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Entry 2997 24/02/11 22:40
Gabriel seemed to turn to stone. His eyes were still fixed on his companion. He appeared sad and torn. 

"What does..." He brought his hand to his face, closer and closer, until his nose was almost touching his palm. "These words... Could it be...?" He grabbed his wrist quite violently with his other hand and began trying to read it aloud, but it sounded like gibberish. "I cannot... read it."

He shot to his feet and threw himself against a nearby wall, crying out and slamming his fists into it. Though the other children did not check to see why Gabriel was so angry, he didn't seem capable of explaining it anyway. His cries were pained, mostly nonsensical. Some sounded like curses and others sounded more like the pleas of a lost child. After some time, he smacked both fists against the wall and began to slide down until he was squatting with his forehead to the wood. 

"All this time... I've found it, and I cannot even read this language." He turned to look at Lekz. His eyes were red with tears. "For over eight thousand years... Can you even imagine this pain? You cannot. There is nothing more to do. There is no hope." 

He rolled backwards, laying on his back and sprawling out his arms. He planted his boots some way up the wall and stared at the ceiling. 
Entry 2998 24/02/11 23:08
Lekz bounced to his feet and moved to Gabriel's side. Seemingly unphased by the supposed length of the search, Lekz leaned over Gabriel and stared down at the frustrated boy. "After thousands of years, you find what you were looking for, and you quit now?" Lekz asked matter of factly. With a smile, he continued, "Maybe you can't read it, but surely someone can, right?"
Entry 3001 (25/02/11 02:25) 25/02/11 01:44
Gabriel's eyes lit up. "Of course. I would've known that I wouldn't be able to read it. I would've given myself a clue. Help me find it, Lekz. Do the parts I can't see."

He sat up with a jolt, went to a nearby chest of drawers, and pulled old, blank parchments out. He scattered them over the floor and gave Lekz something to draw with. He took off his shirt, took his own pencil, and, with his hand layed out on the floor, began to try to copy all the words he could see in roughly the same arrangement. His drawing was furiously energetic and his body twitched with excitement and gleamed with sweat. [1]
Entry 3005 25/02/11 02:28
Lekz shuffled over to Gabriel's side and snatched up a pencil for himself. He picked a spot on Gabriel's back and began transcribing. The words were strange and foreign, but he rigorously copied them letter by letter to avoid any errors. The index finger of Lekz' free hand traced the patterns along Gabriel's body, checking every spot where ink had tainted the his skin.

As he scribed, Lekz found himself mouthing the words. He periodically stopped and carefully inspected the fine text, each time with a more perplexed expression. "Bernar," he whispered to himself, "That sounds like it could be a name." Lekz circled it despite an uncertainty of why it held significance.

When Lekz completed his first page, he found Gabriel already half way through his third. After what seemed like several hours, Lekz' eyes began to wear a heavy weariness, but they were almost done. The child read out the final words as he finished his trace along Gabriel's side. "Holy Etenarr."
Entry 3011 25/02/11 03:17
Gabriel finished scrawling his own notes and then grabbed Lekz', glancing over them slowly. 

"Holy Etenarr," he said, "doesn't exist. It's a false deity that several members of the Imperial Keepers include in their ranking titles. What sort of a clue is that...?"

He continued reading and found the name Lekz had circled. He pointed to it. "But this... This is a clue we can use. Bernar is a local Alation[1]. Everyone's heard of him. We must seek him out. We need to find a middleman so we can get in contact with the Alations. You'll help me do this, won't you?"

He went to stand but found his body suddenly defied his will. He fell to the floor on his chest with a grunt. He cringed and tried to prop himself up with his hands. 

"I am fine... This happens. I need to rest. Go to the markets for me, Lekz. Find a middleman but don't let the Imperials know what you're doing. Do this for me -- help me -- and I promise I will give you what you want." 

Gabriel managed to walk to his bed and he threw himself down, laying across it sideways, where he simply did nothing. [2]
Entry 3046 15/03/11 22:43
The market was once more alive with energy. Droves of the cities' inhabinates moved from booth to booth. Between a wine distributor and a vegatable stand stood the small blond boy.

Lekz studied the passersby with squinty, inquisitive eyes. Uncertainty plauged the child. The morning had been filled with inconsistent answers regarding Bernar's where abouts, and it seemed noone could give a useful description of the man. In a frustrated huff, Lekz crossed his arms and stepped backwards into an allyway.

Retreating from the sun's warm glow, the boy carelessly bumped into a group of scruffy looking men. He opened his mouth to speak but quickly hesitated. Dramatically, Lekz turned to look behind himself and then leaned outward to examine the depths of the ally. Having confirmed the absense of any Imperials, he continued.

"I'm looking for Bernar. Would you know where I could find him?"

Lekz stood chest out, still squinting his eyes. The child was determined to appear with a sense of purpose.
Entry 3048 18/03/11 01:18
The men did not react very well. Right after Lekz had finished his question, two of them grabbed him by his arms and dragged him back the way they came. Ignoring his cries for help, they threw him against a brick wall, out of sight from the streets but not beyond earshot, and one of them dug into the boy with powerful fists. After several powerful blows to Lekz' stomach, they pushed him to the ground and kicked him. After searching his pockets and taking everything he had of value, including his shoes, they walked away and left him. 

They alley was suddenly empty. Nobody had entered to see what the noise was about. Either he went unheard, or the people were simply ignorant or afraid and nobody wanted to intervene. A cat strolled past casually and paused to look at Lekz. It stared at him coldly and clambered up a wall, disappearing from sight. 
Entry 3052 (19/03/11 00:27) 19/03/11 00:25
Lekz crawled to the nearest wall and propped his back against it. An unsettling metallic taste intruded into his mouth. The boy spat and wiped his lips which spread a crimson streak across his cheek. He wasn't crying, and despiting wanting to, he wouldn't.

"Well that was a stupid idea," Lekz admitted to himself. He closed his eyes and rested his head against the stone wall. "At least they didn't kill me," he said with a wavering voice. Uncharacteristically, he was having trouble looking on the bright side.

He thought of his now scuffed his feet and wondered if Gabriel had any spare shoes. His thoughts were interrupted by a shadow that now loomed over him. Lekz opened his eyes to find a cloaked man with an outstretched hand. Without hesitation, he reached up to take it.
Entry 3054 (19/03/11 01:34) 19/03/11 01:28
The man pulled Lekz to his feet, but he didn't help to stabilise the boy. 

"Very stupid, yes. You do not speak his name aloud." The man knelt before Lekz to meet his eye level. Though this would have ordinarily comforted Lekz, this only served to bring the man's shadowed face closer, his words were sharper, and his invasion of personal space was inconsiderate. "What business do you have with him? Are you only repeating words you hear or are you some sort of spy?" He looked Lekz up and down as though reconsidering the realisticness of his latter suggestion. 
Entry 3055 (19/03/11 01:41) 19/03/11 01:39
"Are those my only choices?" the boy gulped. Realizing his comment may be interpreted as sarcasm, he quickly added, "A friend of mine needs him. I don't know exactly what for, but we think he can help us translate something. It only had two things that we could read." Lekz looked around suspiciously, "One of them being his name."
Entry 3057 19/03/11 01:51
There was a short silence. "You can read?" He laughed aloud at Lekz and grabbed the boy's shoulder. "Listen. Bernar is no scholar. Whatever you need translated, take it to a chapel if it's religious, or to some academy somewhere. Go home, stupid boy. You'll just get hurt again." 

He stood, clenched his fists, and headed out of the alley with a controlled, swift stride. 
Entry 3059 19/03/11 01:58
"Oi!" Lekz shouted refusing to let his only lead get away. He quickly caught up to the man and tugged hard on his coat tail. Lekz dug his bare heels hard into the ground. "This is not your decision to make! I have to talk to him. His name was on Gabriel's back. It had to be there for a reason!"

A few men in the market turned to stare at the pair before going about their business.
Entry 3061 19/03/11 02:24
The man stopped. His heavy cloak came to rest around his legs. One hand whipped out to the side as though rearing to strike Lekz, but he refrained. 

"Gabriel? Gabriel who?" He turned around. "This is very dangerous territory you are in." 

He grabbed Lekz' hand and began to head briskly back into the street. They took what seemed to be an exceedingly complex route, and eventually they vanished into a dark building. It was all old and stone, stuffy and uncomfortable. There were big chunks of smelly meat hanging from the ceiling. A large man said something about meat to them, but they were moving too quickly through his store. They took some quick turns and descended a staircase, and there was a large door there. 

The man drew a key and unlocked three different holes on the door. The door slowly seemed to open on its own. Inside was a large hall with many rooms off to the sides. There were cloaked people talking, writing, and reading at several desks. A row of bookshelves rested to the far left. There was the sound of clanging metal from another room, where, presumably, men were training. Lekz was seated at a table where a cloaked figure was completely absorbed in a large book. 

"I require the text," the man said, reaching out an open hand. "Immediately."
Entry 3064 19/03/11 02:36
Lekz, still wide eyed from the whole experience, slowly reached under his shirt towards the small of his back. With the soft sound of rustling papers, he extracted a few pages of the transcribed text. He started to hand them over but hesitated with uncertainty. Gabriel hadn't told him what to do after he found Bernar.
Entry 3067 19/03/11 02:47
"Touch nothing. Speak to noone."

The man grabbed the papers and went over to the bookshelves. He scanned the shelves, tugged out several large books, and slammed them on the table. He sat down and began to read thoroughly, always glancing back to the papers spreaded out over the table. He was not paying any attention to Lekz whatsoever, so he would not even know if Lekz were to touch something or speak to someone.
Entry 3072 (21/03/11 02:22) 21/03/11 02:22
At first, Lekz leaned over the man's shoulder inspecting his work, but the books made little to him. Instead, the boy wandered to the other side of the room. He examined the long book shelves, but Lekz find nothing familiar on them. After growing bored, the boy sat on the cold stone floor and pulled off his shirt. His chest and arms were covered bruises. They were tender and looked sickly. Tugging his shirt back on, he let out an audible sigh in hopes of getting the man's attention.
Entry 3075 (15/07/11 05:04) 21/03/11 10:33
The strange man ignored Lekz with amazing discipline. The others about the room also ignored him, until a young man not much older than Gabriel approached Lekz. He stood there for a few moments, watching Lekz like an explorer observing a strange land. 

"Are you the boy who brought the New Balentias? [1] I'm instructed to show you a place to rest. Bernar takes his time translating old texts. He loves language." He cups one fist with his other hand and nods slightly. "I am Flaid. Come with me." 

Flaid took Lekz back past the tables and down a wide stairwell. After passing several more people in a lower corridor, he opened the door to a small, dark room. There were blades and weapons scattered about, old clothes draped over every drape-able object, and a large piece of paper on the floor with a strange drawing on it. Flaid tugged a heavy blanket out of a drawer and laid it in a heap on the floor. He went to the doorway and encouraged Lekz into the room. 

"This is my room. Please rest. I will return when Bernar is finished. Do you need anything?" Though his words were polite, his tone was quite sharp, as though he wanted to be somewhere else. 
Entry 3076 (23/03/11 22:19) 21/03/11 22:04
The boy considered the question while looking around the room. He leaned over the large paper examining it.

"No," Lekz stated as he looked back at Flaid with curiosity. "Can't I go with you?"
Entry 3082 (15/07/11 05:06) 23/03/11 09:18
Flaid snatched up the paper. He glared at Lekz. 

"No. Your hair is pale." Flaid's racist remark may have prompted Lekz to recall that almost everybody native to South Ideitess had very black-brown hair. "I am going to train. You have no business in our arenas." [1]
Latest Post Entry 3085 23/03/11 22:30
Lekz crossed his arms over his chest and glared at the young man. "I'm sure your hair would be pale too if you washed the dirt out of it," he grumbled. "You just don't want me to train with you, because Vasteans are better fighters," Lekz stated despite not knowing his nationality.
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