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Entry 2610 06/06/07 00:00
Troy was in the courtyard of Silril Palace, walking between tall columns and then standing in their shade. He looked about to try and find the mercenaries he had hired to act as new bodyguards, but nobody was in his immediate sight. He sighed and leant against a pillar to wipe his brow. 

"Ah, I really wish mercenaries were more punctual," he muttered to himself. "Though I am perhaps a little early..."

Entry 2611 06/06/07 00:00
Jack quickly jumped in the air with a grin on his face a smile as he did jumping in the air as he stopped towards the castle, "Awesome!" He said smirking. "Jack the Wereanimal is here the best Mercenary of the Wereanimal Clan!"
Entry 2612 06/06/07 00:00
Troy heard a voice nearby and walked along a little bit so that he was in a position to see through the gateway. He saw a youth that looked somewhat like a mercenary, so he made an assumption. 

"Hey!" he yelled, pointing at Jack. "You're the one I hired? It's about time you showed up, boy!"
Entry 2613 06/06/07 00:00
He nodded as he grinned and then jumped towards them quickly with much ease in a flip towards them he smirked. "Well yes I'm Jack."
Entry 2614 06/06/07 00:00
Troy winced at the flip, realising that perhaps this youth was more capable than he had first thought. He cleared his throat. 

"Well then, Jack, my name is Troy, and I am a Guardian of the emperor here. That means I am one of his majesty's best soldiers. That means you answer to me, if you want this bodyguard job. I am the one you guard. What do you say to that, hm?"
Entry 2615 06/06/07 00:00
"Hm OK as long as I get my pay I will be fine...I answer to you." He said as he nodded and smiled shaking the emperor's hand and smirked. "Yay!"
Entry 2616 06/06/07 00:00

"Your pay will come once I see you can actually do your job," Troy said with a smirk. "But the palace is quiet. Guards always patrol it and we're all safe here."

He began to walk back down the alley of the courtyard and invited Jack to walk beside him. 

"So tell me something about yourself, Jack. You seem a little energetic to be a mercenary to me."
Entry 2617 06/06/07 00:00
"Well I'm a Wereanimal I'm 15 years old and I like to eat oranges is that good enough?" He said as he blinked lightly a smile on his face.
Entry 2618 06/06/07 00:00
Troy couldn't help but laugh. "And you don't seem as though you could hurt a fly! And you're just a kid! Hmmm, are you sure you're capable of defending his majesty's best soldier?" He asked, though he wasn't completely serious about it. 

"Oh, and just quietly, it's best to keep your race discrete. Wereanimals aren't exactly very welcome around the place, and you should be lucky I hired you, ya hear me?"
Entry 2619 06/06/07 00:00
He blinked at him and nodded as he smiled flipping to the air as he landed on the ground. "OK!"
Entry 2620 06/06/07 00:00
Troy stepped back, afraid Jack would slip and fall or bump into him or make a mistake. Suddenly two soldiers ran up to Troy from one of the tower doors. 

"Sir! There is something in the sky! You can see it from the southeast tower!" one of them said. 

Troy motioned for Jack to follow him as he ran behind the soldiers and up the stairwell into the tower's top room. Surely enough, through the narrow windows, there could be seen a shadow high in the sky. 

"Ah..." Troy said. "Don't tell me there are more of them." He turned to Jack. "We'll have to go down to the palace gates and make sure there aren't the other ones down there. What weapon do you use?" he asked as he went back down the stairs again.
Entry 2621 06/06/07 00:00
"Don't worry leave them to me!" He said as he grinned and nodded at them smiling. "Just blast me in the air with a cannon and let me do the rest I can beat them." He said with a huge grin.
Entry 2622 06/06/07 00:00
Troy stopped and stared at him, dumbfounded. "A cannon? What on Riiga is a cannon, boy? Around here, we fight with real weapons in combat, and battles are not glorious or anything to be taken lightly."

He continued down the stairs and exited the tower, heading back towards the gateway. There was shouting outside the palace near the path that headed to the forest and Troy drew his sword. 

"Stick near me. There might be lots of them. And I don't wanna see any heroics, ya hear me?"

As they went around the corner they saw a dozen palace guards battling short furry werewolf-looking creatures with crude weapons, and one of them ran towards Jack and Troy right away. 

Entry 2623 07/06/07 00:00
Jack then nodded as he then watched as they came towards him he dodged with a fall back on his hands  and then a mighty slam of his feet towards the monsters head and towards the body with a simple glance. "Oh yeah but those Heroics you talk about are really just my fighting skills I have much fire in me."
Entry 2624 09/06/07 00:00
The furry Folang was thrown back from the powerful kick and Troy gave Jack an unusual short stare before running to another and trying to cut at it. 

"Still, don't underestimate them!" he called out back to Jack. "No matter how good you are, always be cautious! Folang are devious beasts!"

As he said this, a Folang approached Jack from the front wielding a hooked sword, ready to dodge.
Entry 2625 09/06/07 00:00
He then watched with a smirk as he started to flex his muscles as he dodged the hook and then with a small grin slammed his fist towards his stomach with a small smile. "Yes!" OK I get it so they use weapons that are highly dangerous I'm a weapon myself."
Entry 2626 10/06/07 00:00
"Sure, so don't let them disarm you," Troy said with a small laugh, but then the Folang he was fighting lunged at him and almost hooked his shoulder. He countered with a downward swipe on its arm, quickly putting it out of action. 

The Folang Jack was fighting felt the full blow of the punch, but it gripped the boy's arm with both hands and scratched it deeply as another Folang dropped onto Jack from above, bearing sharp fangs.
Entry 2627 10/06/07 00:00
"AWWW! dn it!" He said as he threw his arm towards a pillar with a swift uppercut to the stomach with power he then looked to his arm in a frown. " dn that Wolf." He said as he looked towards more as he gulped slowly. "dn we are surrounded...maybe I should let loose my full fighting ability...naw."
Entry 2628 14/06/07 00:00
The Folang that was punched was sent backwards through the air with a yelp and it vanished from sight. 

"Hey," Troy said as they made a defensive circle with the other palace guards, surrounded by Folang. "I don't know what you're planning, but don't reveal any special weapons. These Folang are the weakest of The Enemy, but they know how to exploit weaknesses. If you use any special ability or something, The Enemy will know about it very quickly, and they'll work a way around it, ya here me boy?"

He grumbled something to himself and gripped his spear tightly. "Nah, we just need to kill them all or drive them back. Find the biggest ones and kill them so the others lose confidence."

But the biggest Folang weren't in sight yet. There were only smaller ones around.
Latest Post Entry 2629 15/06/07 00:00
"Hm...the biggest one?" He said as he stood ready he then smiled as he rushed forward. "You stay right there I can drive them back easily with my current strength!" He said as he started to quickly move his own fists so quickly as they were seen to be many he then smirked. "Infinite Demise Attack!" He said attacking the monster straight in front of him with full attacks head on with no showing of letting down.
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