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Entry 3312 25/08/11 12:48
After exploring every possible detail of the caravan that he could reach, Whip wondered back over to the others. After peering at the map and coming to the realization that he had no idea where they were, he shrugged his shoulders and looked up at the sky. "We go. Staying not get us home...wherever home is," he said as he shielded his eyes from the sun.

As he looked down the oddly familiar-looking dusty trail, he took a moment to think of how today was turning out. All he'd planned for today was to find some food and maybe swipe some new shinies, if he could find any. Still, he at least got out of his hole and found some fun, even if it was a little dangerous at times. 
Entry 3339 22/09/11 03:21
“I’d like to stay away from Pitae, and anything north of here for a while at least,” turning his back to whip I guess it’d be most efficient to go where ever you two are going”. Samdai thought about asking them why they looked so worse for wear but decided better of it. He was fairly sure that at least Hayden was a raider, though he wasn’t sure about the Ildemin, and should he run into anyone it’d be handy to have someone who both knew the area and could hopefully provide an as an ambassador. Rolling up the map he swung up to the seat in front of his coach, “you point the way I’ll drive” Samdai said while collapsing the awning and tying it to the side of the coach while he talked.
Entry 3341 20/10/11 13:23
So they began their ride southward, as Hayden mentioned that he wanted to go home, and apparently home was to the south. The widest desert also happened to be southward, so it seemed as though they were being swallowed up by a view made up entirely of sand as they drove down into the desert. The sand, however, was not loose in this region, so the cart was supported, but on the horizon the sand appeared soft and pale, and no cart would be able to ride on such loose sands. Hayden did not know enough about carts to mention this. 

He made no attempt at conversation as he pointed Samdai around seemingly normal areas of ground, making him take a slightly longer route. If it was some kind of joke, his face showed no signs of being amused. They passed other people only by great distances; small groups of what one could only assume were humans were heading to the north or south, passing by far to their left and right. Ahead, as far as they eye could see, there was nobody and nothing. 
Entry 3345 15/11/11 18:11
Whip busied himself by watching the desert go by from the rear of the caravan. It felt strange to move without walking or jumping, but it was also exciting, like a new adventure made just for him. Of course, he was just glad to be leaving that side of the mountain. Was it even part of his home?

Whip shook his head. There wasn't any point in thinking about it too hard. Once they hit a settlement, he'd find his way back to his cave, dig into some food and try to forget about the strange shell-things that he and Hayden had seen...
Entry 3346 24/11/11 01:23
	Samdai had long since grown bored of the silence, but the stern countenance of his companions and the sour looks on his their faces, particularly whip who had before seemed so eager and curious, now so deep in a clearly unpleasant thought or memory, intrigued him. Breaking the silence he finally decided to venture a question, “so what happened to you two back there? And don’t bother denying it; hiding the obvious from a fortune teller is impossible.” Samdai’s grin remained as steady as ever, after all whether he had magic powers or not people were things he had come to know very well and reading them was surprisingly easy, an invaluable talent in his profession.
Entry 3350 27/02/12 04:39
Hayden at first seemed to not hear the question. He began to watch Whip from the corner of his eye. He thought the desert rat would blurt their whole story without second thought, but Whip appeared to have not heard the question. Hayden turned in to Samdai and lowered his voice. 

"Gold and mahk," he mumbled with all his seriousness. "Gold and ghosts. Lots under the sands north where Buramb sent men to hide money." He glanced at Whip again, and then inspected Samdai's face in search of ideas or interest. "Bad idea to look for it, bad idea to touch it, nothing but bad with gold and mahk."
Entry 3352 28/02/12 21:02
From where he was sitting, Whip also nodded. "Bad things. Whip need go home soon, find way." He said as he looked down at the others. He couldn't help but wonder if he could even go home. Would those creatures be waiting in his cave? He decided not to think about it for now and looked up at the almost cloudless sky.
Entry 3353 28/02/12 22:27
Samdai listened intently, then his grin got ever so wider and just a tad more malicious, such creatures were almost always associated with shadow magic, or so the stories said. Samdai’s interest was piqued and he resolved to study that gold more closely, he would need to see if the village they were headed to had any stories about such a place and matter what was there. He dropped the subject and simply said “It sounds like you two had all the adventure of a life time, well we’ll be back in your village soon.” Mentally he added “and I can see exactly what it is you paid your fair with,” instinctively his hand subtly checked the pocket he’d hidden the gold coin in.
Entry 3388 (04/07/12 09:18) 04/07/12 09:18
OOC: Where do you guys want to take this?
Latest Post Entry 3390 05/07/12 20:38
OOC: Well I think Whip's goal would be to return home, although I think Hayden wanted to take him back to his villiage, right?
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