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Entry 2650 27/06/08 00:00
"The palace will survive without us for a few minutes. You don't need to go telling me what to do, ya hear me?" He gave Jack a stern look and shifted in his chair. "I'm the one in charge and you're the one who does what I say, if you wanna get paid. Just know this; not many people are fond of soldiers, and once people know you're with us, you may get spat on. Ignore them, I say. They're ignorant." Again, he took a moment to observe the men in the corner. 

Entry 2651 28/06/08 00:00
He blinked twice and sighed as he had done so. "This should be funny then, I get spat on more then my share of times.' He said with a simple sigh. "Wouldn't be the first all I know."
Entry 2652 09/07/08 00:00
"Wouldn't be the first what?" asked a voice. A man was standing by their table. He seemed to have come out of nowhere. "You aint gonna tell me what you're talking about? Secret palace business? Why don't you take it to the palace instead of rubbing our noses in it?"

Troy cleared his throat and took his time pushing back his chair and standing to meet the man at eye level. "The business of the palace is the business of South Ideitess," Troy said quietly. 

The man looked over at Jack. "Didn't know the palace was hiring whelps," he said with a snarl.
Entry 2653 11/07/08 00:00
"Watch your tongue, or you may not survive, ya know." He said as he leaned back in his seat. "I can seem like a whelp, but if I injure you, will I be a whelp then?" He said slowly as he closed his eyes.
Latest Post Entry 2655 21/07/08 00:00
"I may not survive, ya say? It's not like there are any laws allowing you to hurt me just because you dun like the words coming from my mouth. I'n that right?" he looked to Troy for a response. 

Troy began to leave. "Come, Jack. They're not worth our time." He stood outside and waited.
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