Carson's wall

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Entry 4 02/02/07 00:00

Amos and the others rode on for hours. They passed through Amaiga breifly on the way there, only grabbing a quick bite to eat because they needed to get to carson's gate as quick as possible. After they passed through they continued to ride along the path. When they were in between the mountains and the lake, the gate was visible on the horizon, at the end of a long pass between the mountains.

"There it is," Amos said, pointing to the gate a long way off.

Entry 5 03/02/07 00:00

Staring down through the valley, it was the first time Samuel had ever seen the gate, although he had heard of its grim history, and how it came to BE 'Carson's Gate'.

"So Amos, the hero Carson. He was killed where?"
Entry 6 03/02/07 00:00
Amos staired down the valley too, listening to the howling wind through the mountains. Hearing Samuel ask a question he looked at him to answer, "He was killed where the gate is now. But anyway, we must get to the gate quickly now." With that said, Amos kicked his horse into gallop towards the wall with the rest of the troop, eyeing the mountains for any signs of The Enemy.
Entry 7 03/02/07 00:00
Spurring his horse, and setting off a little awkwardly at first, samuel joined Amos in a gallop.
Only to fall from his horse, hanging upside down, while the creature weaved frantically around Amos.
Entry 8 03/02/07 00:00

A gruff voice came from atop a westward ledge, "It's not like you to bring along such inexperienced men, Amos." There stood a man in dark cloaks, trailing behind him in the cold wind. His arms were crossed and his gleaming blue eyes stared down at Samuel and his horse. 

He walked to Amos and half nodded, half bowed, "Good to see you again."
Entry 9 03/02/07 00:00
Amos looked over at Samuel, calling the horse to a halt and letting Samuel get back up on the horse. He then looked at the Daesdikhin, nodding back, "Well, well, well, if it isn't my old friend, Daesdikhin. What a pleasent surprise. What are you doing out here?"
Entry 10 03/02/07 00:00
Realising this was a battle of testosterone and one liners, Samuel settled for an observant post behind Amos, while surveying the surrounding hills and ledges for an ambush... or at least signs of life.
Entry 11 06/02/07 00:00
"What am I doing here?" Daes repeated, walking around his horse and glancing at Samuel. "You want to drive back The Enemy again, don't you? I hope you brought a weapon of silver."

He turned to face the gate and drew a silver sword that looked as though it was meant for a human, as it was smallish compared to him. 

"I fear something larger has broken out, this time. Uniphons and Folang, most likely. Maybe a Scout if we're unlucky. But something is watching us, and it is very close and very large..."
Entry 12 08/02/07 00:00
"Yes, I feel it too." Amos said, scanning the mountains for any signs of movement. "Considering the gate is missing, I fear the same. But we'll fight it back, we do every time." Amos said with confidence. He walked to Daesdikhin, "I think Samuel might need this sword more than I. My sword is not silver but it's shape slays The Enemy almost as easily."
Entry 13 09/02/07 00:00
Overhearing Amos with a nervous excitement, Samuel didn't know what to think. It's official, this man was one of their own. But he was to be presented with a weapon? Where had it come from? Perhaps Lyte? Or Serten even...
In his stupor, Samuel had non-challantly riden up so that he was only a few feet behind the two.
Entry 14 09/02/07 00:00
Daes nodded to Amos slowly and threw the sword into the ground by Samuel's horse so that the young man could take it on his own accord. He then began to walk towards the gate when an odd ringing came from the distance. First, it sounded like the distant clang of metal. Some stones rolled down from the hill and then it could be seen that small werewolf-type creatures were running down bearing axes. They were yelling something nobody could understand and approaching quite fast. 

Two of them ran at Amos, and one threw a throwing axe towards the man's body. Another two ran for Samuel, going for the legs of his horse instead. Meanwhile, something winged circled them above. Daes was nowhere in sight. 

Entry 15 13/02/07 00:00
Amos ducked underneath the axe that was thrown at him and swung his jagged sword for the Folang in front of the other, then returning his blade and swinging for the other Folang.
Entry 16 13/02/07 00:00
Tapping his horse thouroughly on the side of the head, Samuel rolled from his seated position, and claimed the sword Daes had planted for him.
It's size and length being a tad unweildy, it didn't stop him from from half cleaving one of the Folang as it leapt at him.
Unfortunately, this alerted another which was behind him, and Samuel now found himself locking blade against claw, with minimal footing.
Entry 17 16/02/07 00:00
The first Folang to fall victim to Amos's blade was quickly silenced, and the second jumped back and then lunged under the horse's legs, distressing it and going to attack the Elite from the other side. Likewise, the Folang Samuel attacked first fell over dead. Samuel had easily begun to overpower the latter beast, as it was small and the silver was visibly burning it. But then a larger and much more vicious Folang, looking more like a werewolf wearing a spiked collar and armbands, came down towards Samuel with a flying kick and a roar.
Entry 18 03/03/07 00:00
The horse reared back and Amos almost fell off. He watched the Folang lunge under his horse and went to attack him from the other side. Amos, however, was ready for this and swung his sword at the near coming Folang.
Entry 19 07/03/07 00:00
With a coughed profanity, and more of lucky than skilled swing, Samuel had managed to embed the silver blade in the ankle of the beast as it flew at him. Although they had both toppled over, as it's kick was ruined, but it crashed into him. Reaching for his trusty (albeit un im-bued) axe, Samuel swung it solidly at the creatures chest, while he moved the sword like a saw in an attempt to get it free from the bone it was stuck in. If it were any other time, one could be disturbed by the squelches and bone crunching sounds come from Samuel's position.
Entry 20 09/03/07 00:00
The Folang cried out both as the silver sword struck its ankle, and as Amos's sword clipped its arm and left a moderate gash. It rolled to its feet as it tackled Samuel but found an axe coming, so it ducked under it and tackled Samuel by the legs, digging in thick and strong teeth like a hyena. It no longer cared about Amos, as the man would surely be watching the flying beast coming down at him from the sky.
Entry 21 10/03/07 00:00
Amos was indeed noticing the flying beast just now. He moved his sword back behind him, getting ready to cut the beast down. When the beast was near enough he released his sword, aiming straight for the center of the beast.
Entry 22 12/03/07 00:00
Ripping his sword from the beasts leg, and ripping said leg clean off, Samuel stumbled backwards and landed square on his behind as the Folang had bitten with considerable strength. Looking to his left, he managed to roll and throw his axe in a beautiful straight line towards another of the creatures backs. Although sadly he missed, and the axe went thud into a tree.
Latest Post Entry 23 15/03/07 00:00
Luckily, the sword of Amos crunched into the flying beast's chest, but the force of it coming down would have torn Amos from atop his horse. The Folang did not notice the axe, as it had suddenly toppled to one side and closed its eyes. Where the silver had touched it, there were visible burn marks, and a foul odour filled the air. The vallery fell quiet and Daesdikhin was still not in sight.
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