Freedom (Completed)

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Entry 854 14/04/07 00:00
Sir Alden stood on the end of the pier with his arms crossed and his cape flicking behind him. With a satisfied sigh he glanced over both shoulders. It was the perfect day to sail, and it was something Alden had been meaning to do for some time. Being the bodyguard of the prince every second day takes its toll on a person. 

He walked back down the pier and began looking for the man he had spoken to earlier. He took note of everyone's main features in an attempt to recognise him.
Entry 855 15/04/07 00:00
Pierce ran to the end of the street and halted at the edge of the side path, looking both ways, finding a point to pass. Finally losing his patience he ran forward, pushing through all the people. He managed to stand on his toes for only a second but long enough to spot who he thought to be Sir Alden. He ran through the crowds waving his arm high and ran to the other side of the street. 

Pierce walked onto the pier to where Sir Alden stood and spoke, "Quite busy today, but a perfect first day none the less. It truly is a pleasure to see you again, Sir Alden. Oh, uh, sorry I'm late."
Entry 856 16/04/07 00:00
"Indeed," Alden said. "I suppose I should get used to it. It's in the nature of a scientist to be late for anything." He smiled slyly at Pierce and nodded towards a rather worthy-looking vessel docked there. "This is our ride," he said. "Beautiful, yes? These men will load your... cargo... and in the meantime you can follow me into the captain's cabin so you can attempt to explain your ideas to him." 

He led Pierce along onto the ship, passing men who went back to collect Pierce's few crates of items. They entered the cabin, which was quite dark, and they were greeted by a young fellow with squinting eyes. 

"I suppose this is Pierce," he muttered. And he nodded to Alden in greeting. "So, where is it we're going again? With the money Alden is paying me, I would at least like a foggy idea."
Entry 857 17/04/07 00:00
"Nice to meet you, uh, captain." Pierce greeted. He walked over to a nearby table and sprawled out a map of Riiga on the wood with circles here and there connected to notes with lines.

Pierce prodded a spot on the map with his index finger. "Here's where we're going." Pierce explained, as the other two studied the map. "It is rumoured by sailors that there is an island here with a temple on it. I mean it all makes perfect sense. You see, I think the temples seem to have patterns, like where they are placed." Pierce was making no attempt what so ever to hide in excitement. "Make sense? Probably not. So anyway, that's where we're heading."
Entry 858 18/04/07 00:00
The captain looked at Alden, then the map, then Pierce, then Alden, then the map, then at a bottle of rum on the table. 

"I see," he said slowly. "Tell ye what, you never use them words again, and I'll take ye anywhere ya like."

Alden smiled. "I'll help Pierce check his cargo. We need to ensure everything is in order." He walked to the door and said over his shoulder, "Come."
Entry 859 22/04/07 00:00
Pierce nodded to the captain and followed Alden out the door and to the lower decks. Once the two of them got down there Alden led Pierce to his cargo and he looked through it. He flicked through some papers, checking they're all there, also ramaging through various other bits and pieces. He took the map he currently had and put it with the rest, taking a few different ones and his journal so he had something to do on their trip.

"Well, Alden, it all appears to be here. Though, I didn't bring any food or water but I quess it's in all these other boxes. Who knows how long it'd take to find..."
Entry 860 27/04/07 00:00
"Indeed. Who knows?" Alden repeated. "We'll be heading off any moment now."


Alden was on the upper deck, leaning on the railing and glancing out over the flat sea. There was little wind and the sails were catching nothing. The sky was dark and overcast, and everyone was doing pretty much nothing. 

"Blasted wind," he muttered. "Why must it hinder me so?"
Entry 861 27/04/07 00:00
Pierce was down in one of the lower decks, huddled on a stool beside a small table, piled with papers. A lantern sat on the corner of the desk, producing a dim glow, illuminating little around him. Pierce was deep in thought, scanning over his maps and notes, muttering to himself.

There was nobody else in the room, and it was gradually starting to cool. A distant deep rumble pounded some way off from the ship and Pierce quickly looked up from his research like a kangaroo in a spotlight. "A storm?" Pierce whispered to himself. He quickly stood, nearly knocking the lantern off the table and ran for the door, making his way to the upper deck.

Spotting Alden near the edge of the ship, Pierce joined him. "Did you hear the rumble? Would it be the brink of a storm?"
Entry 862 05/05/07 00:00
"Indeed," Alden said. "Ghastly weather, isn't it?" [1]

He turned his head and gave Pierce a sideways look of what-are-you-doing-out-here-anyway for a minute, wondering why a storm would bother Pierce so much. 

"This thing is quite sea-worthy. We'll get wet, but that should be the worst of it, if you know what I mean. Have any of the other sailors caught on to us yet?"
Entry 863 29/05/07 00:00
Pierce thought about Alden's question for a moment. "I'm not exactly sure if I know what you mean by caught on to is, Sir Alden." 

He thought for a moment and then licked his finger and held it off the side of the ship, letting the wind catch it. "I came to let you know there is a storm on it's way, because a storm usually means wind. If it's true what you say that the ship is very sea-worthy, then if we head right into the storm, we could get to the island faster."
Entry 864 30/05/07 00:00
Alden stared Pierce down as though insulted that this scientist didn't know what he was talking about, but then he calmed himself and nodded. 

"A clever idea, I suppose." And he turned and looked back out to sea, completely forgetting about his other question. 

Entry 865 17/07/07 00:00
Pierce looked out to see himself, watching the almost black clouds on the horizon. He pulled his cloaks tight around him, as it was quite cold, despite the lack of wind. "Do you think we'll find anything, Alden?" Pierce asked, still gazing upon the rolling clouds. "At the island. I mean, why did you agree to fund my expedition? It's not a voyage any royal or rich would likely agree to pay for. A lot of them would say whats the point..."
Entry 866 10/08/07 00:00
"Indeed, what is the point?" Alden asked, though he didn't seem to want an answer. "What is the point in staying behind and not finding out, though? I have a fascination with ancient history. I won't deny that. If you say we're going to find a temple, I'd rather be the one who came along and found nothing than the one who stayed behind and waited painfully. Do you see where I'm coming from? Yes? Good." 

He went to walk away, but upon reaching the bottom of the steps, he rested on the side of the ship again and fixed his gaze on the horizon. He seemed to have something on his mind, but wouldn't give an inch of what that could be.
Entry 867 10/08/07 00:00
Pierce watched Alden as he strode no more than a few meters away and rest on the side of the ship. He wondered what Alden was thinking about, he seemed a million miles away. But trying to figure out what was on Alden's mind is like trying to find documents on who built the temples. Pierce turned away and gazed out at the ocean, following his eyes along the horizon before spotting a faint few speckles of brown and green to the north east. Pierce stayed fixed on the position before realising what it was, their destination. Though they were no where near close enough to warn anyone, but no doubt one of the sailors had already spotted it.
Entry 868 03/09/07 00:00
The man in the crow's nest yelled some inaudibles and the ship became alive almost instantly. The island ahead indeed seemed quite vast. As they neared the island, Alden slunk below deck. Though the ship was busy, it wasn't welcoming. If someone had boarded at that moment, they would've been ignored and probably shoved around. 

Entry 869 04/09/07 00:00
Pierce watched as the all sailors ran about aimlessly, seeming to execute some sort of important task having to do with nearing the island. The island appeared somewhat larger than he had thought. It was vast and as it creeped out of the mist surrounding it, it's unexplored and unventured terrain became visible and Pierce grew more eager than he'd ever been. 

Not been able to wait any longer he walked along next to the railing, being shoved around trying to reach the entrance to the lower decks. Just as he reached it a bunch of sailors rushed out, almost knocking Pierce off his feet. He quickly rushed inside and navigated himself to his room. After a little while he finally found his room and slipped inside, rushing about, collecting bottles and cartography, cramming whatever other equipment he could into his bag. Pierce stopped for a moment and wondered where Alden had got to. Thinking he went to get ready himself, Pierce finished packing his bag and stayed in his room as it was too busy up on deck.
Latest Post Entry 871 07/09/07 00:00
After a few minutes, the busyness upstairs seemed to settle and Alden was soon in his doorway, accompanied by two armed sailors. 

"Come on, Pierce!" Alden said heartily. "We need to get aboard a boat and reach the shore so we can find a place to camp before the sun disappears." 

And he led them all back up and they clambered down into a little boat. It bobbed this way and that as they rowed it across the sea towards a crisp beach. Alden suddenly seemed like a different man. He wore the smile of a cheerful and prosperous man, and seemed to enjoy the sand, sun, and sea. He made very little eye contact with the others and spent most of his time admiring the island before them, where tall grey cliffs towered upwards with thick foliage at their bases. The wind was cool and gentle. It was perfect weather.
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