Eyes in the dark (Completed)

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Entry 1022 06/01/07 00:00
The cold wind blew across Jevithem castle and the moon shone brightly. Antrosia crept along the edge of the wall, keeping in the shadow of the battlements, peering down into the courtyard on lookout for guards. She heard voices coming and quickly moved to the edge of a tower, keeping herself hidden in the shadows, listening and watching.
Entry 1023 07/01/07 00:00

As the voices drew closer it became apparent that the voices belonged to two boys.

One, about thirteen looked to have fine fair hair that glinted slightly in the moonlight in a neat 'page-boy' cut and looked to be wearing the uniform of a squire from the castle.

The other looked a little older. He was slightly taller and had dark violet, or perhaps black hair that hung down his back in a long braid, though a few nose length bangs framed his face. His clothing was dark blue or perhaps purple, the light made it hard to tell, and in combination with his graceful movements gave him what some might see as a noble bearing.

"I really shouldn't be out on the walls this late." Said the squire, apparently unaware anybody else was there.

The older boy stopped and turned to the squire. Facing him he raised a hand, in which he appeared to be holding a small sack - about the size of a large purse. Looking closely it might be possible to see that whatever was in the sack squirmed and wiggled around. "You had fun last time didn't you?" He said in a gentle yet tempting voice.

The squires eyes went a little wide but only for a moment then looked around and snatched the sack. "They.. they won't hurt the princess or her ladies will they?"

The older boy was silent a moment then smiled a slightly crooked smile. "Only a little bit. You were the one that said the last time was a little booring. Hmm?"

The Squire seemed to ponder a moment then made an attempt at mirroring the older boy's smile before turning and heading back the way he came.

The older boy remained where he was standing, watching the Squire leave, his back to the shadows where Antrosia was hiding, and his hands folded behind his back under his long cloak. Without turning to the shadows he said in a calm collected manner. "You can come out now. The patrol won't be back this way for another five minutes."
Entry 1024 07/01/07 00:00
"Arn't you a clever little boy, you found me," Antrosia said, walking from the shadows of the tower. Antrosia looked down at the ground below. "Say, what are you doing out this late, shouldn't you be sleeping?"
Entry 1025 07/01/07 00:00
The teen turned slightly, on closer inspection he looked perhaps fourteen or fifteen not exactly a little boy. He smiled a bit and perhaps chuckled slightly too. "I'm nearly fifteen. My uncle lets me do whatever I want." He paused a moment. "Besides, I'm not tired yet and the guest suite I'm in has a funny smell. I don't think they aired it out properly."

The whole time his hands remained folded behind his back, under his long cloak.
Entry 1026 07/01/07 00:00
"Oh, fifteen? My mistake." Antrosia looked back at the boy. "I guess that's not much older than me... Just for a change of subject, what is in that bag of yours, by the way?" Antrosia looked over at the doors leading inside the castle, watching for the next patrol.
Entry 1027 07/01/07 00:00
The teen arched an eyebrow. "The one I gave to the squire?" He enquired innocently, apparently not giving up any details as yet. He looked down towards the courtyard himself then turned and checked the outer side of the wall. "How did you get up here? I don't see any ropes or ladders."
Entry 1028 07/01/07 00:00
Antrosia quitly laughed to herself. "I have my ways," Antrosia said, looking back at the teen. "Besides, who said I got up here using a rope or ladder..." She bent her left arm up and rearranged her black glove. "I'm don't mean to be rude or anything, but I have to go."
Entry 1029 07/01/07 00:00
The teen chuckled. "I know. You're here to kill someone." He started to walk off the way he came, the braid hanging down his back swaying slightly as he moved. "I guess I might just head back to my suite," though by his tone he finds that prospect somewhat boring.
Entry 1030 07/01/07 00:00
Antrosia watched the teen walk off and sighed to herself. "What would you rather do?" Antrosia asked the teen as he walked off. "You seem bored by the idea of going back to your suite."
Entry 1031 07/01/07 00:00
The teen stops and half turns back at Antrosia's question. He gives a languid shrug of his shoulders. "You probably don't need my help anyway." He says with a bit of a sigh. "Resourceful assassin like you."
Entry 1032 07/01/07 00:00
Antrosia looked away and smiled, "I shouldn't do this, but hey, you can come along if you want, I can tell you want to. You just have to be really quite and don't bother me." Antrosia looked back at the teen. "And I'm sure you won't be that useless. You seem to know when the patrols are, you could come in handy... say, shouldn't the patrol have been past here?"
Entry 1033 07/01/07 00:00
The teen smiled and lent forward a bit to look into the courtyard then up at the stars. "They're just running late." He gestures towards the shadows remaining silent but not moving himself.

The guards looked up and saw him. "What are you doing on the walls so late, Master Deshin?" One of the guards asked.

"I wanted to look at the stars the view is better up here and my suite smells stuffy." The teen replied.

"Well just you be careful up there, young master." The guards continued on their patrol.
Entry 1034 08/01/07 00:00
"That was close... how did you know they were coming?" Antrosia said as she turned around and continued creeping along the wall again. After a moment she turned, "Denshin, huh? My names Antrosia." Then she turned back around and kept moving, not waiting for the boy.
Entry 1035 08/01/07 00:00
Deshin followed along, though he didn't bother to keep to the shadows. "Oh, it's a trick one of my teachers taught me. I'm studying to be a mage." He replied. "Pleasure to meet you." He added with a smile when she gave her name.

At the end of the wall he opened the door to the tower and checked the stairs. "All clear."
Entry 1036 08/01/07 00:00
"A mage, huh?" Antrosia said as she entered the tower and looked around. "I never liked all that magic, studying, concentration business... not my style." Antrosia slowly descended the stairs along with Deshin.
Entry 1037 08/01/07 00:00
Deshin nodded and smiled slightly. "My teachers say I'm very good." He says a little proudly then stops at a door and touches a hand to it.

"Through here, the guards are a sleep." He announced after a moment or two then slowly and quietly pushed the door open, looked both ways, then eased himself through the gap.
Entry 1038 09/01/07 00:00
Antrosia looked both ways to and then eased through the gap herself. Some of the guards were snoring and blocked out whatever noise her feet made when sneaking. Antrosia walked up behind Deshin and leaned down. "Where are we going?" Antrosia whispered into his ear.
Entry 1039 09/01/07 00:00
Deshin doesn't answer until they've crossed the room and eased out into the courtyard. "Uh, Into the castle of course, that's where you wanted to go, right?" In the courtyard he actually does try to stick to the shadows and keep his voice down.
Entry 1040 09/01/07 00:00
"Yes, yes it is." Antrosia answered, continuing to sneak across the walls. When they were close to the main door Antrosia spoke. "Say, does Lord Tobias have any children?" She said it not directly to Deshin but meant for him to answer.
Latest Post Entry 1041 25/01/07 00:00
Deshin shrugged his shoulders, a fluid graceful movement, "If he does, I haven't met them." He says quite casually. "I'm just the son of a merchant. Sure I'm a mage but I'm not really that important."

He continued on his way skirting around the shadowed part of the courtyard towards the nearest way into the castle, a side door possibly used by servants.
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