Childminding in Shuptalxia (Completed)

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Entry 1127 22/05/07 00:00
Imros smiled and dropped, clumsily, to Toro's level. "Course you will!" he cried, pulling his best reassuring grin, "So you're not as strong as me - so what! You've not had the time to train and believe me, you don't want the time," the older of two continued.
"Because when you get the time it means something bad has had to have happened for you to need to train so badly...Like what happened to my sister, that's why I'm strong," he explained. He looked at Toro disheartened face, could this get any less complicated!? "But in all honesty..I'm not that strong anyway," he whispered and winked at him.
Entry 1128 30/05/07 00:00
"Mmm," Toro mumbled, still sour-faced. He met eyes with Imros for a second, and felt obliged to not look away this time. His eyes were tired and half-lidded, but they were a brilliant green in the darkness -- strong and vibrant, and pulsing with energy of the wind. But the colour of his own eyes would not cheer him up, nor would any amount of strength. 

"Sorry," he finally said. "I shouldn't have dumped that on you. I'm just whining like a baby." He rubbed the back of his neck nervously.
Entry 1129 30/05/07 00:00
Imros grinned and messed up Toro's hair, "Yeah, but you're my little whining baby," he laughed, pulling his tongue out. "Whine whilst you can, apparently it's not a desirable trait when you get older," he continued.
 and he hopped over a tree branch.
Latest Post Entry 1131 31/05/07 00:00
Toro grinned and shoved Imros playfully. "What's taking you so long? I'll race you back home!"

And he broke into a sprint, forgetting that Imros had just been fighting. 

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