Dishonour among thieves (Completed)

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Entry 1514 18/12/06 00:00
The old beggar hopped through the main bazaar, leaning heavily on the crutch that now did the job his right leg was once responsible for. He'd move forward a step or two, then peer around with his good left eye - his right covered by a grimy rag must have gone the way of the lower part of his right leg, then move on a step or two.

Was he looking for something specific, or just looking for likely marks? Eventually he tool a bowl from inside his ragged clothing and limped along a little further pushing it out at various passers by. Most seemed disinclined to even look at the man and a few even backed away their faces scrunching from the stench of him, for the beggar smelt like he hadn't bathed in years.

Entry 1515 18/12/06 00:00
A hefty figure covered from head to toe in thick brown cloaks loomed from around a corner. The figures face was covered by a hood that came some way out, covering it's face in shadow. The figure was hunched over and looked around.

It seemed to notice the beggar limping along the path. It held it's head for a while before it began to walk again, towards the limping man, semming to make a clicking sound as it walked.

Entry 1516 18/12/06 00:00

The beggar stopped upon seeing the hulking robed being and stuffed his bowl back inside his equally ragged clothing. His hand remained there and he hopped forward another step then craned his neck and fixed his one eye on the figure, looking right at the shadow made by it's hood. The beggar sniffed the air though how he could smell anything over his own stench was anyone's guess.

He remained silent and just stood there with his weight on his crutch. Was he unafraid of the hulk or just plain crazy?
Entry 1517 19/12/06 00:00

The being continued forward until he was merely a metre away from the man. It's breathing was heavy and coarse. It stood there a moment longer before speaking.

"Where is a tavern." The figure said, it's powerful voice deep and rough.
Entry 1518 19/12/06 00:00
The beggar slipped his free hand, the one that had held the bowl, from inside his clothing once more and pointed to one of the buildings.

He said nothing, perhaps the man couldn't speak, but he could clearly hear and he kept his one eye fixed on the robed hulk. Finally his lips parted revealing stained rotting teeth, and not a full set either, then he licked them slowly. "They... don't like... trouble." Trouble he said haltingly. Like the rest of him, his breath stank.
Entry 1519 19/12/06 00:00
The being was silent for a while "I'm not here to give anyone trouble," the figure said before turning to the building the man pointed too. He waited a moment before trudging off towards the door.

The hulk moved slowly and everyone seemed to walk around it. It reached the door and entered silently. What was it looking for? Was it looking for anything? Or just some trouble like it said it did not want...
Entry 1520 19/12/06 00:00
The beggar stood where he was for a while, making sure it was clear that the Hulking brute had entered the tavern before he started to limp that way himself. He stood at the door and watched the inside of the Tavern from there.
Entry 1521 19/12/06 00:00
The figure sat at a table at the far end of the room, almost breaking the chair. Everyone seemed to stare at the being through the corner of their eye. Most of the tavern was silent. The hulk brought forth a large clawed hand covered in fur and grasped the pint on the table and brought it into the shadow of its hood, seeming to drink it. It seemed oblivious to everyone watching.
Entry 1522 19/12/06 00:00
There was s slight snort, or perhaps a chuckle from the beggar by the door. Had he recognised the robed Hulk for what it was? He limped a little further into the bar, only to be shouted at by the bartender. "Get out you! No drinks for Beggars. Git!" And the bartender came from behind the bar hefting a billy club.

The beggar just laughed, the man had to be crazy then he pointed at the robed hulk. "You serve /that/ but not me, Donnal? Your father was a fool but he'd never have let one of /those/ drink in here."

What was that about the tavern not liking trouble?
Entry 1523 19/12/06 00:00

The tavern was two-storied, and up above there was a man in long robes leaning on the railing. He was gazing down with pure white eyes from the ominous darkness and smoke swirling above. When the beggar pointed to the large man in the corner, Ignatius fixed his gaze on the hulk. His expression changed from a serious look to a smirk and he went half-way down the stairs, not so that he would attract attention to himself, but also not hiding out of their sight. He continued to watch the corner figure to see if he picked up on the beggar's insult.
Entry 1524 19/12/06 00:00
The figure took one more mouthfull before putting the pint on the table and looking up, facing the man at the doorway that pointed at him. The hulk slowly got up and started towards him. Moving slowly, clicking on the stone floor as it moved. The bartender didn't move any closer to the hulk as it neared because of it's size. The figure reached for Garrol and grasped his neck, slowly lifting him off the ground.
Entry 1525 19/12/06 00:00
Garrol's neck, in fact most of his body made a series of loud popping noises as he was lifted. "Ah that's better." He chuckled, that's right the man actually chuckled. The hulking being could probably kill him and throw him aside with one flick of it's wrist and he was actually laughing.

"See. I knew you were looking for trouble." He croaked, and as he did just about every person in the tavern drew a weapon of one kind or another, from small hand crossbows, to daggers and swords. One even flicked one hand in a series of preparative gestures for casting a spell.
Entry 1526 19/12/06 00:00
Ignatius did not draw a weapon. He didn't seem to have a weapon on him. Were Scarcus a town of law and order, the place would have been full of guards. Unfortunately - or perhaps, fortunately - there were no guards. It could either get ugly really fast, or it could get really ugly really fast. Ignatius watched on with a smirk. Anyone who saw him would know he had something up his sleeve.
Entry 1527 19/12/06 00:00
The hulk, still with the man in his hand, looked at all the men in the tavern, with their weapons drawn. It just stood there for a moment or two before eventually placing the man on the ground.

The brute drew a deep breath before speaking. "You humans don't learn." After he said that there was a rattling sound and then all the people with their weapons drawn suddenly froze. There was an eerie silence before the hulk started walking out of the tavern, shortly breaking into a hefty run, the cloaks whipping about behind.
Entry 1528 19/12/06 00:00
As he was put down, Garrol stood on both legs, that's right both were actually cabable of holding his weight without the crutch. He ignored the frozen patrons, their weapons still drawn and looked towards Ignatius, pushing up the rag over his right eye.

"You, I heard you might be in the area."
Entry 1529 19/12/06 00:00
Now that the tavern's focus was on Ignatius, he stared down with his white eyes like an old statue, built by masters of stone thousands of years before. His stature was like that of a powerful king looking down on his servants. He was probably thinking a very similar thing. 

"Mmm," he said, drawing out his verbal thought. "Listen to me." He was talking to the entire tavern now. "The thing that just left is an invader. We cannot let it leave the city." The men nodded in agreement. He had their minds already. Some even began to head for the door. 

Ignatius knew very well what it was. It wasn't just a man, or some magical figure, it was a Karithian. Quite capable of killing a dozen men single-handedly, Ignatius knew better than to take it on himself. Still, he did want something the beast had, and he clearly was ready to risk lives of strangers to get it. He looked back down at Garrol as though waiting for the man to say something.
Entry 1530 19/12/06 00:00
The hulk stopped at an intersection in the bazaar. Some people shouting some way off. Forward was a wall, to the left was a dead end and to the left the path kept on going so he ran down that road. This path was also a dead end so the great beast crouched and then launched its bulk up into one of the windows on the side, making a huge crash. The beast quickly turned around and made a rattling sound. The window then reshaped itself to lok at though it was never broken. It then hid in the shadow of the building.
Entry 1531 20/12/06 00:00
Garrol glared at the remaining patrons, sneering just a little more then the result of the scar. "Gr'on. Yeh heard the man. Git goin' it can' ave gotten far." He caught one young man by the collar of his tunic as he headed for the door. "You. See if yeh can roun' up a spell tossa, them things have magic." He then shoved the youth toward the door and leant to pick up his crutch, then folded his arms and leant on it, watching Ignatius

"Huntin' eh?"
Entry 1532 20/12/06 00:00
"Hunting," Ignatius repeated. "Indeed. That Karithia has something I want and it cannot be removed unless that beast has had the last breath drawn from its crusty hide. You're not going to join the hunt, old man?" Instead of trying to manipulate Garrol with his voice, it was more of a simple question. "Or will your followers do your dirty work for you, as always?" 

He walked down the stairs and towards him, now that the tavern was empty. "I still know how to clear a room..."
Latest Post Entry 1533 20/12/06 00:00
The large beast still in the dark shadows of the building interior. More voices and footsteps were audible, thought this time much closer than before. They were right outside the building wondering where the beast had gone. With their below average intelligence from all the fighting they've done over the years, it was not an easy task.
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