Heading Back (Completed)

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Entry 53 01/05/07 00:00
Somewhere inbetween Treilinia Castle, Leotyne Castle and Jevithem Castle, Kahotep was getting ready to return to Vesht to get his payment for his services.

Remembering what he was told "We need some sort of verification that you killed the target" and what he had gathered about the target, he yanked the necklace off the body and stuffed it into one of his many pockets for safe keeping 
The Necklace was the only thing that the target would never give up according to many merchants that encountered him, and during their brief battle this rumor seemed true.

Kahotep began walking North after looting the body of anything worth saving and making a "grave" for his victim.
Entry 54 17/05/07 00:00

Coming down the road the other way was a boy mostly in cloaks but with some gleaming armour, and he was only over the next hill from Kahotep. The boy was walking carelessly, as though he didn't care where he ended up, but he was also looking over his shoulder now and then with an almost worried expression. 

He picked up speed as he neared the bend in the road that went over the hill, and then he caught sight of a young man, and he stopped in his tracks.
Entry 55 27/05/07 00:00
Kahotep got an urge to look back, wondering what the sudden urge was for he looked back and saw a boy. He sighed and began to forge up a story as the boy stood still in what seemed to be a state of shock.

Hoping the boy wouldnt give chase he continued to walk back to Vesht.
Entry 56 27/05/07 00:00

Savan heard someone coming to a sudden stop on the road beside him. He had only just woken, and was uncertain if he had been spotted by whoever it was. He decided to become certain by making himself visible. 
He sat up and saw a teenager near him and a young man walking towards Vesht. By the hint of armour on the boy Savan guessed he was a fighter, and the others Katar marked him as a mercenary or assassin of some sort. 
This could be interesting, he thought, and if they fight I might learn something. 
For now I should just observe them and await a reaction. 
Savan then proceeded to study them from where he stood, observing their manner and clothing.
Entry 57 30/05/07 00:00

Evan didn't notice the person to the side that seemed as if he had just been sleeping or resting, but he was taking great notice to the one on the road that was now walking away from him and towards Trelinia. Evan saw no insignias on this youth, and of course he had none on himself that were immediately visible. 

He picked up his pace as though wanting to catch up to him, but his nature was not aggressive, nor did he seem to be in any rush. He was only walking slightly faster and he did not even call out to stop the other guy. But he was catching up to him.
Entry 58 03/06/07 00:00
Kahotep continued to walk, having no clue anyone other than the boy was around.

Being slightly paranoid of the boy, Kahotep spun around and looked directly at the boy "Is there something you want?" he questioned.

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Entry 59 06/06/07 00:00
A smile spread across Savans face, this was going well, and they hadn't even spotted him yet. 

He started to walk to be slightly closer to the young one, as he thought he was probably going to lose and wanted to be in a position to help the kid out. 

Gleaming armor, he thought, what sort of fighter wears gleaming armor? What if he had to hide somewhere? It’s probably something to do with honor, he reasoned, if he’s honorable, he’ll defiantly lose. Mercenaries fight dirty. Honorable types are never willing to pull hair and kick below the belt. 

He also wondered what the kid suspected was following him, but decided for now it didn’t matter.
Entry 60 06/06/07 00:00
Evan flinched when Kahotep spun around and he held up his hands. 

"Hey, uhh... I just had a quick question. You seem as if you know this place. Is there an inn nearby that's cheap? I just need to find a place to stay." 

Suddenly it became clear that he was hurt, though there was not a trace of blood on him. The way his left arm hung and the way his face looked pained as he moved were sure signs that he was in need of help. Then Evan looked over his shoulder, thinking he saw something amongst some trees nearby.
Entry 61 07/07/07 00:00
Wow, thought Savan, for a paranoid kid he is an extremely unobservant little thing. “That’s a beautiful idea,” he said, “ask the assassin, the guy who would kill anybody for the right price, its not as though you look like your loaded. On an unrelated note, the silver inlay on the sword hilt is very nice. That being said there’s a village with an inn about a half-mile down the road, they do a very nice roast duck. I don’t eat duck though, because of the flippers... anything at all interesting in those woods?”
Savan poked the boys limp arm with his staff. “Might you be needing help there?” he asked.
Entry 62 07/07/07 00:00
Evan kept his green eyes fixed on Savan's, like a hawk watching a mouse -- though without the part where it swoops down and eats its guts. His mouth was slightly open as though he was going to say something, but he refrained and took a breath. 

"That would be greatly appreciated," Evan said, bowing very slightly but turning sideways to protect his arm from future poking. "But I think I only need accompaniment to the village and I should be fine from then on."

He begun to walk down the road again, assuming Savan was following him. "I don't know about the woods. I'm fairly new here. I f-- ... came here... by boat a few days ago..."
Entry 63 07/07/07 00:00
“No, your lying,” said Savan, as he followed two steps behind Evan. “you didn’t move your eyes when you bowed, you wanted to see if I was believing you. You probably also heard looking down was a sign of lying, its not. All that means is you have a guilty conscience. When your trying to spot a lie, you’re looking for a closing of posture, like when you turned away, when you try to protect your mind your body follows suit.”
He obviously wasn’t the kind who spent much effort on hiding their identity. He’d only said a few words but had already raised questions about himself. He obviously thought someone was tracking him, and felt he might need protection, he’s not a criminal though, he thinks he’ll be safe once in the village. Although… there might be more to this boy than is obvious. Words like “accompaniment” don’t usually come so naturally from a kid his age. And what was he about to say?
 “I’m Savan, by the way… so where are you from?”
Entry 64 13/07/07 00:00
Evan looked over his shoulder at Savan as he explained his analysis, but he said nothing in response, seeming neither impressed nor unimpressed -- simply listening. He smiled weakly. 

"My name is Evan," he said. "I'm actually from Central, so I'm not familiar with any part of this land." He looked ahead again, his keen eyes constantly scanning for signs of the village, and he kept a few paces ahead of Savan, though ready to turn down a side-road, as he wasn't actually sure which road led to where.
Entry 65 13/07/07 00:00
Savan enjoyed mysteries, and had been compiling a list of substitutes for Evans stutter. He had come up with fought or flew, but they both could be substituted for “came here” anyway. A slip up of that magnitude means the kid wants to tell me, Savan thought, well, it’ll be easier to test “fought” later.
“Evan, that’s a nice name. Central huh? I hear you can get some strong updrafts off the mountains there this time of year.”
Entry 66 14/07/07 00:00
"Updrafts?" Evan repeated, giving Savan a puzzled look. "That's something to do with wind, isn't it? I wouldn't know. I live in a... forest, sort of... We don't get much wind there."

He fell silent and looked ahead, squinting into the sun's radiant light. The sky was relatively clear and distant birds sand their songs, and the fields rang with peacefulness. Evan calmed down a little and continued. 

"Thanks." He smiled at Savan but said nothing else.
Entry 67 15/07/07 00:00
“No, problem,” said Savan. He looked around to make sure that assassin hadn’t followed them. Seeing that the road was clear in both directions, he swung his staff at Evan’s legs to trip him as he walked.
“Your money or your life is generally how these things go,” said Savan, “but I personally find your money or your money and your life tends to be a bit more accurate.”
Entry 68 15/07/07 00:00
Evan lifted a leg and hopped over the staff swing, though he almost toppled as he did. He threw a confused glare at Savan and stopped walking. 

"Watch where you swing that staff. You almost tripped me." He didn't hear Savan's latter statement.
Entry 69 19/07/07 00:00
“It’s called a robbery, Evan, a concept for which I entertain a great confidence that you are in some vague way familiar with,” said Savan, fast becoming thoroughly bored with the whole morning. His plan had thus far gone smooth. He had seen that the kid had some wealth about him and proceeded to lure him into the middle of nowhere where he could rob him, gaining his trust with some useless advice on deception, all the while being the eccentric but kind little boy who just wanted to help out. That he had given his real name didn’t bother him. It didn’t even occur to him, the difference between what was true and what was lie had long since disappeared to Savan. He had entertained a hope they would be attacked at some point, but alas, it was not to be.
He was forgetting something… ahh, yes. The injury. 
“I guarantee you that there is no village, nor Inn for quite a distance,” continued Savan, “but should our exchange continue smoothly I assure you I will give you detailed instructions as to said shelters location. Now, get the coins please, you can keep the sword.” He held out a bag. 

Edit: His name is Evan, not Eric, and it's spelt bored, not board. Fixed both.
Entry 70 20/07/07 00:00
"A robbery," Evan said after a moment. 

He looked Savan up and down carefully, though somewhat wearily, and then he looked up and down the road. They were between hills, and sight was limited. Someone or something could easily come charging over either hill and they wouldn't know until they were quite close. Evan didn't really show any sign of distress in his expression, though. He just seemed blank, if not slightly disappointed. 

"I'll give you only one reason why I'm not going to take out my money. That is that I barely have any on me. You'll find more money checking under the dust in a busy marketplace. The few pieces of flat metal you'll find on me are hardly worth the... trouble."
Entry 71 21/07/07 00:00

“Don’t lie to me, you’re not very good at it.” said Savan, who was really becoming quite annoyed at this kids constant and feeble attempts at deception, “If you have no money, then why do you want to go to an inn? And why are you going to the trouble to defend your pocket change? Last chance, fork it over or I’m going to get bored with talking. 5, 4…”
Latest Post Entry 72 23/07/07 00:00
"I didn't say I had no money. I said I had barely any money. I'm defending it so that I CAN go to an inn. Don't ask silly questions."

He stopped and simply listened to the countdown, watching Savan's whole body from a few steps away. He didn't say anymore, because he figured the kid wouldn't want to be interrupted during a countdown to... something. He also refrained from turning away and walking down the road, as the boy appeared to have some sort of superiority complex and would surely throw an intellectual tantrum if his opposition made the mature move. He was sure Savan would have the last word, as again he seemed that sort of person, but what that word would be depended on their collective wisdom and sense of futility. 

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