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Entry 3086 (15/07/11 05:06) 23/03/11 22:41
Flaid froze. His hand slid down the door frame. Then he grabbed Lekz' arm, uncaring of the bruises, and dragged him to his feet. Lekz was essentially forced down a dark corridor and when they turned a corner they were in a wide room with large mats on the floors. There were some men training with swords near the far corner. Flaid let go of Lekz, grabbed a wooden sword, and motioned for Lekz to take one. He then stood back and faced Lekz front on with his sword resting on his shoulder. 

"Prove it."
Entry 3089 24/03/11 00:33
Lekz grasped the wooden sword with uncertainty. Although the hilt felt familiar in his hands, he had never wielded a blade. At least, he couldn't remember having ever wielded one He walked to the other side of the mat while holding the sword awkwardly out in front of himself. Trying to put the unease out of his mind, Lekz turned to face Flaid and stared with as much seriousness as he could muster. The boy put out his left foot and held the wooden blade precariously in what he thought looked like a fighting stance. He waited for Flaid to make the first strike.
Entry 3092 (15/07/11 05:06) 24/03/11 22:16
"Defensive, hm? So be it."

Flaid lunged forth with his right foot and jabbed with his sword, aiming to stab Lekz in the middle of his chest. 
Entry 3094 24/03/11 22:21
In a panic Lekz jumped to the side. His opponent's sword grazing his shoulder as he stumbled backwards. With his wooden blade, Lekz swung haphazardly at Flaid's side with a loose one handed grip on the hilt.
Entry 3097 (15/07/11 05:07) 25/03/11 10:40
Flaid overswung and stumbled forward. When the wood struck his side, he seemed shocked, and he went to spin round on one foot. But he lost his footing and he landed on the ground with a thump. 
Entry 3099 (25/03/11 12:17) 25/03/11 12:16
Lekz stood in shock. Had he won? The boy shook his head knowing Flaid had not yet submitted. Taking advantage of the high ground, Lekz moved to put his sword under Flaid's chin, but he had squandered his chance.
Entry 3100 (15/07/11 05:07) 25/03/11 12:33
Flaid crossed his legs, tripping Lekz and clasping the boy's leg between his own at the same time. He spin off the floor and pinned Lekz against the mat by his wrists. 

"Stupid boy. We are Alations. We cannot be killed. We are the killers." A blade tickled the back of Lekz' neck. "But an enemy of the emperor is a friend of the Alations. You are just very clumsy, and you think too much. You need to a--"

The halls exploded with blood-curdling screams. There were shouts and yells and heavy footsteps. Metal clanged and red figures swarmed into the room. There were two men in dark red armour with white garments. They held forth swords into the room at the few who had been training and started yelling something. Over all the shouting nearby, it was hard to hear what they were saying. The three other Alations in the room immediately went to strike down the red soldiers, but they were cut down quickly. Blood sprayed across the mat. Flaid shot to his feet and darted past one of their swords. He held onto one of the men tightly. 

"Help me!" he cried, suddenly filled with intense fear. "They've been holding me for so long! They are so cruel! I want to go home!" 

The man was taken back. He backed into the first man with Flaid as though trying to protect the child from the chaos. He went to clear the doorway but he flinched. Flaid stepped away and the man clawed at his back. As he turned, it could be seen that there was a dagger plunged into his back. He stumbled and fell to the ground, twitching. By the time the other man realised his companion was down, Flaid drew the dagger out and plunged it into the soldier's chest, just below his ribcage. Flaid elbowed the soldier to move him out of the doorway and then took his dagger back. He extended a bloody hand to Lekz and offered the short, round, thin dagger. 

"Finish this Imperial."
Entry 3109 08/04/11 00:01
Lekz sat on the ground dazed. He looked up at Flaid, but Lekz' eyes made it that the boy lacked understanding. As though a wave of understanding suddenly crashed over him, he franticly waved his hands. With an emphatic shake of the head, he shouted, "I can't! I've never killed anyone!" His voice was drenched fear and panic.
Entry 3111 (15/07/11 05:07) 08/04/11 00:21
"Runt," Flaid hissed as he cut the throat of the man himself. Then he grabbed Lekz by the arm and pulled him out of the room. There were yells and sounds of battle all around, but nobody else in sight. Down the hall, some bodies lay sprawled across the floor. Flaid headed this way. 

Flaid skilfully slew four more fully armed adult Imperial soldiers before they found their way back to the main hall. Here, the high ceiling was thick with smoke and there were many bodies of both Alations and Imperials. Flaid and Lekz ran to the table where Bernar was, but there was no sign of him or his scriptures. Flaid seemed panicked for a moment. There was no structure or procedure to follow. It seemed unthinkable that the Imperials would discover the hideout and raid it with such force. 

"Flaid!" A man ran up to them seemingly from nowhere, clutching papers. "I've translated two pages; there is much more work to be done. But these Imperial slimes have ruined my resources! I only just managed to hide. I have some more resources in Hieril near the eastern sea. We must g-"

Red soldiers poured out of the entrance like ants with spears. They formed a circle around the three and held forth their spears. Then four men clad in black emerged from the red Imperials. One of them approached Bernar. His features were not visible, and he seemed quite tall and heavily built. 

"Grand Master of Birindiros’ Fear," the man began in a scratching voice, "and Atriomorfh’s Judgement, the First and Greatest Wielder of Firestorms," he paused and hissed the end, "Lord Marachanditis Velsacrendertias. That is I, and I hold rulership here. Acknowledge your inferiority. Give to me what you are translating, Bernar."

Bernar glanced at Flaid and Lekz. Where Lekz was standing, there were some scattered papers, completely unrelated to the translations. Bernar nodded at them. 

"Hand me my papers, boy," he said to Lekz. "On the table there, before you. You know the ones..." [1]
Entry 3116 08/04/11 00:46
Lekz approached the table and hastily gathered the papers. It was only after he handed the pages to Bernar that he realized they weren't the ones he had brought with him. Lekz hung his head down with guilt as he wonder what was to become of them. He clenched his hands into fists to stop his fingers from trembling.
Entry 3123 (15/07/11 05:07) 24/04/11 01:36
Marachanditis snatched the papers from Bernar. He stood still. Nobody could tell what he was looking at, as his face was obscured by his cloak. 

"What is this? Rubbish paper? Bernar, you fool. You will die within moments."

The man leaned forward and metal sang as a blade of steel whipped upwards and sliced into Bernar's torso. There was a horrifying chop as red poured to the stone floor. The sword was tugged out and Bernar choked, gargled, and slumped into a heap. Marachanditis turned and nodded to his men. 

"Interrogate the children. I am far too busy to be dealing with rodents. Report to me before the sun falls."

He and his black-clad companions left the way they came. 

"You heard the man," one of the soldiers said, approaching Lekz and Flaid. "You can either tell us now and get off lightly, or you can lie or not tell us and we'll find out if you make the same dying sounds as your old friend."

Flaid backed against the wall. The position of his hand hinted that he had a blade concealed, but there were countless armed soldiers surrounding them. Flaid seemed very hesitant to do anything.
Entry 3124 08/05/11 21:10
Lekz shook his head emphatically as a drops of blood zigzagged down his face. He backed away from the soldiers and pressed his back firmly against the wall. As he stared at the floor, the boy's whole body trembled. The jagged wall cut into his back, but Lekz didn't pull free from the surface. He yearned for the stone to swallow him whole and take him away from this place. His shaky fingers reached out to his side and clasped Flaid's sleeve. "Are they going to kill us?" Lekz asked with a quivering voice.
Entry 3127 (15/07/11 05:08) 10/05/11 06:09
Flaid heard Lekz and he sighed. Though he too was trembling, he mustered courage enough to approach Bernar's body. With his hands clearly visible, he knelt by the man and tugged rolled papers free from Bernar's coat. He stood and eyed all the men, offering the translations with an outstretched hand. 

"It isn't worth it," he muttered to Lekz. "We don't want you to waste your energy on us," Flaid said now to the soldiers before him. "Let us go free and you will never hear from us again." He started pulling knives and blades from various pockets on him and dropped at least eight on the floor before him. "You have my word as an Alation."

The soldiers seem to contemplate the offer. After a brief disagreeance between two of them, they took the papers and urged the two boys to leave before they changed their minds. Flaid took Lekz out a different way; they climbed a ladder in what seemed to be an old well, which had them emerge in an empty alley. They moved to the street to inspect. Everything was normal. Everybody was unknowingly standing on a battleground, completely oblivious to the countless deaths which only just happened far below. Flaid gripped the corner of a house as he watched people walk past. 

"Bernar trusted you entirely. I don't know why, but I trust Bernar." He looked at Lekz. "So I trust you... at least until you give me reason to do otherwise. I gave those soldiers the papers because they are safer with them than they are with us; Marachanditis will punish whoever puts the papers at risk, and I'd rather that price be on their head. But we will get them back." He paused and glanced across the street. "My connections are too risky right now. What are yours?"
Entry 3129 11/05/11 00:20
Lekz lifted the inside of his shirt and rubbed the dried blood off his face. "Gabriel was the one that sent me here. We should probably return to him," he stated distantly. Looking out to the crowded street, he watched the faces of the citizens as they passed by. The boy glanced back to Flaid. "Though to be honest, I donno how he'll react when he finds out I lost the pages. He's a bit... unpredictable."

"Either way, it's not far from here," Lekz stated. He took a step to embark out of the alley, but then he turned back to face Flaid. Lekz hooked a finger into the cuff of Flaid's sleeve and tugged on it. "I'm sorry about Bernar." Before Flaid had a chance to shake free of Lekz's empathetic gesture, the boy turned and set out back toward's Gabriel's dwelling.
Entry 3131 (15/07/11 05:08) 21/05/11 11:52
Flaid stood with Lekz. He wasn't confident or energetic like he was underground. As they walked through the streets, Flaid appeared nonchalant. He glanced at the ground, avoiding bumping into anyone with great skill, tagging along behind Lekz obediently. At one point, they passed a small patrol of soldiers. Flaid visibly tensed, but the soldiers stormed by without noticing them. It was nightfall before they found the hideout again.


Smack. Gabriel slammed Lekz' head into the wall. He pushed the boy's face into the rough stone, keeping his grip and staring fiercely at him. 

"How stupid of you," Gabriel finally said, tugging Lekz away and then inspecting the graze that the wall left on Lekz' face. 

He let go and looked at Flaid. Flaid looked back. Gabriel tilted his head slightly. 

"You're not Bernar," Gabriel said. 
"I know that."
"Who are you?"
Gabriel forced a cough. "Should I know that name?"
Flaid looked to Lekz and then turned back to Gabriel. "If you do not mind me talking about something actually important... An Imperial Keeper named Marachanditis killed Bernar. He has the translated papers." Flaid lifted the back of his loose tunic and pulled out some sheets. It was the original copies that Lekz and Gabriel wrote. "Marachanditis asked for the translations, not the originals. So we have more material than he does. But what he has is still dangerous in the wrong hands. Bernar told me some of what it means, and we can't..." He clenched his fists. "We can't let Marachanditis have that sort of information. He has a tower just northeast of th-"

"Stop." Gabriel stepped backwards, slumped himself onto his bed, and stared at the dark ceiling. "It's all lies," he mumbled. "That's all I hear, and it makes me sick."

Flaid looked to Lekz. 
Entry 3132 21/05/11 12:15
Lekz glanced to Flaid. After a moment of uncertainty, He held up his hand and subtly shook his head from side to side. The boy moved to Gabriel's side and sat down on the edge of the bed. Gabriel's body was slumped in such a way that it left little room for Lekz anywhere on it, but that didn't stop Lekz from squirming to make a place for himself. While carefully wiping the blood from his cheek, Lekz spoke in a low tone, "Gabriel, I know you're mad. I tried and messed it all up." Lekz held his breath briefly after this statement. He almost expected a blow or perhaps another stab wound. "But we're closer. You can't quit now."
Entry 3133 (15/07/11 05:09) 21/05/11 12:25
Gabriel rolled onto his side and closed his eyes. 

"Fine. I will leave," Flaid turned and went to the door, waving the papers in his hand. "I will go to Hieril and get it translated myself. You can lay there like a dead dog." Flaid left the room. His light footsteps quickly trailed into silence. 

Gabriel just groaned softly. 
Entry 3135 22/05/11 02:22
Lekz stood and looked down at the bed in disbelief. He reached back ready to slap Gabriel to his senses, but the boy found himself hesitating. Instead, he leaned over the bed. "I'm going with him. When you're ready, I'll have the translations." He turned and chased after Flaid.

At first, Lekz thought Flaid's trail had gone cold. Flaid had been surprisingly fast at traversing the beams out of the hide out. It wasn't until he reached the market that Lekz spotted him through the crowd. This time, he navigated the crowd with ease quickly, catching up with the young man. Once again, Lekz was tugging on his sleeve.

"Sorry about Gabriel. He is a bit unpredictable," he stated matter of factly. "Listen, I know you probably want me to go away, but those are mine." Lekz gestured towards where Flaid was keeping the untranslated papers. "So I'm going wherever you go until this is sorted." They passed another troupe of Imperials. Eyeing the men, Lekz whispered, "Just don't get us killed."
Entry 3139 (15/07/11 05:09) 23/06/11 00:16
Flaid took several minutes to even acknowledge Lekz' presence. 

"When you say, 'don't get us killed', you were talking to yourself, yes?" He thumped Lekz on the arm with a smirk. They seemed to wander in no direction, until Flaid spoke again. "I am unsure how to proceed, however... Marachanditis has a tower northeast of here on the River Espeil. He thinks he controls all the surrounding towns... Merlasis, Ourtil, Borien, Kafecsil, Idala, Belin... As I said to your stupid friend, the information Marachanditis has is extremely concerning, and taking the papers back is a priority, but translating the original copies is also a priority. To go to Hieril will take a long time, perhaps over a week, and as for getting back again, I do not know..." Seeing that his rambling may be interpreted as losing composure, he cleared his throat and straightened his back, looking ahead sternly and picking up his pace. "Have you had any experience in the field of thievery...?"
Latest Post Entry 3142 23/06/11 00:35
"Not really, at least not that I remember," Lekz said under his breath. "I've taken an apple here and there. I can be pretty quiet, and I'm not too big, and I've never gotten caught before. So I'd probably be good at it." Lekz stumbled over a loose cobblestone, almost falling to the ground. "What about you?"
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