Hiding from the impossible (Completed)

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Entry 1283 27/01/07 00:00
Elthevos walked along the side of a building, under the shadow of the overhanging roof. Pulling his hood down, he eyed the other side of the street, looking for a way across. While he was doing so he found an open shop and walked in, without looking at any signs. There were flowers hanging up and in vases everywhere with a counter at the far end. "dn, a florist." He whispered to himself and quickly exited the shop looking over at the other side of the street again.
Entry 1284 01/02/07 00:00

The two soldiers were patrolling down the street in the quickly dimming light. They were talking calmly yet they proceeded with caution. They spotted a man in dark clothing standing suspiciously over the other side of the street. Had the man stayed there, they would have thought nothing of it, yet he slipped into a shop and then ducked out again. They approached him to investigate. 

"Excuse me, sir," one said, waving.
Entry 1285 02/02/07 00:00
Elthevos heard someone talking to him and spotted the two soldiers. 
"I may as well stay so they don't get more suspicious of me..." Elthevos whispered to himself.
The man stood where he was and eyed the soldiers as they neared him. "Can I help you?"
Entry 1286 02/02/07 00:00
"You look lost," said the first soldier, and he then looked towards his partner, "or something."

"You also looked somewhat worried," said the second soldier. "We can't have citizens thinking there is something wrong. I hope you understand."

The first soldier added, "If you do have a problem, report it to The Guards and we'll take care of it."
Entry 1287 02/02/07 00:00
Elthevos looked left and right down the street, "You're right, I do have a problem... but it's way out of your league..." Elthevos said. "But, on the other hand, you do look overly confident you can solve any problem. I guess it's in your best interest to keep your capital free of any problems and trouble makers, hey."
Entry 1288 03/02/07 00:00
The soldiers looked at one another again. 

"Sir, is there something you would like to tell us?" asked the first. 

A third soldier joined them but didn't stand so close, just listening in for now. The second soldier was now looking up and down the street.
Entry 1289 03/02/07 00:00
Elthevos looked up and down the street, then at the third now joining soldier. "No, no not really. But there is something I'd like to ask. Is there anywhere I could hide? Like some high security place?" He asked the first soldier.
Entry 1290 06/02/07 00:00
The soldiers took Elthevos to the side to let people pass and attract less attention.

"You need protection?" asked the second. He turned to the third. "Get the Captain. He's nearby somewhere." 

A few minutes later, Captain Murdock had joined the group. He looked somewhat bothered by being pulled from his patrol, though. 

"So what is the problem?" Murdock asked, yawning idly.
Latest Post Entry 1292 09/02/07 00:00
Elthevos looked at the Captain that just walked up to them. "Captain, do you honestly think you can help me?" He said gruffly. He looked up and down the street. "We can't talk here anyway, it is not safe." The man walked away up the street a bit and turned into an alley way, gesturing Murdock to follow.
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