Hiring a Mercenary (Completed)

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Entry 1132 10/01/07 00:00
Troy walked into the dark bar, shaking his head from the grey smog that circled about the ceiling. He received nary a glance as he and his two soldier companions went and sat at a table. For the first moments all three of them were looking about the room with the blue-grey walls and dim lanterns at the dozens of oafs drinking themselves stupid. One of the soldiers got up and went to the bar, seemingly to order drinks, and the other two remained seated. 

Troy knew how things worked. He knew that everyone else knew why they were there. They were looking to hire a merc or anyone who'd do a job for a decent pay and he waited for someone to approach the table and express their interest.
Entry 1133 13/01/07 00:00
She walked into the bar in her black cloak, covering her abnormalities. She walked towards the nearest table that had a job for her. She sat down at the table and said, "What you need done?" [2]
Entry 1134 13/01/07 00:00
Troy fixed his gaze on the woman who had joined them. "Funny looking Ildemin, aren't you? You're pretty brave showing up here like that." He glanced at the two men beside him. "But a merc is a merc, I guess. I need one more person for this job though, so I'll explain it when someone else gets here."

Entry 1135 13/01/07 00:00
An Ildemin, sitting at a table in the corner, had watched the three soldiers who had arrived. Internally, he already was making the decision to offer his services. Being a mercenary to a human was difficult at times, but money was money.

Daven stood up and approached the table. 

"May I offer you my services?" His voice was a bass rumble in his chest.
Entry 1136 13/01/07 00:00
Troy looked to the new Ildemin and nodded. "Mm. Of course. Now that you're both here, I'll explain the terms. The money is only obtainable after we capture this fellow, and whoever gets him first gets double pay. The base rate is 200 gold, which is large for a merc job, I know. Still, you animals can't complain, can ya?" He snickered to himself. 

He took out a scroll and unrolled it, laying it on the table. There was a portrait of a man wearing an odd hat with a long black moustache. Troy let them both get a good look at it and then he put it away again. 

"That's our man. For reasons I cannot say, I won't tell you what his name is. That doesn't matter. This man is an assassin and he flipped on one of... our jobs. We need to capture him and lock him up. However, if you think you can take him, and if he refuses to back down without a fight, you may kill him. This mission won't require us to leave this city. Are there any objections yet?"
Entry 1137 14/01/07 00:00
"Nope, just tell me his probable location." She was angry with the man but knew it was just dumb to attack. She planned to kill the other Ildemin if he got to the man first. She needed this money to start a foundry.
Entry 1138 14/01/07 00:00
"None. Please continue." He was irritated at the slur, but knew better than to show it. He also knew that he had to get to the man first, he needed the money for food.
Entry 1139 14/01/07 00:00
"Wherever his probable location may be, I will also be," Troy said, just realising what he said didn't really make sense. He didn't correct himself. 

He stood and led his four followers out of the bar. They went down the street, walking beneath the tall and dark buildings so common in the city. Turning through numerous alleys, they began to cross near the back end of town, furthest from the front gate. The people they crossed got shiftier, darker, fewer between, and generally uglier as they went on. Eventually, he stopped before a tall apartment building, its bricks almost black and its windows boarded up. 

"They say he hides in here," Troy said, "but we're going in a back way. He's a genius, this man, so he's bound to have traps." He went down an alley and stood on the stairs of the side-door. "If you wanna turn around, now's the time to do so. If not, then step on in. You'll enter into a laundry which leads to a corridor. There are plenty of stairs and rooms to check, so we need to split up. My men will cover both exits. Get moving!"
Entry 1140 15/01/07 00:00
As she entered the apartment building she saw a dead body with about 20 or so knifes in it. She saw a trip wire right at the corridor enterance. At that point she notice a grid of them they all were about a 1 inch apart. She ducked as about 100 knifes flew past her and stuck in the wall.
Entry 1141 15/01/07 00:00
Daven entered a short while after the Ildemin girl. He raised a furry eyebrow at the knives stuck in the wall.

"I see what he meant when he said 'traps'." He muttered under his breath. "I'll have to be very careful."

He would have to be. Because of his size, he would find it a lot harder to simply dodge or duck. It would be easier to avoid altogether. He carefully noted the tripwires as he made his way through to the corridor entrance.
Entry 1142 17/01/07 00:00
Troy chuckled to himself, "Told ya, didn't I?" He entered behind Daven and began to head up the stairs. "He put a lot of tripwires in one area. That means he knows we were more likely to enter from the side, which means he is quite aware of the number of people after him. Hmph."

Down the other end of the corridor, not three metres from where Andy stood, there was a broken cupboard leaning against the wall with one door open and deep shadow inside. The other door shifted a little, barely making a tiny scratching noise. 

Entry 1143 18/01/07 00:00
She knew some thing was going to pop out of the cupboard. She crept slowly toward it, just then small steel spikes charged out of the cupboard. She jumped on top of the board that propelled the spikes just in time. It appeared to be spring loaded with men that operated it, a few seconds later it started retracting. She dashed to the end and cut the wires that were pulling the spikes in. A pendulum came at her from behind. She turned around and ducked just before it hit her. It slammed in to the wall causing the ground to shake a little.
Entry 1144 22/01/07 00:00
Troy glanced down the stairs when he heard the rumble. He went to call out to see if everyone was okay, but he didn't want to alert the criminal of his presense. As he put his foot on a stair near the top, it clicked and the staircase turned into a slide. He quickly grabbed the side railing just as he began to slip, and hung there for a moment before beginning to climb up. 

In the story above, floorboards creaked loudly, moving from one side of the house to the other.
Entry 1145 23/01/07 00:00
She slowly crept up stairs expecting the old ramp trick. Right before she touched the last stair she took her tenticales and used the spikes on them to climb the wall. She saw a room with a door open. As she walked in the floor fell out and large wooden spikes popped up. She jumped back just in time. She then continued on to the next room.
Entry 1146 31/01/07 00:00

Daven was listening, trying to hear any sound that would assist him. He almost triggered another tripwire as he entered the corridor, catching himself and gingerly stepping over it. 

I can't hear anything nearby, maybe he's a level up, or very quiet...

He continued down the corridor, tense with alertness, his eyes darting left and right.
Entry 1147 31/01/07 00:00
Troy had avoided numerous traps only while climbing the staircase. He came to the conclusion that the place was literally a house of traps. 

"Someone has to be here to work all of this," he whispered, but in the dead silence his whisper was answered by light footsteps. 

If Daven's hearing was acute, he would have heard the floorboards beneath him creak in pain. Below the Ildemin was a basement, and the only thing supporting him was rotten floorboards. Any sudden movement could bring them down. 

The room Andy checked looked like a study but it was not as trashed as the rest. Judging by the scattered papers of designs for traps, it looked like someone was using the room to plan their housing defences.
Entry 1148 08/02/07 00:00
Due to the kind of animal his 'physical deformations' belonged to, Daven's hearing was acute. As such, he did hear the floorboards creak, but discounted them. This would turn out to be detrimental.

The floorboards broke beneath his weight as he moved forward heavily, causing him to fall down with a loud crash that the others probably could hear.

Oww...dammit. He thought, groaning and only partially conscious. I should've paid more attention.
Entry 1149 08/02/07 00:00

Troy had just stepped into a hallway when he heard the crash from downstairs. Cursing beneath his breath, he turned and glanced down the staircase. He wanted to call out to see if anyone was hurt, but he didn't because it would let this criminal know where he was. Still, it's not like he doesn't already know.

The basement was dark and dank but the light streaming in from above revealed a half of the room. The walls were crumbling brick and crates lined it, roughly arranged like dice thrown in a gambling game. There was a breathing in the basement, too, and it sounded quite human. It was coming from the deepest shadows.
Entry 1150 08/02/07 00:00
"Unh..." Daven groaned as he slowly stood up, shaking his head. What is this room?

He looked around the lit area, raising an eyebrow. Hmm...was this room used for storage? Huh?

His ears had picked up the breathing and he looked around, narrowing his eyes. One hand rested on the hilt of his sword.
Latest Post Entry 1151 10/02/07 00:00
She looked at the possible traps. She then moved on to a different room. Slowly creeping in she saw a web of trip wires. She had to bend in all sorts of positions to maneuver to a crevice in the room. She looked in the crack and out came a horde of mice. They tripped about half of the wires. Arrows flew at her but she managed to grab a hold of the ceiling. She climbed out of the room and headed up another corridor.
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