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Flaid watched Lekz make bedding curiously. When Lekz had finished and laid himself down to rest, Flaid leant against the wall for a moment. To Lekz' remark, Flaid simply mumbled, "sleeping," and he left the storage and disappeared for the night. 

Flaid was not very talkative over the next few days. The ride seemed to drag on and on. The bandits occasionally got restless and stopped at a tavern or bar to exhaust their supplies of encarto and beer. Every attempt that Lekz made at conversation was met with either a shrug, rude silence, or an evasive remark. The train travelled around the mountains and the sea eventually came to view. Down the rolling hills ahead was a wide stretch of silvery blue. The largest of towns was straight ahead.

As the train gently glided down the hill towards the large seaside town, unease blew across them all like a bad smell. The town's wall was manned, and the gates were posted with guards and other carriages. There was a line of carts and trains waiting to enter the town. The driver halted the orcanor and the train slowed to a stop. 

"What's going on?" Sanye asked as the leant on the railing on the upper deck. "Why is Hieril closed off like that?"
"It's not closed," Cedric muttered. "They're checking everyone who enters. They're looking for us...?"
"A wild assumption," Sanye said. "How would they know us? Why would they look for us?"
"Not us," Cedric said. He turned to her. "Them two boys."

Flaid was tucked in a corner of the train near a small window, watching the sky pass by. When the train stopped, he looked around. The room was mostly empty. The two bandits asleep in the other corner weren't stirred. 
"We're there already?" Flaid said to himself as he went to stand and stretch. 
Entry 3394 08/09/12 16:42
Lekz squeezed past his lean companion and peered out the window. "It's all open field," the boy commented. Pulling on his discarded vest, he hopped out of the train into the midday sun. Carts and carriages trailed along a windy road leading into a dreary city. Behind it broad blue waters spanned the horizon. A flock of gulls peaked at something in the fields to the north. A few seemed to consider him for a moment before scattering to the wind.

The boy hugged himself as a cool breeze pulled at his hair. Flaid joined the boy as he made his way to the head of the train. As Lekz approached the dickey box, Flaid firmly grasped his shoulder, pulling the pair against the train's lacquered oak body. It was only then that he heard the whispered voices.
Entry 3397 04/12/12 15:33
"What would they want with those boys?" Sanye asked. "This is a lot of congestion just for children."
"You're right." Cedric mumbled something and there were footsteps. "When the older one mentioned making it worth my while, I wondered what sort of business he's connected to. If it's illegal..."
"Says the bandit king," Sanye said. "If you turn in those boys, they'll set their eyes on you after. Did you forget that you forced me to host a small army of bandits on my train? The authorities up ahead will be interested to know what you were doing with two criminals onboard a whole train of criminals."
"Alright! Fine!" Cedric surrendered. 
"We don't even know they're looking for the boys. You have no reason to think that. There are trains piled up ahead and trains piled up behind us."
"Would you like to risk it to find out?" Cedric asked. "If they're not looking for them, they'll figure out that we're all bandits, like you said."
"Speak for yourself," Sanye said. "Keep your men under control and do your best to appear civil. I'll find the boys and find out what they're hiding."

Flaid looked at Lekz and opened his mouth. He paused and then glanced down. "Sneak inside and get the translations and copies. They're in the leather sachel under my pillow where I slept. Don't let anyone see you. I'll wait here so I know when the guards approach." He grabbed Lekz' arm. "Adrastatirok guide you, Lekz."
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Lekz quickly crept along side the train until he reached the storage cabin. Wasting no time, the boy extracted the translations from Flaid's satchel and began scanning the room.

Most of the cargo was stacked floor to ceiling and was too heavy for Lekz to move alone. Shuffling to one of the lone crates, he pried his fingers under the lid's seam. Although he tugged as hard as he could, the nailed lid remained unmoved. Unfortunately, the boy now found his fingers were stuck. Squirming with a few panicked grunts, he pulled free and slammed hard into the cabin wall. A muffled thump came from outside of the cabin. The noise set Lekz still. The silence was soon accompanied by voices. 

Now lying on Flaid's blanket, Lekz noticed a panel had broken away from the cabin interior. Prying it back, the boy exposed a empty compartment a few inches wide that ran the height of the cabin. He quickly crammed the translations into the space and pushed the panel back into place. 

The cabin rocked to one side as someone had climbed aboard. Lekz quietly lowered himself onto the blanket and shut his eyes.
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