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Entry 2630 22/06/07 00:00
The Folang showed no signs of escaping the pummel and soon collapsed from being beaten. At this, the other Folang turned even more savage. A few of them jumped for Jack's legs, trying to bite him, and some stepped back and drew small shortbows, firing a couple of arrows for Jack's limbs. Troy ran up and cut down one of the Folang, but was stopped by another one that had jumped onto his back and was trying to claw his neck.
Entry 2631 22/06/07 00:00
He said nothing as he jumped in the air before he could be bittten and slammed the body of the creature into the floor he then saw as the Folang came near him what was happening and growled as he was coming at a fast speed he almost feel towards the ground about to be cut by the monsters as he was saved by Troy he smirked. "Thank you!" He said as he then fell to the ground and flipped himself backwards as hwe rushed forward he then slammed his fist into the face of the monster and slammed his foot towards the body as he knocked it towards a pillar. "Gah!" He said as he turned to see a monster going for Troy he then grabbed it by its own neck before it could begin to claw him and crushed it in his own hand he smirked. "Yes."
Entry 2632 25/06/07 00:00
Troy didn't respond. He quickly hewed down the Folang before him and then there was a larger one, as big as a man, but more muscular and with spiked collars and narrow eyes. This one snarled but kept its distance, knowing how dangerous swords can be. He was surrounded by other Folang and they protected what appeared to be their leader fiercely. 

"Boy, get by me!" Troy yelled at Jack. "Don't go in without thinking! This one is dangerous!"
Entry 2633 26/06/07 00:00
"Aw he can't be that strong besides I'm stronger!" He said as he leaped towards the monster as he clenched his  fistand knocked the Folang away his hands still clenched as he knocked them away with full force and smirked and aimed a punch right towards the face of their leader.
Entry 2634 03/07/07 00:00
The large Folang grabbed Jack's hand in mid-punch and slammed the boy down into the ground, quickly kicking him back towards his fellow guards before stepping back and being surrounded by Folang once again. Troy when to Jack. 

"I told you not to run in there without thinking. Are you hurt?"
Entry 2635 03/07/07 00:00
He said nothing as he was somewhat inflicted,he was in pain of the cuts and scrapes and smiled he then slowly walked forward and frowned. "He just caught me off guard is all...I'm the strongest of any mercenary and I'm not gonna be blasted down." He said as a small grin was on his face he ran forward and slammed his fist towards the Folang in front of him accurate blows towards them he grinned as he jumped in the air. "Here I am you bastard!" He said as he grabbed his fist clenched it and smirked as he was about to slam it towards the Large Folang's head.
Entry 2636 07/07/07 00:00
The Folang did exactly as it had done the last time -- it grabbed Jack's hand in mid-punch, only this time, he didn't slam the boy down into the ground, but rather, dealt the child a deadly uppercut to the jaw with his other hand, sending him toppling over backwards. 

"Jack!" Troy cried. "Stop being so stupid! Get over here! We need a plan!"
Entry 2637 07/07/07 00:00
"I'm not gonna give this up who the hell do you think I am!" He said as he growled loud he ran forward towards them again and this time had a bigger burst of speed as he was moving from place to place quickly seemingly disappearing as he did. "I'M NOT GONNA BE THE ODD MAN OUT!" He said as he placed his strength towards his face quickly.
Entry 2638 07/07/07 00:00
The Folang had a fist planted into his face before he blinked and with a fierce growl he rolled backwards, turned for the woods, and sprinted away. The other Folang followed at a similar speed. Pretty soon, everything was quiet and the guards went back to their places. Some of them went to inform the emperor of what happened. 

Troy came to Jack. "Getting a plan isn't giving up," Troy said to him. "I hope you remember next time that your job is to protect me. What if they came at me while you were distracted by the leader Folang? You blinded yourself, boy. Do it again and you won't have a job, ya hear me?"
Entry 2639 07/07/07 00:00
He gasped and said nothing he looked to him and then nodded he sighed as he held his chest in pain. "dn that hurt." He said frowing. "I kept getting slammed."
Entry 2640 13/07/07 00:00
Troy frowned at him. "I wonder why, eh?" He put a hand to Jack's shoulder and guided him toward the road that led out of the palace and down the hill into the forest. 

"Walk with me, boy. There's a place down the road where we can get something to eat. What do you say to that?"
Entry 2641 13/07/07 00:00
"Hell Yes!" He said with a big grin as he leaped in the air. "I'm so hungry!" He said as he looked to the bandages on him from the cuts. "Hm...lets see...I hope they have women chicken and lots and lots of beverage!"
Entry 2642 15/07/07 00:00
"Chicken, yes, beverage, no," Troy said as they turned around a corner in the forest road and came to a cosy-looking building of three-levels with smoke pouring from a chimney. They entered the near-empty building, of which the bottom level appeared to be a tavern, and Troy guided Jack to a table while he went and talked to the bartender in a low voice.
Entry 2643 16/07/07 00:00
He leaned backwards in the chair as he smirked and had his hands were on his head he smiled. "Now it is time to eat some dinner!" He said as he fell back in the chair as he did.
Entry 2644 19/07/07 00:00
Troy glanced over his shoulder at Jack as the food was being prepared. 

"Don't go breaking anything now," he called out. The few patrons sitting around turned to look at Jack. Some laughed gently and others frowned. Troy turned back to the bartender, talking again quietly.
Entry 2645 22/07/07 00:00
"I'm not worried about it." He said as he got up slowly and watched absent minded. " is ready?"
Entry 2646 27/07/07 00:00
Troy came back to the table with a platter of food. 

"Don't worry about pay. As long as you're with me, you can eat when you like. Just don't eat any places out of business, ya hear me?"

As he began to tear apart a chicken wing with his teeth, he sort of waved towards Jack. "Talk to me, boy. Who trained you to fight with fists and feet?"
Entry 2647 25/08/07 00:00
"Huh...who trained me....I have always been this strong no body has trained me because I'm physically this strong." He said with a huge grin as he started to eat chicken as welll his eyes closing as he atewith a smile.
Entry 2648 03/09/07 00:00
Troy tilted his head as he tried to drive his own chicken into a digestible pulp within his mouth. 

"Uh huh. Well it must be an Ildemin thing, 'cos... well let's say if I had a son your age he'd probably be a girl -- in a manner of speaking, I mean."

He laughed at himself briefly and then his gaze shifted towards some large men across the other side of the tavern. Had they been there before? It was hard to tell. Troy didn't say anything, though he seemed quite apprehensive.
Latest Post Entry 2649 23/06/08 00:00
With another bite, Jack watched the man and sighed as he placed his head on the table. "At any way, we need to get back to the castle, so does it really matter, if that stupid crap happens again, it will be a better fight."
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