Childminding in Shuptalxia (Completed)

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Entry 1107 11/04/07 00:00
Imros raced though the trees. The branches last against him but he didn't care - he had to catch that thing before it got hold of Toro again.
He skidded into the clearing, catching sight of Toro. The boy seemed alright, if not a little dazed. 
His eyes shot to the tree. The golden eyed shadow glared down at him from the tree. "Who sent you?" the Keid growled, flicking the wind into his hands. The shadow remained silent. "Who sent you!" Imros roared, his eyes turning fiercely. Nothing.
"Listen you over-grown cloud!" He cried at the Shadow, releasing how pathetic he sounded afterwards. "You tell what you're doing here or I'm going to blast all the way to Yanuiri!!" He continued.
The shadow smiled,
Entry 1108 11/04/07 00:00
Small fangs glinted in the moonlight like daggers of silver. 

"I'm a Fanoran. Has your head recently taken a hard knocking or have you simply forgotten who the enemy of your people is?" He jumped down and crouched on all fours behind Toro, who stayed where he was. "You're just a boy." He looked down at Toro. "And this one, even more so. You can't stop me. I'm out of the village. You were too slow!" 

He laughed an odd laugh that had a manic and rasping ring to it, and he drew a real dagger, though it was not silver. Toro was picked up again and the dagger was put to his neck. Toro was moving his mouth, as if it say 'help me', but he remained silent. Slowly, the Fanoran retreated into the jungle, closely watching Imros for any aggressive moves.
Entry 1109 12/04/07 00:00
"Fanoran!" Imros spluttered - how had he not realised before! What was he going to do now?! He was way too far away from the village to get any help  and if he made any kind of attack - Toro was done for.
"Come on Imros think!!" he hissed to himself.
"What do you want? Why'd you bother to come out here in the middle of the night just to kidnap a thirteen-year-old boy?" He demanded, "And on your own too - does that fur clog up your brains or something Fanoran?" He teased, he had to buy himself sometime.
The Fanoran didn't seem too pleased with that for a reply. Now Imros was panicking, he was digging himself into a hole. "Alright, I'm tired of this - put the kid down and fight me. He's of no use to you anyway." he cried.
The Fanoran grinned...
Entry 1110 14/04/07 00:00
"Noble," the Fanoran muttered, "but foolish. I didn't come here to fight. You're stronger and older than this boy and you wouldn't make good... leverage. You're not one to let me steal you away, and yet this runt..." He ran the dagger down Toro's throat, not penetrating. "He doesn't have a choice. Do you see what I mean, yet?" 

He was silent for a moment and Toro did not move a muscle. Then he spoke again. 

"But I haven't had a good fight in such a long time." He whipped out a cloth and bound Toro's ankles and wrists, and gagged him, and drew another dagger. He stood and glared at Imros. "Whenever you're ready, child."

Entry 1111 16/04/07 00:00

"CHILD!!" The Keid cried, throwing 3 more "Shadow-disks" at the Fanoran. "I'm not a child - hairball!" he continued, drawing some arrows, He knew he had to play this safe.

Entry 1112 16/04/07 00:00

Geral dissipated one disk with his shadow but the other two struck him. With a growl he recovered very quickly and leapt at Imros, aiming a deadly stab for the Keid's chest.
Entry 1113 17/04/07 00:00

Imros managed to dodge the cut but not without taking a blow to the arm. He howled and clamped his hand over the wound. "I don't have a chance against this guy!" he thought to himself. He launched the three arrows in the vain hope that they would cause so damage, at least enough to get to Toro.
Entry 1114 18/04/07 00:00
Geral cut one of the arrows down mid-flight and ducked under one, but another stuck right into his chest. He fell back from the force but then he jumped back up on his feet, glaring at Imros. He didn't seem hurt at all. He ran around Imros in an arc and then jumped over the boy's head, aiming to cut his shoulder.
Entry 1115 19/04/07 00:00
Imros leapt out of the way but not without losing the strap of his quiver. "Honestly! I have to sew that now!" he cried, grinning at the Fanoran. He knew that was a Near-miss to many. 
He looked up to check the Fanoran's position, enough time to get the power he needed. He needed a decoy, "Are you watching hairball?" he teased and began to draw another large shadow ball out. He combined it with the arrows and launched it at the Fanoran. "That should keep him busy," he smiled to himself as he charged off in Toro's direction.
Entry 1116 20/04/07 00:00
Geral was still in the air as the arrows and magic came at him, and he slashed the magic apart like it was a ball of straw. However, he didn't account for the arrows, and they plunged into him with a loud punching sound and he was thrown back through the air. He flipped a few times, dropped his dagger, and landed with a thud in long ferns and grass. 

Toro stared at Imros, wide-eyed. He had already managed to free his ankles, but his hands and mouth were still bound.
Entry 1117 23/04/07 00:00
"Ha! Got 'im!!" Imros cheered as he skidded to a halt in front of Toro. He threw a quick glance at the Fanoran before turning back to Toro. "Oh Toro my friend!" he giggled, unfastening the cloth round the boy's wrists. "Stupid Fuzz-Ball" he grinned but noticed the look in Toro's eyes. "What?" he asked as he untie the gag around his mouth.
Entry 1118 24/04/07 00:00
Toro raised a trembling arm and pointed behind Imros. The Fanoran had lifted himself up on his feet and had began to snap the ends of the arrows off. His teeth were clenched and one of his arms seemed limp, but he looked ready to fight. 

Just as it seemed as though he would never stay down, there was a whirling noise and he gasped, falling forward once more. Behind him, in the bushes, stood a huge man with long dark reddish hair.  He was wielding an elaborate bow. 

"Elder!" Toro cried. "It's not wha--"

He was silenced as Buroba raised his hand. "Imros," he said. "What is the meaning of this? Speak."
Entry 1119 25/04/07 00:00
Imros looked up from Toro. "Erh..." He started, now he was in trouble. He knew he shouldn't have been using the shadow magic - how was he going to worm his way out of this one?

"Elder. It really isn't what you think. That Fanoran kidnapped Toro - I panicked," he stammered and made an attempt at  a bow. He glanced up to Buroba through his fringe. "Come on Toro - Back me up on this..." he though to himself.
Entry 1120 27/04/07 00:00
"Ah, yeah!" Toro said, standing and rubbing his wrists. "Imros saved me! He beat up the Fanoran on his own!"

Buroba's face was scowling, and he looked from one to the other. "Did you now, Imros? That's almost impressive." He looked down at the dead Fanoran. "This one specialises in self-recovery through pressure points. You did well to hurt him as much as you did. Perhaps I underestimated you a little..."'

Toro grinned but then quickly hid it, going to Imros's side and holding the older boy in instinct.
Entry 1121 29/04/07 00:00
Imros felt the boy grab on to his sore arm. "Thank you!" he stammered, he was astounded - Buroba hadn't shouted at him for using the shadow magic. 
He looked down to Toro again "Thanks mate," he grinned but winced as the blood trickled down his arm, "Not to be rude - but could you use the other arm," he asked sheepishly.
Entry 1122 05/05/07 00:00

Toro winced and let go. "Oh! Sorry Imros," he said, but he didn't take Imros's other hand. 

"When you two are done standing out here like goats, you can head back to your homes," Buroba said. "You needn't explain anything to your parents. I'll do that if they find out. Let's hope they don't, though, hmm?"
Entry 1123 07/05/07 00:00
[I don't know either, whatever you think   )

"Parents," Imros grunted with a wry smirk, no worry about that then... He smiled and thanked Buroba (and thanked him once again silently for not killing him for his misuse of magic)
"Come on Pest," He said looking down at Toro. "You look like I feel," he teased and gave him a helpful shove in the direction of the village.
Entry 1124 14/05/07 00:00
Toro walked a little and then stopped. He turned to face Imros with a worried and tired look. 

"Imros..." he began in a childish voice. "Why did the Fanoran take me? I mean, instead of you or someone else? I was tied up and you fought it without hesitation. Is it because I'm just a kid?"
Entry 1125 14/05/07 00:00
Imros looked down in surprise. "It said something about leverage - he was probably just trying to wind Buroba up, that's what Fanorans do best..." he smiled.
"And why the surprise at me fighting for you?" he teased, "You're my friend, even if you are a pain sometimes, and anyway - Roda needs his brother after all," He continued, helping the younger Keid over a large tree root.
Latest Post Entry 1126 19/05/07 00:00
"Yeah but... I'm still weak," Toro said. The words seemed to have little effect on him. "I look up to people like you and Jaro but you're just way ahead of me. It's like I'll never catch up. I'll always be on the bottom..."
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