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Entry 2677 21/07/09 00:00
Whip breathed a sigh of relief. With Hayden out of the way, he could try and plan his own escape...however, when he heard a noise that could only be described as both rumbly and buzzy, he looked behind him. It was still there! Even though he had misplaced a significant amount of blood, he still had the good sense to try and get out.

"Bye!" He said as he scampered out of there, in hopes that the creature was too big to chase them. He could only hope that Hayden was somewhere nearby and that they could get out of there together...
Entry 2678 23/07/09 00:00
At first it seemed as though the monster was lost when Whip fled. Hayden didn't seem to be anywhere in the vicinity of the immediate tunnels. After a few corners, it would have been understandable for Whip to assume that the monster was gone, but then it defied logic and appeared ahead of him, dropping down from a hole in the ceiling, still shrouded mostly in blackness. It hissed and crept towards him, a single shining eye staring lifelessly at him.
Entry 2679 23/07/09 00:00
When his opponent suddenly appeared from the darkness, Whip yelped and looked around. He still hadn't found Hayden, there didn't appear to be anywhere else to run and he still couldn't lose this thing! It was obviously not Whip's kind of day today...

He felt around on the ground. "Ow! Sharp rock!" he said as he suddenly found, of all things, a sharp rock. In his mind, a plan began to form. If he could throw the rock just right, he might be able to run far away enough for the beast to not chase him any more, then he could find Hayden and get up to where he knew it was safe!

"Take this, nasty thing!" he shouted as he tossed the rock towards the inky black part of his surroundings that was slightly less inky and black than the rest of it. With any luck, he'd have a chance to run-a chance that he was more than willing to take!
Entry 2680 30/07/09 00:00
The rock bounced off of something hard and fell to the ground with a clang. Unamused, it didn't turn its attention away and it lunged forward again to make frantic snapping motions with sharp appendages. There came a loud noise and footsteps echoed into the tunnel. Suddenly there was a dark figure between Whip and the monster, and a sharp blade pointed at the beast. 

"Run!" said a man's voice, and he ran at the monster and tried to cut it down.
Entry 2681 01/08/09 00:00
Whip didn't need to be told twice! In less than an instant of being told to run, Whip scampered away as well as he could. As it turned out, that nasty thing had done more damage than he thought. Of course, now that he had a chance to get away, all he could think about was finding Hayden and getting back to where he knew it was safe. The only problem with that plan was that he didn't know where Hayden was and fighting that thing had disoriented him quite a bit!

"Just find, then get out," he said to himself as he began sniffing around for Hayden. Hopefully, he wasn't too far away.
Entry 2682 14/08/09 00:00
An inhuman scream rang through the stone corridors, closely followed by a human one. Strangely, Whip found himself entering a different kind of corridor. Deep down where they were, connected to the natural tunnels, were halls of stone, carved by man and fitted with ancient support beams and jagged iron sconces coated in rust. This much was visible as the faintest of lights seem to pour out of nowhere. As he walked further, it was a natural cave again (evident by the feel and sound of the material on the ground), and then it was a stone hall again. The corners were sharp and the halls were deathly dark. From nearby there came the sound of somebody else breathing heavily, but nothing could be seen in the darkness.
Entry 2683 14/08/09 00:00
Whip looked around at the sudden change in architecture. "Why Whip not see this before?" He asked himself as he limped through the dark halls. He felt like these caves had been his home forever, but here was something he'd never seen before, or even anything like it!

As he wondered through the caverns in excessive gladness that nobody was chasing him, he heard someone breathing heavily. "Who there?" he called out as loudly as he could. Unfortunately, he couldn't call out that loudly which was probably a good thing at this point. Still, he hoped that the heavy-breather was friendly...
Entry 2684 03/09/09 00:00
There was the sound of feet shuffling and then something thumped against the stone wall. There was a pause and then a small gasp. 

"Whip? That you?" It was Hayden's voice, and he sounded entirely exhausted. "Where is guhon? Still follow?"

Hayden shuffled forward a little further and then his hand found Whip's arm. He grasped the boy for a moment and then let go, satisfied that it wasn't his imagination. 

"Where we? I never seen before..."
Entry 2685 05/09/09 00:00
Whip nodded. "Yep, it me. Whip not see this before. Who-" he said, but he was suddenly cut short when a hand grabbed his arm! After moving a few inches away and realising that it was Hayden that touched him, he regained his composure and tried to look around. It was very dark in...wherever they were.

"Guhon? You mean nasty thing? Big shadow man appear. Tell Whip to run. Whip get away, but not see nasty thing or man since," he said as he sat down in the darkness. He couldn't feel a breeze in here, but he knew that there had to be a way out...there just had to!
Entry 2686 06/09/09 00:00
"Ah, ye," Hayden said, and then he said nothing. He concentrated on catching his breath. The corridors were strangely silent. There were no rats or beetles or anything that made any noise at all. There was only Hayden's breathing. 

From behind Whip, there came a small flickering light. From all the darkness, it was like a miniature sun, yet it was probably no stronger than a candle. Hayden saw it first, as it was behind Whip, and he prodded the boy to get his attention. 

"Behind," he said. "What?" 

But before Whip could really reply, it turned out to be a man holding a lantern. He was dressed like Hayden -- like a Raider -- and had a bloody wound on his other arm which was wrapped in cloth. It was a welcome sight indeed.
Entry 2687 07/09/09 00:00
Whip turned to face the newcomer, but did not get up. "Who you?" he asked as he tried to get up to attack, but the hurt in his legs was too much for him to take right now, so he simply grabbed what he thought was a loose rock, in case he had to fight off this newcomer. 

It didn't occour to him that this was a raider like Hayden, but the odd silence in the room was making Whip uncomfortable. What kind of place didn't have sounds in it?
Entry 2688 07/09/09 00:00
The man ignored the rock and walked past them. Then he stopped and peered down the corridors. 

"Very ancient place," he said quietly. "If are loud it may collapse, so keep voice low. This place called Meahenata. This must be one of few ways into it now. But maybe a way out into the sunlight if we go through? Guhon is behind us. Ah my name is Goruden." 

He turned to face the boys, looking from one to the other. He checked for wounds, made sure they'd caught their breath and rested their legs, and then urged everyone onward into the ruins. They were peculiar ruins to say the least, as they seemed only to be made up of aimless corridors. But finally, they came to a particular taller hallway with two doorways on the left and one on the right. Goruden looked to Whip. 

"You been this far before? None of us know the way to go, but will let you select a door to go into."
Entry 2689 07/09/09 00:00
Whip kept quiet when he heard that this place could collapse. He'd already faced enough scary things today, so avoiding a falling ceiling was a good idea to him. After Goruden gave him the once over, Whip was ready to go, especially since Hayden appeared to trust him.

As they made their way through the ruins, Whip began to remember things. Well not detailed things, but he did see, small flashes of memories before his eyes. If he had to guess, they were probably from a long time ago when he might have found this place by accident. Why then, had he forgotten about it? He managed to push such thoughts out of his head as they came to a collection of doorways.

"Nope, never seen this," Whip said as he shook his head. However, as he sniffed the air, he could detect a faint whiff of fresh air coming from the second doorway on the right! "This way!" he said as he carefully stepped through the doorway, unaware of what dangers may lie beyond it.
Entry 2690 07/09/09 00:00
They both watched Whip as he sniffed to discern the door to enter. The corridors seemed to tighten around them as Whip stepped into the darkness. Goruden stood behind him and let the light from the lantern leak into the darkness. The room turned out to be a somewhat cavernous chamber with a heap of rubble in the centre of it. The rubble was mostly stone and what was once probably wood, along with some scraps of metal and ceramic shards. Oddly, some eggshells were scattered around the rubble. 

Along the room's left wall was a long stone counter with an oven-looking device. Along the right wall were some small hooks up high, possibly once for holding tapestries or some equipment. 

"Eggs?" Hayden asked, catching up to them. "Eggs of guhon? Any complete ones? Tasty?" 

The room was too long to be able to see the far wall with the lantern from where they stood.
Entry 2691 08/09/09 00:00
Whip bit into one of the eggshells, but immediately tossed it away and stuck out his tongue. "Not food, nope," he said as he looked around for anything shiny. Unfortunately, he didn't find much that interested him. However, he couldn't help but wonder what this room was for. Was it for eating? Was it for hunting? Or was it for something horrible that his mind didn't want to comprehend?

"Not meant to be here," Whip said as a chill went down his spine. He usually loved to explore new places, but something about this place made him feel like they shouldn't be here!
Entry 2692 10/09/09 00:00
After Whip spoke, they all paused and listened. The room carried an empty and foreboding silence -- the kind of silence that made you think you were deaf, it was so unnerving. Despite agreeing with Whip's judgement of the room being a bad place to be, Goruden inched forward and held out the lantern in the hopes of illuminating the far wall. By the time he'd moved about a metre forward, they could just make out some brickwork across the room, but most if it seemed crumbled and there was an inky black tunnel. Goruden walked back immediately. A shuffling echoed through the corridors from behind them. 

"Whip is right. Bad place to be. We need to move faster," Goruden whispered. "Find weapons. Choose another room quicker."

Hayden had a sword on him; he drew it. Goruden did the same with his longer, broader blade. Regardless, there were some items in the room that could pass for weapons: there were quite large pieces of twisted metal on the heap of rubble that would make good maces, some unusually large cooking utensils including a huge knife on the counter, and the hooks hanging on the right wall could be used for some lethal close-range shredding.
Entry 2693 10/09/09 00:00
Whip grabbed a large knife. He figured that if Hayden and Goruden had something that looked like them, then they must be effective at fighting the nasty things. He also picked up a decently-sized rock, in case he needed to throw something. After all, nobody likes a rock to the face!

Soon enough, the three of them were back in the room with the three hallways. There was still a terrible silence around them, one that made Whip nervous, but he pressed on and tried not to show fear. "This way," he said as he pointed into the inky blackness of the hallway on the right. All he could do at this point was hope that nothing was waiting for them at the end...
Entry 2694 11/09/09 00:00
The next room, fortunately, seemed friendlier. As they stepped in through the doorway, the smell of rotting wood struck them first. The sound of a slight breeze echoes in the distance; possibly another drought from another intrusive tunnel breaking into the room. Right before them was an old wooden table, covered in rusted weapons. Some of them seemed hastily tossed on the surface. The room was long and lined with columns. There were more doorways down the side walls. 

"We could spend for ever here," Hayden mused. "Need to go..."

A loud scratching reached their ears. The tension rose. Something was knocked to the floor in another room. Before any of them could say anything, a terrifying noise thundered through the corridor behind them. It drowned out whatever Goruden was shouting, but Hayden began to run. Goruden ran too, and the swinging lantern was momentarily dimmed and everything became unclear and streaked with shadow. In the panic, Hayden chose one of the doorways to escape through and Goruden elected to try to lose the creature between the columns.
Entry 2695 12/09/09 00:00
Whip poked around in the shadows of the new room. Nothing seemed interesting to him, until he found a shiny silver coin. Without hesitating, he grabbed it and held it tightly in his hand. When Hayden mentioned that they might be here forever, Whip didn't seem to mind. A new place to explore was just as good as anything else, as far as he was concerned.

However, when that scratching noise came back, Whip did the only thing he could think of: he climbed straight up one of the columns and waited for whatever it was to go away. After all, if Goruden had managed to chase it away once, it should only be a matter of time before it went away again!
Latest Post Entry 2696 18/09/09 00:00
Something long and shimmering emerged from the doorway. It flowed into the room as smooth as mist yet appeared complex and segmented like a centipede. With one, large, shining eye it studied the room, claws clipping randomly overhead. Hayden was now out of sight but Goruden had taken a defensive stance nearby; he stayed near enough to Whip so that both of them could see the creature. The creature, therefore, could see Goruden quite clearly, but it also managed to spy Whip. It didn't even seem to give it any thought; Whip was closer. It leapt on the column and snaked up it with frightening agility. Goruden dropped the lantern and ran forward, aiming slashes for its strange tail before it could reach Whip. He managed to make contact but the blade was deflected. The creature, seemingly upset, turned around and descended the column to teach Goruden a lesson.
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