Childminding in Shuptalxia (Completed)

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Entry 1087 22/02/07 00:00
Imros slid into the chair - and he thought sentry was bad! All he could hear was the screams of the Keid children, none of whom had any intention of going to bed. 
  He sighed heavily and took another drink form his tankard as yet another fight broke out. "Hey! Hey!" He cried as he yanked the two boys apart. "What do you think you're doing!?" He demanded, glaring at the taller of the two. "I'm bored!"  the child whined, widening his deep brown eyes in hope that Imros would put him down. Imros dropped him onto the hard dirt floor. He hated Babysitting.

  He ran his fingers through his long titian hair, could anything be more dull? The boy got up," You're mean!" he declared, prodding the side of Imros' leg, "And you wear a skirt!" he laughing, his grass-like hair waving around as his head shook for the giggling. Imros was about to lose his temper...

Suddenly, the door creaked open - salvation at last! He whirled around to see who had just entered...
Entry 1088 23/02/07 00:00

A youth rushed in and went to Imros, not really realising who he had approached until he stood right before the young man. He looked up and stuttered, his eyes flashing with confusing. 

"I-- Uh... The twins can be taken back home now," he said quietly. "Do you... want me to take them home? You look a bit busy, Imros."
Entry 1089 24/02/07 00:00
Imros sighed with relief, "You would be doing me a massive favour Toro," He sighed, "In fact, you can take them all if you like," he joked but watched an uneasy look spread over the youth's face.  He laughed and went to drag the twins away from the bat-and-ball style game they were playing.
"You seem in a hurry, everything alright?" Imros asked, looking across to Toro.
Entry 1090 24/02/07 00:00
Toro paused and nodded, forcing a grin of reassurance. "Err, yeah, sure! Come one, Hinre, Gomu, let's get you home." 

The twins looked at Toro, who was about twice their age, but Toro was still short for 13. Still, they followed obediently. The elder looked kindly upon Toro and took the boy's word seriously. The twins didn't want trouble. They could create enough of that on their own. 

As they were leaving, Toro stopped and turned back. "Ohh, Imros! You know that girl you like?" He said it loud enough so all the kids could hear. "Uhh... Sara, was it? She wanted to meet you behind the haven in an hour or so." Toro grinned again at him, this time for a different reason, and left quickly.
Entry 1091 26/02/07 00:00
Imros' usually brown flash became awash with embarrassment. How did Toro know about that!? 
He looked around to see all the kids looking at him, "What?" He protested, all their eyes gazing up at him. He just knew they'd all go home and tell their parents, kids were like that - how embarrassing! "So I like her, so what? You'll understand when you're older," he said dismissively.

The parents of the various children appeared and one by one the diaper wearing miscreants disappeared.  Imros sighed with relief as the last of the children ran off to their parents. 
He walked over to the window and stared at the pale moon in the star-studded sky. Then realized, "Sara!!" he cried and darted out if the room, why was he always late? 
He bolted through the streets, trying to tame his mane of hair, she was going to kill him...

Entry 1092 26/02/07 00:00

Around the corner of the single stone temple stood Sara. There she waited, lined with silver in the moonlight, with the radiance of a goddess. When Imros came around the corner, her eyes locked onto his, and a warm smile escaped her. 

"Imros," she said. "Come over here."

Atop the stone wall was a harmless figure, crouching down and out of sight.
Entry 1093 27/02/07 00:00

A grin spread across his face, "Evening!" He said cheerfully, bouncing towards her. "What's with the messenger? You could've come and seen me yourself - I wouldn't've minded," he asked with smile; he seemed to be getting less subtle everyday. 
It seemed he'd managed to get away with being late but the temple seemed eerily quiet, there wasn't even any animals around. He looked up to Sara, she'd gone quite... 
"So, how come you called me all the way up here?" he asked offhandedly, sliding off the rock he had been using previously as a seat.
Entry 1094 01/03/07 00:00
She moved nearer to him and whispered, "Would you rather everyone in the street sees this?" 

And she moved her face before his and stared him in the eyes for a good minute or two, and then swiftly swept a hand across his cheek. A red mark was all that was left on his face as she turned and walked away.

The figure atop the temple stood a little higher and then jumped down. It was Toro.

"Imros! Are you okay? Why did she slap you?" he asked, not caring if Imros realised he was spying on them.
Entry 1095 02/03/07 00:00
Imros was flabbergasted. He looked down to Toro's level, "She just slapped me..." he said in disbelief watching her walk away. "Was it because I was late..?" he continued, still in a daze.
He acknowledged  the fact that Toro had been spying on him but he was too shocked to say anything. 
"In answer to your question my little friend - No. I'm not okay and I have no idea why she just belted me!" he growled and watched her turn the corner. "Wait here..." Imros muttered.
"SARA!!" he cried as he charged down the hill from the temple to the village. his face was still throbbing.
He skidded around the corner until he caught sight of her. "Sara! Wait a second!" he bawled, chasing after her.
Entry 1096 04/03/07 00:00
Sara stopped and looked over her shoulder at him, her expression void of interest. She did not speak, but instead turned fully and crossed her arms defensively. 

Toro followed him behind and it didn't take him long to find a suitable spot to watch on, not sure whether Imros would get another slap or not for being so rash.

"... Well?" Sara asked sharply.
Entry 1097 06/03/07 00:00
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'WELL' !?" Imros exploded, glaring across the street at Sara. "Well - I would very much like to know why you just saw it fit to wallop me in front of the entire street!!" he cried, here came his temper...
He'd already noticed Toro but he knew how much trouble the boy would be in if Sara noticed - she was not in mood to be forgiving, he could see that.  It didn't bother him that the boy was watching him - the rest of the street had seen her hit him, what was one small boy compared to the rest of the town?
"Well?" he mimicked, still sending her a dagger-like stare. He tried not to find her even slightly attractive but he was failing - she was still pretty, even if she had just slapped him.

"WELL!!" He roared - there went his temper.  He was tired of the silence. He looked across to her. This was bad...
Entry 1098 12/03/07 00:00
Sara glared at him, seeming well ready to slap him again. 

"Why did I slap you?" she asked, her tone eerily calm, yet terrifying at the same time. "Do you know how many hours I waited for you? After all that, I asked myself, is it worth it? I suppose it's not. You can't even control yourself after one meagre punishment for being a forgetful oaf." She crossed her arms and waited for a reply. Toro watched on from a safe distance, a lump building in his throat.
Entry 1099 13/03/07 00:00
He stood motionless for a few moments - making various one-syllable sounds of shock.
Oh Dear...Was he really that late? Stupid Kids!!

"Sorry!" Was the first thing the fell out of his mouth, "Let me make it up to you..." was the second and the one he regretted the most. 
"I'm Free right!" He smiled: she was either going to kill him or forgive him...
Entry 1100 15/03/07 00:00
The corner of her mouth curled into a smile. "I'm not. Not anymore, Imros. Maybe tomorrow if I'm feeling... merciful." She turned her head sharply and caught sight of Toro, who flinched in response. "Even Toro was here in time. But you, Imros... You need to get your priorities right." 

She turned and began to walk away again, but stopped after a few steps. "I wouldn't be telling you if I didn't care about you." And she disappeared around the corner again. 

Toro came and approached Imros again, though rather cautiously. "What'd she say about me?" he asked, though more to himself.
Entry 1101 16/03/07 00:00
"That you're a nosy little pest!" Imros chuckled, punching the boy playfully.  "Nah, She said even you managed to get here on time," He smiled.

She wasn't going to kill him - that was a good sign. Luckily has hadn't spoil this victory by blurting out what was going through his mind. "Priorities,"He muttered to himself, there was nothing wrong with his priorities - he knew what he wanted and what he had to do and soon he'd have to act on that. however, now he knew he had to try and patch it up with Sara.

He looked back down to Toro, "You got off lightly kid," He grinned
Entry 1102 19/03/07 00:00
Toro smiled back. "Yeah, must've. Are you going to chase her again? She looks ready to slap your face in two." 

He looked up and down where they were, pausing. 

"Maybe... Maybe I told you the wrong time to meet her..." And he held up his arms defensively as though expecting a final blow.
Entry 1103 20/03/07 00:00
"Maybe?" Imros muttered darkly, looking down to the boy. He knew he had better keep a lid on his temper - Toro was only a "kid" after all. 
"Maybe I'll tell Buroba that you're out past you're bed time," he smirked - he wasn't going to slap Toro, he was just going to annoy him a little bit. "Or... maybe I won't," he teased folding his arms.
"And maybe I'll forget that you told me the wrong time - but just maybe," he grinned, ruffling the boy's hair, "You daft stump!"
Entry 1104 05/04/07 00:00
Toro smiled, feeling assured but still cautious. "I'm sorry. It wasn't intentional... Anyway, you're out past your bedtime too. We're not meant to be out at night at all. You know the ru--"

Almost as though waiting for the right words, a blazing shadow swept Toro off the ground and rose above the ground like a leaf on the wind, carrying the boy over a building. He didn't even have time to yell as he was carried silently away. Then there was just silence.
Entry 1105 08/04/07 00:00
"TORO!!" Imros cried as the boy vanished from his side.  He drew three arrows from his quiver. He looked at the target, "No...." he muttered to himself, "I might hit him,"
He watched the shadow blaze off into the distance. What to do? He couldn't just leave Toro and there was no time to tell Buroba...
He looked around, no one around. "I shouldn't..." he whispered, noticing his hands had started glowing - "But I've got no choice," he said firmly.
He felt the magic surge through - two powers hiding inside one being... This was going to hurt if it did nothing else. 
A shadow began to form his right hand and a jet of wind blasted from his left. He manged eventually to mix the two into a disk shaped cloud.

"Hold on Toro!! I'm coming!" He called as the disk soared across the trees.
Latest Post Entry 1106 10/04/07 00:00
The shadow that had Toro in its grasp turned to look with golden eyes, and with a hiss, it flicked its hand backwards and dispersed the energy coming towards it. However, it only managed to destroy the wind, and the dark magic continued and struck its leg. It twirled through the air and dropped Toro, who fell into foliage like a rag doll. 

They were both out of the village now, in the thick of the jungle. The dark figure landed in a tree and looked quickly around for the one who had defended the young Keid so fiercely.
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