Foundry of the Forgotten One (Completed)

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Entry 1627 03/01/07 00:00
Clank. Clank. Clank.

The Hammer on the Burning steel, then the hiss of the cool water in the pale. The creation of one more decoration for the wall, a lovely sleek sword. Instruments of death. Born through fire.
Shambling over to the canopy of the front of his store, Georgio wiped the sweat from his brow, rang the tiny bell above the door twice, and hoisted a small flag, on a rickety flagpole adapted from a pike, that declared in dripping red on white 'Open'.
Entry 1628 03/01/07 00:00

As though waiting for that very signal, there stood a man at the entrance to his store, a tall silhoette of a man heavily cloaked and hooded. He stepped into the store as though it was his own but did not approach Georgio. Instead, he gazed up towards the roof, not letting any light show any part of him, and then he looked down at the floor. 

Then he spoke in a very deep voice, almost growling, "I've seen pigs kept in a better... shack... than this." But then he turned to the store's owner and waited as though he was eagre to see the man's reply.
Entry 1629 03/01/07 00:00
Polishing some tools of some description, Georgio didn't turn to the customer, but sounded the words. "And I've heard dogs with Better voices than you." Then suddenly turning to him, with a welcoming salesman's visiage. "Now what do you need th'day?"
Entry 1630 03/01/07 00:00
The man strode towards Georgio, immediately invading his personal space. There was something emanating from him, like a chill, but not cold. He was looking straight over the man but was probably gazing down. 

With a sneer evident in his tone, he spoke more gently, "If you wouldd like your tail intact, do not insult me thusly. Keep your childish comments to yourself." 

He walked around to the front of Georgio, now looking down at what he was polishing, not not bending over in the slightest. He stood very strongly. 

"I would like to know what the best weapon you are capable of creating is." Anyone would have thought it was a joke by the way he worded it, but the deafly silence following implied otherwise. "While we're young, thank you."
Entry 1631 04/01/07 00:00
Suddenly lashed his tail to the side, likely making even this man jump a little, and retrieved a form of some kind with the tip.

"Sign there, and include all your details on how crazy looking you want it to be in... that box." Georgio pointed with one hand, while the other threw the item he was polishing into the furnace, resulting a rage of flame, which quickly subsided back into the neat arrangment of stones and cobbles.

"Also if you want to see the most devestating weapon to DATE, well... it's over there."

Georgio pointed to a case, seemingly assembled from the bones of man and beast alike. In it, Hung an axe, it too, made from a sturdy piece of bone, and roughly three feet wide at the head, and seven feet long from shaft to end.
Entry 1632 04/01/07 00:00
Daes shook his head slowly. "I need no custom-made weapon. I want to see what you're capable of." 

When Georgio pointed to the axe, he turned quickly to look at it. He walked to it but did not touch it or pick it up. His eyes scanned it inch by inch and his breathing calmed to a near-silent whisper. He did seem to have dog-like qualities, as the smithy joked before. 

"It is bone," Daes said. "You killed a beast and carved its skeleton into this? You cannot forge like normal with a weapon made from bone."
Entry 1633 04/01/07 00:00
"If everything was made of metal, we'd run out now, wouldn't we? Call this.... environmentalism. ... I also made this."

He put on a comically shocked looking skull, with a cracked left eye socket, and twisted horns, over his own head, and moved the jaw up and down when he spoke.

"Now fill in the form if you want something boyo, I imagine more people will be on the way."
Entry 1634 04/01/07 00:00
Daes was watching Georgio and he swayed back very slightly, as though in amusement. 

"If a customer like myself is such a petty priority, then you're not quite sure what you want now, are you? Tell me, Mister Georgio, what is it you value? Money? Happiness? Peace? Women? Your life? It interests me greatly, so I would be... upset... if you were to answer with another brainless joke." Again the smile was evident in his tone.
Entry 1635 05/01/07 00:00
"Out of the Above, it's going to be money boyo. Either that, or work. Now what can I do ya for? And where did you get that haircut...?"

Georgio eyed the man's semi-red hair through the hollowed out sockets of the beasts skull.
Entry 1636 05/01/07 00:00
There was a length silence and then the jingle of coins. A furry hand with sharp claws was held out and on it sat a dozen or so gold coins, considered enough to tempt any normal man into doing a favour. He moved them about his hands, not caring if the man was catching on to the fact that he wasn't human. 

"Do you have silver in this forge of yours? I'll pay money for it. Any of it. All of it."
Entry 1637 05/01/07 00:00
Turning slowly to the bundle of gold. Georgio spoke slowly and quietly.

"I've got three big chunks of it. But, if it's what you need, the sword behind you to your left, in the long case on the counter." Georgio motioned the the tri-locked case, around five feet long. "Pure silver." He produced a key for each lock, and held them in his hand. "Interested?"
Entry 1638 05/01/07 00:00
"Hmm. So that's your language." He joined Georgio by the case and observed the sword. "I will give you 120 gold coins for the three chunks and the sword. If you decline, you will never see me again."
Entry 1639 05/01/07 00:00
Staring blankly at the man, Georgio pondered whether that was meant to be a bad or good thing. Then he caught onto the words '120' and 'GOLD'.

"Sounds like a deal son." He produced a sturdy leather seathe from under the table, and slid the sword into it for the customer. "It's all yours. And the ore is in that chest over there." He pointed to a small chest, already open, displaying three shining chunks of silver, each about the size of a normal mans head. His tail moved away, having just opened the chest.
Latest Post Entry 1641 05/01/07 00:00
Daes dropped the sack of the table and it landed with a heavy and satisfying clank. He took the three chunks and concealed them beneath his cloaks, each seeming to disappear. He took the sword and did the same. There was no sign of anything weighing him down afterwards. 

"Count the coins if you don't trust me. Though with a pouch that heavy with gold, I doubt you'd find any excuse to complain, if you were to ever find me again." He headed to the door but stopped suddenly. "Had I ill intentions, you would now be regretting putting money above your life." He then turned around slowly. "Unless, of course, your life really is a mess..."
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