stopped as this happened, and scurrying footsteps came from behind it. It was mumbling again and sounded as though whoever was behind it was moving towards the door.
Entry 1157 14/04/07 00:00
(I'm better now, thankfully. It was close though.)

Uh-oh. Daven thought, taking a step back. His paw returned to the hit of his sword as he stared at the door. I wonder if this is him, so I can collect the bounty. I need to beat that girl.
Entry 1158 16/04/07 00:00
The door swung open and there stood a man with a long black mustache. He stared at Daven with narrow eyes. He then eyed the sword on Daven's belt and stepped back into the room, going to close the door again.
Entry 1159 16/04/07 00:00
He took out a scroll and unrolled it, laying it on the table. There was a portrait of a man wearing an odd hat with a long black moustache. Troy let them both get a good look at it and then he put it away again.

"That's our man." Daven flashed back mentally to when he had been given his target. He had looked at the man who appeared at the door. 

He blocked the door. "Who are you?"
Entry 1160 18/04/07 00:00
The man stumbled back with a worried look. 

"Who do you think I am?" he said, quickly gaining confidence. "Who are you? One of my goons? I don't recognise you..."
Entry 1161 18/04/07 00:00
"Not a goon, more of a recruit of sorts." Daven lied. "I heard I could make some money by coming here, but I never was given your name."
Entry 1162 20/04/07 00:00
The man narrowed his eyes and stared right into Daven as though staring at his soul, and then an eerie smile crept onto his face. 

"I shant say my name," he muttered. "I never do. Please, come in." He opened the door wide for Daven, inviting him into what looked like an old laboratory. He went and sat down at his desk. "Money you want, is it? Money I have, but in return for me giving you my money, you give me your time so that my money is worth the time you spend earning it." He paused and wiped his nose with his sleeve. "In other words, what can ya do? Poke things with sticks? What's 'your area'?"
Entry 1163 21/04/07 00:00
"I'm a bounty hunter. Give me a picture of my target, and I will eliminate him." Daven responded, calmly. He sat at the other side of the desk, and let his paw rest comfortably on the hilt of his sword. "That's my specialty. I will do other jobs, where needed, and if I'm paid well."

I need to take this carefully, as he's an assassin, he could probably outmaneuver with ease. The outside area would probably be easier to fight him in.
Entry 1164 21/04/07 00:00
"Good," the man said with a sneer. "Very good." He noticed Daven grip his sword. "What if your target was a better swordsman? What approach would you take then? I'm so very curious to know..."
Entry 1165 21/04/07 00:00
"I would take the approach I would feel necessary to turn the situation to my advantage." Daven replied. "As would anyone in a fight."
Entry 1166 24/04/07 00:00
"I see," the man said slowly. "What if..." He stopped and pondered for a moment. "What if I told you that if you raised yourself from that seat, you would be impaled from every angle. What would you do?" 

He suddenly seemed dead serious, and as he folded his hands on his lap, he tilted his head forward slightly, giving Daven a cold stare.
Entry 1167 24/04/07 00:00
"I probably might rise more carefully, or not at all, depending on the situation." Daven responded, unperturbed by the man's eyes. "These questions are necessary for my employment, I assume?"
Entry 1168 27/04/07 00:00
"Oh, it's very necessary," the man said. "But I'm not quite sure you understand, boy... That chair you're in is a trap. You lied to me, and now you'll pay." 

With a whip of his arm, the man drew a long dagger and pointed it at Daven. 

"You're as good as dead, you mongrel..."
Entry 1169 27/04/07 00:00
"I lied? What would make you think that?" 


The longsword pointed back at the man, across the table.

"I am a mercenary, who does work as a bounty hunter." Daven said quietly, still not rising. "I did not lie about that."
Entry 1170 05/05/07 00:00
"It was not your words that lied," the man said. "It was your actions... And I sh--"

His speech was cut short and an arrow stuck in his chest. Slowly, he fell forward, face-first on the table. Troy was standing in the doorway with another arrow ready, but the man did not move so he went to help Daven. 

"You can stand," Troy said. "He uses our fear of the unknown to paralyse us. It's how he usually gets his targets." He sighed. "But I got him, so there'll be no more of this... 'religious righting-the-wrong'."
Latest Post Entry 1172 05/05/07 00:00
"My apologies, it appears my incompetence has made me unsuccesful in getting him for you." Daven muttered. "Thank you for the save."
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