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Entry 1993 25/09/07 00:00
Continued from Freedom

Pierce’s imagination ran wild as he neared his long awaited destination. He had dreamed this very moment over and over again in his mind for several months now. “This is for you, Carson” He said inaudibly. He looked at the others on the boat, who were gazing upon the island, trying to take in the magnificence of unexplored territory. Even Sir Alden himself, the man of moods, couldn’t believe what he was seeing and he was cheerful to this occasion, not to mention the most perfect weather to make this experience even more worthwhile.

It wasn’t long before all four of them, Alden, the two sailors and Peirce himself were standing on the white sand beach, looking up at the tangled lush jungles and sheer rock faces towering further behind. Not to mention the temple Pierce was sure lay buried and forgotten somewhere on this island.

“We should set up here for camp, as Alden said,” Pierce said as well as Alden. “How about you two sailors collect some wood, just what is on the edge of the jungle, we don’t want to go to deep. Unless Alden would like to join you.”
Entry 1994 27/09/07 00:00
"I'm sure they can manage," Alden said with confidence. 

The two men headed hesitantly towards the jungle's edge, brushing past the weedy beach grass and eventually entering the darkness. Alden had meanwhile approached a tall stone jutting out of the sand, and was inspecting it's potential. Thinking it would make a good shelter from the wind, he kicked out a hole in the sand with both hands behind his back in preparation for the firewood. 

"Do you think it gets windy here?" he asked Pierce. "We're exposed to the sea directly."

He turned and looked out at the sea, catching sight of the nearby mountain-islands and stopping to admire them for a moment.
Entry 1995 30/09/07 00:00
Pierce watched as the men disappeared into the thick overgrowth then turned to Alden who was now standing over near a tall stone, kicking persistently at the sand.

"I could guess that it gets windy here, I guess we'll find out." Pierce joked. "Still, it can't hurt to be prepared."

He approached the large stone himself and went to lean on it when he inspected it's surface clearler. He touched it with his fingers and ran them down what appeared to be faint patterns.

"By Nikinah!" Pierce shouted by accident. "Alden, this stone has patterns on it. They have been severely worn down with by the wind and sea, but they're still there. The temple could most defiantly be on this island."
Entry 1996 21/10/07 00:00
Alden seemed uncaring at first. He took a moment to inspect the stone he was leaning against, but said nothing more on it. If he was here for the temples, on would assume he would be interested in locating its location, for which the stone may come in handy. He put both his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. Suddenly, there came a cry from the jungle. It was a terrifying cry of horror, and it caught Alden's attention. He drew his sword and sprinted for the foliage up the beach without waiting for Pierce.
Entry 1997 29/10/07 00:00
Pierce immediately faced the jungle as Alden ran off into the thick foliage shortly after a cry of horror, presumably by one, if not both of the sailors. Pierce thought it best to stay at the beach, as his fighting skills were no where near adequate and had no weapon in hand. He stood his ground by the jutting rock, it seemed special, unique, and Pierce felt comforted by its presence. Without pierces knowledge, the slightly faded marking on it's surface started to glow a washed out aqua colour, barely visible to the eye.
Entry 1998 23/11/07 00:00
Pierce would have waited for almost half an hour until anything moved in the jungle, and the sun was now threatening to vanish behind the mountains. Alden emerged from the foliage, exhausted, coughing, and holding his sword-clutching arm. He got halfway to Pierce when he stopped and called out, "Pierce! Come and see this! You have to see this! Right now!" And he turned and walked back up the slope and into the dense undergrowth, leaving a slight path for Pierce to follow. He waited in a very small "homemade" clearing.
Entry 1999 23/11/07 00:00
Pierce quickly withdrew his attention from the stone and looked at Alden, who urged Pierce to follow him into the jungle. He reluctantly followed Alden as to what he might find within the clearing Alden lead him into.
Entry 2000 23/11/07 00:00
Alden stood beside a stone much like the one out on the beach, but his attention was on some strange carcass nearby, torn almost beyond recognition. It didn't look like any known animal anyway. Alden looked to Pierce, expecting him to take samples or something. 

"What is it?" Alden asked, remotely interested. He wondered if Pierce would ask what he attacked with and whether he killed the creature, but didn't bring up the subject himself. "Before, its claws were glowing or something. It was hard to tell." He looked around the jungle. "It was quite bizarre, I must say."
Entry 2001 24/11/07 00:00
Pierce spotted the bloody, tangled carcass and took a few slow steps towards it. He covered his mouth with the collar of his shirt and moved towards it, stopping not a few inches before its jagged claws. He turned his head towards Alden slightly.

“Are you sure it’s dead?” Pierce asked, keeping his eyes on the corpse. “Did you even kill it? Because it looks pretty mangled…”

Without waiting for an answer from Alden, he knelt beside it, looking up and down its unusual body structure. He took out a glass jar from his bag he had strapped to him and sharp spatula-like tool. He scraped some flesh off the specimen and emptied it into the jar, sealing the cork. Pierce took out a pair of cutting tools and clipped off one of the claws that Alden said were glowing, placing it in a side pocket in his bag.

Pierce stood and faced Alden, “I think I’ve collected everything… but I’ve never seen or heard of such a creature as this. It may be a new specimen. It’s body structure, although mangled, is a lot different from other animals, it may be one of… The Enemy.”
Entry 2002 28/11/07 00:00
Alden nodded but then shook his head. "I didn't kill it. I heard something and found it like this. Does The Enemy reach this far out? How did it even get here? It doesn't seem to have wings, does it, Pierce?" 

 He put his hands on his hips and looked about idly, expecting to see one in the trees above. He went and knelt before the corpse as though, upon closer inspection, he would suddenly spot a pair of dainty little wings. He spotted nothing new. Scratching his head, he turned back to Pierce. 

"Come on, the beach is this way," he said, and they began to walk down a little track. However, after perhaps ten minutes, it became evident that they were not at the beach. They hadn't even been walking in a straight line. He mumbled as he stopped and placed his hand on a smooth tree trunk. The sky was very dark -- almost black -- and strange chirping and distant howling sounds came from somewhere far away. 

"I see how it is. It appears I don't know where the beach is." Throwing a quick glance at the dark sky and then towards the dark figure of Pierce, he confessed, "Perhaps I should have brought a lantern. Should we wait here until it gets light?"
Entry 2003 27/12/07 00:00
Pierce only stood there, staring at the back of Alden's head as he mentioned something about not knowing where the beach was and bringing a lantern. Pierce looked up at the dark sky as Alden did and then over one shoulder at the gloomy jungle behind.

Pierce sighed, "I think it would be wise to wait here, we don't want to accidentally wander further into the jungle, unless of course, we just did..." Pierce suggested. "But we should wait here either way."

Pierce sat on a nearby rock, looking at the ground and then back at Alden. "How far into night do you suppose we are, it seemed like we had been walking for hours."
Entry 2004 15/06/08 00:00
They slept somewhat uncomfortably on the forest's undergrowth that night. The dark was cold, but there was no wind so it was very silent. Even as Alden opened his eyes to the greyish light of dawn, the surrounding trees made no sound at all. He tried to look up through them but could only catch glimpses of the sky. 

"We should go back to get more men from the ship," Alden said. He looked down at Pierce, who was not moving. Alden assumed he was still asleep. "Unless, of course, we wish not to scare them, and should proceed on our own." 

He drew his sword and scouted the surrounding forest while he waited for Pierce to wake up.
Entry 2005 15/07/08 00:00
Pierce stood and stretched his back still with Alden's previous words in his mind. He gazed up at the above tree canopy and then looked around, failing to spot Alden. Figuring he couldn't be far off, he started himself in a randomly selected direction hoping to bump into his Sir.

Sure enough, Alden was not ten metres from the assigned resting ground. Greeting him briefly he spoke.

"We know not of what lingers within these unknown lands, so I think it would be wise to bring men, though we also need some to guard the ship.
Entry 2006 11/11/08 00:00
"I disagree," Alden said, not looking at Pierce. "They would slow us down, and complain, and be frightened." He turned his head to look at Piece. "You're not frightened, are you, Pierce? We can't be frightened... now now. We've come too far. Our destination is..."

He paused and walked to what appeared to be a wall of foliage. He stabbed at it with his sword and it rang like stone. 

"... very close."
Entry 2007 22/12/08 00:00
Pierce's expression changed instantly from bored to surprised when Alden stabbed what would appear to be stone. Either it was just a large rock underneath the vines or it was what they have been looking for all a long.

Pierce glanced at Alden's sword then met his gaze, "I'd hate to get my hopes up, but do you think that's what I think it is. The very foot of the stone temple that I've been searching for?" Pierce followed the foliage upward with his eye.

"Though I do find it strange, and hard to believe that we've walked several kilometres over night... unless its whereabouts are closer than estimated."

He closer and started to pull at the roots, determined to reveal the lost ruin.
Entry 2008 07/02/09 00:00
It certainly appeared to be a carved stone. Well, truth be told, it didn't even appear to be carved but it was certainly a perfect fit with the surrounding stones. There were no signs of anybody having brought a tool to its green-grey mossy surface. Alden scratched at the moss to inspect the stone, though he truly didn't know anything about masonry. Immediately after, he scanned the forest, half-expecting to be taken into the canopy by vines acting as a defense mechanism for the sacred place. As Pierce pulled and tore, it began evident that they were standing before a rather high wall. 

"I'm going to climb over. Let's not waste time staring at the most minute of details." He sheathed his sword, grabbed the vines on the wall, found a good footing, and began to ascend. 

What met his eyes when he reached the top was... an immensely thick tangle of foliage. With a sigh be began to climb down the other side. Upon reaching solid ground, he surveyed his surroundings. The other side of the wall seemed different somehow. Sound was different. Colours were different. Everything was strange. Everything was slightly scary. Alden frowned and pushed on. 

"Following, Pierce?" he called out, but the jungle twisted his own voice and he stopped in surprise. He turned around and decided to wait for Pierce to catch up.
Entry 2009 24/06/09 00:00
Pierce stood there for a moment as his mind wandered back into his head, then looked up at the top of the wall. Hearing the distant voice of Alden call out Pierce climbed the wall in the same manner. He spotted Alden when he reached the top and climbed down the other side, catching up with him.

Upon reaching the bottom he surveyed the surroundings, noticing the different colours and sounds. The whole atmosphere.

"What do we make of this, Alden?" Pierce asked not sure what to expect of the place. "Certainly not like anything I have ever laid eyes on. Truly magnificent in a slightly... mysterious and... creepy way."

He looked back at Alden. "Come on, lets get exploring." He headed into the foliage.
Entry 2010 18/07/09 00:00
"What do we make of this," Alden echoed. "It's just more jungle..."

He followed his companion in deeper, eventually taking the lead again so he could slash intrusive foliage out of their way. Alden seemed unperturbed by his surroundings; jungle was jungle, and obstacles were obstacles. They went on like this for some time, until he glanced up and stopped in his tracks. 

"It's getting dark," he muttered. "I swear it was midday when we were at the wall... not that I could see the sun through this... this... stuff." He emphasised his words while cutting at some more vines. 

In the dimming light, though, it became clear that there was a light ahead of them. It couldn't be discerned what sort of light, as it was some way off, but there was a distinct glow down the twisted path. Mentioning the possibility of there being more humans on the island, Alden proceeded with caution and expected Pierce to follow him.
Latest Post Entry 2012 25/07/09 00:00
As they both noticed the light, Pierce made a slight sigh of relief with the possibility that they were getting closer to his destination. He followed Alden closely as they proceeded cautiously down the twisted path stringed with vines and entanglements.

Meanwhile Pierce grabbed a small book from his satchel bag and began to jot down notes and things as they were walking. He kept a constant eye on the surroundings.
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