Calling Able-Bodied Men (Completed)

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Entry 1698 16/12/06 00:00
Jonathan Enos looked up over his papers in his hand at the soldier in the door. The man simply nodded and Enos stood and followed him to the main room, which was near-empty, save a few more soldiers. 

"I see," Enos said. "I may have to recruit more from the town itself. I'm sure there are plenty of able men out there."

"Of course, sir. Shall I put up the advertisements?"

"Do. And have it state they are to see me personally if they're interested in joining this 'expedition'."

The soldier nodded and left abruptly.

Entry 1699 18/12/06 00:00
Alex looked around at the soldiers and asked one where he could find the man named Enos. He was directed and soon came to the specified room and knocked on the door.
Entry 1700 18/12/06 00:00
"Come in," Enos replied. He was looking over the profiles of all guards in Elcheane on paper. There were around a hundred. Most of them didn't impress him, but he had no interest thus far. Without looking up at whoever was entering, he kept speaking, "So tell me why I should hire you for this mission..."
Entry 1701 18/12/06 00:00
Alex entered and stood before this man. "Why? Because I have nothing else. You tell me why you shouldn't hire me?" he asked, his tone bold, but also somewhat flat. It wasn't a challenge either, but a mere question. "I've served under The Guard a little and have helped out enough already. I'm good with a sword and also with other forms of weaponry."
Entry 1702 18/12/06 00:00
Enos looked up and right into Alex's eyes. He held the gaze for a minute and a very slight smile crept onto his face. 

"You must be Alex. None of the others on my list are young enough. Well, Alex, in The Guards, we salute our superiors and call one another by our surnames. I am Commander Enos."

He wrote something on the paper and filed it away in his draw. After folding his hands on the desk, he stood and guided Alex back to the main room. 

"I've had little interest - only two other men in fact - but I believe that's enough. This is only marked as a scouting mission. You three men have until this evening to do any preparations you need to do before we set out. Dismissed."
Entry 1703 18/12/06 00:00
Alex shrugged. "I prefer to be called Alex thank you." he stated flatly. When dismissed he didn't go far. He had nothing to do. He had his weapons, he had his skin, he had himself. He was prepared as he could ever be. Alex simply leaned against a wall and waited.
Entry 1704 18/12/06 00:00
Enos saw Alex leaning against a wall and walked to him. He also leant against the wall and folded his arms, looking up at the ceiling. 

"You know," he began, "I had a similar soldier to you a couple of years ago. He also insisted he was called by his first name and also thought he had very little to lose. The only thing you need is yourself, right?" He looked down at Alex. 

"I have nothing to do until the others are ready. We can talk, unless you'd rather not. Of course, if you say that, you'll remind me even more of this other boy."
Entry 1705 18/12/06 00:00
"I actually would rather not talk." Alex mumbled. "But you've aroused my curiosity."

 He looked up to this man and was sure he saw something else besides a military man. He seemed to have a sort of... fatherly air around him. "Who was this similar soldier?" he asked flatly and returning his gaze to empty space.
Entry 1706 18/12/06 00:00
"Cole," Enos said, looking away again. "Cole Ryland. He insisted to be called by his first name and also had that sort of uncaring look about him, though I know he did care." He paused and drew a breath. "He also refused to wear the uniform. I'm guessing by your outfit that you are also refusing. I'm fine with that. You have your emblem and that's identification enough, when it comes down to it. I don't want to bore you with stories about my men, though. Do you have any tracking skills?"
Latest Post Entry 1708 18/12/06 00:00
"A few." Alex stated. "And never heard of no Cole Ryland."

 His gaze shifted back to Enos. "And correct, I'm not wearing no uniform."

 Alex turned away again, and this time was silent. Alex had something to think about now, and trying to make him talk would be futile. It was his way of trying to tell people to leave him alone.
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