Carson's wall

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Entry 44 29/09/07 00:00
"Staring is wide-eyed," Daes said. "I'm merely watching." He turned to Amos. "I do not believe we have any such weapons, correct?. This fortification relies on manpower. Besides, if the Giakdon caught wind of us possessing such a thing, this battle would be all the more terrible. We use only men so The Enemy continues to underestimate us."

He went to the stone door and put his ear to it. "It's drawing near, but it's not near enough yet. When it's before the door, we'll have it opened and overwhelm it with surprise. Amos and Samuel, you will have to try and attack its calves [1]. Though it's a giant, it moves faster than you might think, so do not get stepped on. I will deal with my own things."
Entry 45 29/09/07 00:00
Amos leaned against the wall closest to him inside the gatehouse. He stared at the front stone gate as if expecting it to smash open with a Giakdon standing there. But he knew it was stronger than that.

"There are more things to worry about, Rock, than a Trueblood sta- watching you." Amos said indirectly, now looking at the ground. "Yes, Daes is right. We don't use siege equipment because we can't risk anything above a Giakdon, and quite personally, I don't really want to meet face-to-face with whatever else they have in there.
Entry 46 29/09/07 00:00
Confused as the Amos meaning of 'in there', Samuel chimed in curiously:
"Sir? Isn't that just the fortress gate?"
A resounding boom snapped Samuel, weapon and all, to attention.
Entry 47 29/09/07 00:00
Suddenly, Daes ran to the wall and yanked at a cord. A faint ringing echoed above, and the gate began to grind slowly upwards. Mud poured over the already filthy dirt and more and more rain shot in through the large doorway. Daes ducked under the gate as it was still lifting and broke into a blinding sprint for the giant standing precariously close to the wall. Though the giant Giakdon was nowhere near as high as the fortress wall, it was perhaps four times taller than Daes, who was quite tall himself. 

The Giakdon raised its massive axe and let it loose in a downward motion, but Daes avoided it easily and continued on running up the hill and eventually vanished over the top. The Giakdon snorted from beneath its steel helm and turned its head to look at Amos and Samuel, standing down there in the gateway. Gradually, its body became pincushioned by silver arrows.
Entry 48 29/09/07 00:00
Amos quickly drew his jaggered silver sword as Daes sprinted over the hill and ran for the Giakdon's legs. It brought it's over-sized axe down for another sweep, but Amos jumped skillfully aside as the swings were slow and easily foreseeable. Amos swung his razor blade at the giants calf, jumping backwards as it turned slightly, almost stepping on him.
Entry 49 17/12/07 00:00
Lacking the grace of Amos, yet matching the sharp wit, Samuel succesfully dove underneath the swing of the giant mace. Following the creatures recovery, Samuel sprinted forwards clutching his own stocky silver sword, and clambered up the creatures foot as it turned. Perched atop the Giakdon's foot, Samuel drove his blade straight down, earning a little bloodshed and an impressive tremor.
Entry 50 22/12/07 00:00
When the blade struck the calf of the Giakdon, there seemed to be some sort of burning on its leg, but it was quite minor and didn't seem to bother it in the least. When the sword was driven into its foot, however, it gave an unearthly cry and lifted its leg up with surprising speed, likely sending Samuel over into the mud nearby. With a grumble, it brought its axe down upon the battlements. Two men fell to the ground below and chunks of stone toppled down. It ignored Amos for the time being.
Latest Post Entry 52 22/12/08 00:00
The great Giakdon suddenly turned toward the hills and grunted, as if it were being distracted. Without a warning the hefty beast headed toward the hill in the direction Daes vanished, dragging its massive axe behind, grinding against the stony ground.

Amos was puzzled by the Giakdon's sudden and unexpected move, but was grateful. He ordered all the soldiers back into the wall to recuperate and repair. 

"Well, done Rock, you didn't do too badly." He said as he lay a hand on his pauldron. "Looks like Nikina's on our side today as the Giakdon seemed to have lost interest."
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