Child's Play

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Entry 2835 06/03/09 00:00
William climbed deeper into the pipe resting on the rubble and the tentacle did not manage to reach him. He couldn't see what was happening around him. The tentacle withdrew and he felt the rubble shift as the kraken moved and dissolved. Not wanting to sink, he quickly escaped the pipe and leaped across onto the walkway encircling the water. He peered up at Luke and the others descending towards him. 

They gathered together. 

"Can we get out of here now?" Conir asked, greatly disliking the recent events. They all looked to Luke.
Entry 2836 29/03/09 00:00
"Yes of course Conir, let's get out of here," Luke said leading them towards an exit. As the boys followed him he grinned "I should get my dad to recommend you three for knighthood, especially you William." He led the group through twisting tunnels and passages and there were points where debris caused them to take detours, but Luke had correctly guessed that the reservoir was the center and lowest point of the complex, so all tunnels eventually would lead out.

After perhaps an hour of just plain walking the tunnels began to change back into the dungeons of the ruined castle. "There we are guys, almost out," Luke said assuringly.
Entry 2837 02/04/09 00:00
William perked up when he heard the mention of knights. While they walked, he pressed Luke with the same questions over and over: "Really?", "Are you serious?", "You're not joking?", and then it would loop. The other boys became irritated but they said nothing. They even commended William on his earlier stunt. 

When Luke said they were almost out they all sighed in unison. They were actually glad to see crumbling stone and mossy bricks. At one point, there was even a shaft of daylight visible. Unable to determine how long they had been underground, William was overcome with anxiety. 

"Were we underground for the whole night? My parents are gonna kill me! I have to get home!"

The other two boys echoed a similar issue. They turned to Luke. 

"Are you going to take us home, Luke?" William asked. 


And so Luke did. It was a long walk out of the forest, as the sun was setting as they emerged and laid eyes on the extensive set of buildings and homes known as Vesht. They passed some farms and a palisade wall and Conir and Jared went off to their own homes. 

"Do you wanna meet my family?" William asked Luke, grabbing his hand to lead him there anyway. "You can tell them that you can make me a knight, and that I'll be your squire, or something. Can you? They'll understand." He paused after he turned a corner. "Oh but I'm hungry."
Latest Post Entry 2839 13/04/09 00:00
"Doesn't seem like you're giving me a choice," Luke quipped with amusement to William's question. He let himself be lead down various streets and at the mention of hunger, Luke found he too was rather hungry. "Yes a meal sounds like a good idea and yes I think you could travel with me if you want, but we'll have to ask your parents."
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