Heading Home

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Entry 2036 09/03/10 00:00
Roan woke up almost instantly that morning. The dew had begun to fade, but there was just enough to remind him that this was definately not the Carson Institute. As he stood up and rubbed his head, Roan hurriedly searched for his staff.

"Oh, right..." he said to himself as he came to the realisation that his staff had not been with him since he had been taken away and dumped some time afterward. Since then, Roan had been walking in as much of a straight line as he could manage, in hopes that he would either find someone who could give him directions, or a shoreline that he could follow that would eventually lead him to at least an old shack that he could use as a base of operations until he was ready to find his way home.

However, he needed to find one of those two things first, so Roan began to search for the tree that he had marked with an arrow last night, so that he would know the general direction that he had to travel, without getting himself lost or attacked by bandits. He found it strange that he still hadn't seen anything more sentinent than a stray cat, but Roan didn't mind that terribly much.

Still, as he walked from the cave that he had found and along a small dirt track through the area, Roan couldn't help but wish that he would find someone, just so that he could find out which way he was meant to go...
Entry 2037 10/03/10 00:00

Arrinor sat in the middle of a junction on the dirt track, sword drawn and bloody, with three bandits in various frozen death throes around him. He'd slit the first one's throat, ended the seconds with a throwing knife and engaged the third one in single combat. He'd been lucky, and they'd been sloppy.

He'd taken two bandannas from the bandits loot, using one to cover his forehead and the other to mask his face, so only his eyes were visible, he then pulled up his hood.

He heard a faint noise further along the track, and simply sat on a rock that was alittle to the left and under cover of the tree's. He waited.
Entry 2038 12/03/10 00:00
As Roan continued walking down the track, he was sure that he could see three people sleeping at a junction! Knowing that this was the break that he was looking for, Roan ran forward without giving a thought as to why they were sleeping the way they were...until he got too close.

"Th...they're all dead! My best lead in days and they're all dead!" Roan exclaimed as he fell to his knees in a move that was equal parts frustration and trying to keep himself from throwing up. 

After composing himself and summoning a quick breeze to give himself a little more air, Roan realised that the group that did this to these people might still be around! With that thought in mind, Roan quickly decided to go left and leave this horrible scene behind him. All the while, he kept saying 'happy place, find my happy place' to himself over and over again, so that he could wash away even the thought of what he had seen...
Entry 2039 13/03/10 00:00
Arrinor froze when the figure came his way. Whoever they were, they seemed disturbed, talking to themselves. And... There was magic in the air, he could feel it! Fear gripped his heart and he stood, dropping his sword. He dared not move.
Entry 2040 13/03/10 00:00
As soon as Roan heard the clang of the sword as it hit the ground. "Wh-who's there?" he asked as he spun around in a move that could only be described as both full of panic and grace. Whoever this person was, Roan figured that he'd have a better chance of fighting if he knew who it was that was hiding...he just hoped that there was only one person!
Entry 2041 13/03/10 00:00
Arrinor tried to swallow his fear, and almost threw up. "Me!", he shouted, not wanting to say more or make a move, lest this mage found his hiding place.
Entry 2042 13/03/10 00:00
Roan turned to face the general direction that the voice had come from. Given that he had heard a 'me,' that usually meant that whoever said it was alone.

"Can...can you come out? I feel a little uncomfortable talking to air when there's someone around," Roan asked as he began to gain a little confidence. He would probably lose that confidence easily when he saw who he had been talking to!
Entry 2043 14/03/10 00:00
Arrinor's eyes widened when he saw the figure's face. A child, who seemed to be allot younger then himself. 

"If you insist.", he said, slowly moving out of cover. A breeze tugged at his hood, so he pulled it down even further, half concealing his eyes which were ablaze with fear.
Entry 2044 14/03/10 00:00
Roan relaxed when he saw that the newcomer was vaguely human. However, he was still tense and ready to run in case this person tried to rob him, or worse!

"Can...can you help me? I'm from the Carson Institute in Phedailin, but I got taken away. Long story short...I'm lost. If you help me get back home to the Entaro Fields, my dad'll give you a reward or somethin'," Roan asked as he looked up at his new aquaintance, who definately didn't look like he was going to attack-well, not without warning...
Entry 2045 14/03/10 00:00
Arrinor flinched and backed away. "So you're a mage!?", he said, his voice breaking slightly. He had no idea what or where Phedailin was, but he thought quickly and turned to the boy again. "If I take you there will you let me live?", he asked timidly.
Entry 2046 15/03/10 00:00
Roan wasn't sure why the newcomer was so jumpy around him, but he decided to answer to the best of his capabilities. "Well...I'm still learning a lot about magic. I can't really do much that'd kill you, but I'll try and keep us both safe if I can," he said as he tried to figure Arrinor out. Suddenly, Roan realised that he hadn't introduced himself! If his dad was here, he'd cop a hiding for that!

"Oh, sorry, I haven't even introduced myself. My name is Roan, what's yours?" Roan asked as he did his best to appear in control of the situation, even though he was probably even more frightened than Arrinor was...
Entry 2047 15/03/10 00:00
Arrinor straightened and tilted his head. It should've clicked before that someone this young would only know the basic's of magic. He walked over to one of the corpses and knelt at it's side for a moment. He rose slowly and turned to the boy. "Tell me, Roan, what made you think that I'd tell you my name?", he asked, quietly holding the throwing-knife he'd retrieved from the bandits' eye socket. "Or that I wouldn't kill you?"
Entry 2048 15/03/10 00:00
"Well...it's just good manners to introduce yourself and if you wanted to kill me, wouldn't you have done it already?" he asked. As he watched Arrinor examine the bloody throwing knife, Roan suddenly turned incredibly pale. Surely he wasn't going to use it on the boy!

"Y...you're not going to use that on me, are you?" Roan asked as he positioned his body in such a way that he could start running if he needed to...still, he hoped that he wouldn't, now that he had finally found another living soul!
Entry 2049 15/03/10 00:00
"You're too quick to trust.", said Arrinor simply, dropping the knife. He sat down, decidedly away from the bodies. "I'm Arrinor. ", was all he said.
Entry 2050 16/03/10 00:00
Roan shrugged. "But I was right, wasn't I?" he asked as he leaned against a tree. He didn't know what to make of Arrinor, but he seemed like the type who wouldn't stab him in the back without warning. As far as Roan was concerned, that wasn't too bad!

"Well uh...should we get going? Phedailin's probably a long way away and I don't know how long it'll take us to get there..." Roan asked. He did want to get going, that was true, but the dead bodies were also starting to creep him out quite a bit!
Entry 2051 17/03/10 00:00
"Oh, so you know where to go? Or where we are?", asked Arrinor, his tone sarcastic as he pieced together a map from the bandit's loot. "We need to find a landmark, cause I have absolutely no idea where we are."
Entry 2052 17/03/10 00:00
Roan knew that Arrinor was trying to be offensive, but he didn't care. There was an actual person willing to help him out and that was worth a little sarcasm. 

"There's a clearing a little way back there...and I passed a mountain yesterday that looked like someone had scooped out part of one of its sides...is there anything like that on that map?" Roan asked as he again looked around for his staff, before he remembered that it wasn't with him, which made him look a little anxious, despite how much he tried to hide it.
Entry 2053 19/03/10 00:00
"Hmm...", Arrinor looked at the map, shrugged and motioned at Roan. "See if you recognize any these places.", he said, "All look's the same to me."

He moved aside so Roan could take a look.

Entry 2054 19/03/10 00:00
Roan took a look at the map. It was well-used, but Roan could make sense of most of it.  "Well, Entaro Fields is down that way. That's where my home is. I could have sworn that we were going south, but being hauled along in a bag must throw off my sense of direction a little...but if I had to guess, I'd say we're here, in Thifiel Forest. If we go south, we should find some sign of other people," he said as he traced a general path to his home, but as he did, a thought occoured to him. If they stayed on the main roads, there'd be a good chance that they'd be attacked by whoever took him away in the first place!

"Um...can we stay off the main roads for a while? There might be people still lookin' for me and I don't really want to use magic unless I have to," Roan asked as he examined the map. There wasn't much in the way of fine detail, but there were a couple of less-prominent roads that appeared to lead out of, or at least come close to, Thifiel Forest. With that information, it would theoretically be easier to get Roan back home.
Latest Post Entry 2055 22/03/10 00:00
"Huh..." Arrinor at the map, "Suspected as much..." he went to retrieve his sword and knife. "We'll stick to the sidelines then, go along the border." he said, cleaning his weapons before sheathing them. Then he took some supplies from the bandit's loot. "We need to head south-west to Cliffmere Farms." he turned to Roan, "Ready?"
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