Dishonour among thieves (Completed)

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Entry 1534 20/12/06 00:00
Garrol remained leaning on his crutch for a moment, considering perhaps. "Well, they probably can't find it with out me." He proposed. How Garrol could know he'd be able to find the Karithina, perhaps it was just a confidence thing.

"How about you?" He then started out the door and whistled. At his signal three boys came from the remaining crowd. "Which way did it go?" The three boys looked at each other.
"D. Down T. Tarrin l. lane." Stammered one.
"Th. then it v.vanished." Added another. They were scared of something but was it Garrol or Ignatius.
Entry 1535 20/12/06 00:00
Ignatius came up behind Garrol and glanced at the kids before looking around the street. Tarrin Lane went off to the left from the main road they were on. The crowd of armed men had begun to spread far and wide, though they weren't checking in houses just yet. 

"You remember how I came here looking for an 'ingredient' a few weeks ago?" he asked Garrol. "I need another, and I heard Karithians were coming here lately. It's just a shame their hair doesn't moult, or it would make this job so much easier." He then scoffed and they walked down towards the lane. "But then, it's no fun if no blood is spilt, is it?"
Entry 1536 20/12/06 00:00
The karithian stood from the shadows, taking a deep breath and walking forward a step or two before glancing out the window. The armed men couldn't be heard anymore and it was dead silent. The beast decided to check around this building and see if their was another way out or a better place to hide.

The building looked to be mainly for storage as it was filled with wooden crates and barrels. The floors and walls were both made of stone and some of the windows were boarded. The beast found some stairs and climbed them slowly, listening carefully for any humans. Though the building appeared to be empty. Upstairs there were a couple of doorways pressumably leading to other rooms. The Karithian opened the door opposite the stairway. There was a small balcony through the door and the beast crept to the edge, looking down at the ground. Some men ran past with weapons drawn and it quickly hid. After a minute or so it resumed it's position. Opposite the balcony there was a roof of another building. It looked down at the ground again and judged the distance. It then walked to the stairway, took a breath and ran for the window, flinging it's great mass into the air and colliding onto the roof with a thud.
Entry 1537 21/12/06 00:00
Garrol chuckled. "So long's ah get me cut li'e the las time... ah don' much care." He said.

The 'old' man man must have heard something heavy thud onto a nearby roof because he suddenly looked up and around. "dn things gone up." In a show of agility that somewhat belied his apparent age, Garrol clambered up a pile of junk stacked against a wall and pulled himself up to the roof of that building. He headed for the highest point looking around cautiously and spotted the hulk on a nearby roof.

He looked down to the maze of streets and lanes then gave his shrill whistle again, this time to get the attention of some of the men who had fanned out to search.
Entry 1538 21/12/06 00:00
Ignatius watched all the while, with that same smirk etched into his face. Because his eyes were just white, nobody could really tell where he was looking. He appeared behind Garrol and joined him in his scan. He may have jumped up. He may have climbed up. Nobody saw him move, so nobody could say. 

"He's right there," Ignatius said, pointing a thin finger. He yelled to some men who were climbing up already. "GET HIM YOU FOOLS!!"

One of the men seemed very eagre to attack something. With a wide scimitar in his hand, he ran at the giant tower of armoured plates and fur and jumped with a vertical swing. 

Entry 1539 21/12/06 00:00
The great beast quickly glanced aside the sword with the armour on his left arm and thrust his right fist towards his stomach.
Entry 1540 21/12/06 00:00
Garrol ran along the roof he was on and turned a corner when the building did then jumped to the slightly higher roof of the building right beside it. Looking down once more he spotted another group of the armed men from the Tavern and whistled again to get their attention before rejoining Ignatius.

"Is there anywhere them things don' haf armor?" He asked as he pulled out his dagger and a vial of something sickly yellow which he then carefully ran into a groove along the blade. It clung to the groove like the blade was coated with something that prevented the yellow fluid just dripping off.
Entry 1541 21/12/06 00:00
The giant fist hit the bandit dead-centre and sent him flying off of the roof, not before colliding with another bandit. Talk about killing two birds with one stone... fist. The next bandit backed away and drew a crossbow, conveniently loaded. He fired a bolt right at the beast. Though it probably wouldn't do much damage, there was a very low chance the beast had time to block this attack. 

"Yes," Ignatius said. "But all Karithians are different. The armour grows on almost any part of their body randomly. The older they are, the more plates they have. We have no way of seeing where this one is armoured without drawing off its rags."

He then turned to Garrol and watched him. "You're going to try and poison it?"
Entry 1542 21/12/06 00:00
While the beast was recovering from the punch, the bolt from the crossbow wedged itself in the Karithians forearm, forcing a grunt. The beast ripped it out before it was even in there a minute. It then spotted the man with the crossbow and charged for him before he had time to reload another bolt.
Entry 1543 21/12/06 00:00
"Concentrated venom from a giant scorpion." Garrol commented as he tucked the vial away. "Neuro-toxin. Probably won't kill it but it might slow it down a bit." Then he nodded. "Try'd be the righ' word." He kept his eye focused on the spot where the bolt from the crossbow hit then edged closer to the edge of the roof he was on, calculating the angle and distance before throwing the dagger.
Entry 1544 21/12/06 00:00
"Karithians may be large and brutish," Ignatius said. "But they have great senses. They can smell fear, anger, suspicion, jot, and many other things." He walked to the edge beside Garrol and looked across. "You're too confident. He can smell it. He'll know you're here, and you don't want him to come for us... do you?"

The crossbowman realised his bolt had done nothing and drew daggers, but the Karithian's bison-like head butted into him and he flew off the roof also. More bandits were climbing up nearby in the meantime.
Entry 1545 21/12/06 00:00
The Karithian halted once ramming the soldier off the edge and stood, looking at Ignatius and Garrol. It then looked at the balcony it jumped off and then the opposite way. It was deciding whether to do something about those two men or keep running the way it was heading. It heard some more men climbing up one of the walls. That same rattling sound came from under its cloaks and the wall at which the men were climbing started to rise in temperature, making it very hot.
Entry 1546 21/12/06 00:00
Garrol removed the vial once more and tapped the very tip of the blade in the opening and the blade rang briefly then the poison just ran from the groove, back into the vial. He capped the vial and tucked it away again then stashed the dagger away as well.

He looked from the Karithian to Ignatius. "Your ingredients are always difficult to get. You know that don't you."
Entry 1547 22/12/06 00:00
Ignatius didn't respond. He could feel a portion of the heat the bandits felt but not much. 

"This one's a tough one. A shaman, apparently. I wonder how strong his mind is." He walked to the edge of the building and leant across. "You there! Karithian! Come here!" 

His voice had that curled edge to it that implied it was one of his mind-control tricks. He waited to see if this particular Karithian would obey. Some did, some didn't. The men had run away in fear.
Entry 1548 22/12/06 00:00
The Karithian looked up at Ignatius and snorted. It eyed him oddly and started to walk towards the edge of the other building, turning into a run. When it reached the edge it jumped across and landed with a thud. It got up and looked at Ignatius, as though waiting for something.
Entry 1549 22/12/06 00:00
Garrol setpped back a bit when he felt the heat from the wall but didn't seem all that put off by the heat, years of living in the vicinity of a desert more then likely. The other reason for stepping back of course is to give the Karithian ample space to make it's landing after jumping across to them.
Entry 1550 22/12/06 00:00
Ignatius sneered and nodded, glancing towards Garrol. 

"I could make this all a lot easier and ask him to tear off some fur for me," he said, wondering. "But then it wouldn't be quite so fun." He looked back towards the hulking beast. "And Karithians are never as stupid as they seem."

He took a few steps toward his target and then stopped, still very cautious of it. He wasn't sure if it had jumped over on its own accord or if he really had full control of its willpower.

"Lie down on the roof..."
Entry 1551 22/12/06 00:00
The Karithian grunted once again, lowering it's hefty bulk until it was lying down on the roof. Although it's uniquely shaped body made it hard for it do to this. It peered around at Ignatius and Garrol's feet.
Entry 1552 02/01/07 00:00
Garrol stayed back, perhaps playing it a little more cautiously now the hulking Karithian was good and close.

Ignatius might appear to have it under control but in the old thief's mind such things were never assured. "Aye.. not nearly as much fun." He agreed keeping his hand inside his clothing near where his knife was stashed.
Latest Post Entry 1553 02/01/07 00:00
Ignatius approached the beast very, very slowly. His movements suggested caution but his face held the confident expression. If the beast was capable of resisting his magic, Ignatius wanted to make sure there was enough clearance so they he could escape or at least foresee the beast's attack. 

"Throw your staff over here."
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