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Entry 2948 20/02/11 02:27
She saw him lay back down. "I'll get Gabriel, then," she said, standing and moving to a nearby door. She opened it and said something to somebody within.
Entry 2949 20/02/11 02:33
Lekz tensed as he recalled the blade Gabriel had put to his belly earlier. He snapped up and quickly moved over the the mess of a broken plate on the floor. Forcing a smile, he picked up the pieces one by one so as to avoid cutting himself himself. Looking up at the others, he wonder why he had so willingly followed Gabriel in here.
Entry 2950 20/02/11 02:41
"Too late," came Gabriel's voice as he jumped on Lekz' back, grabbed his hair, and pulled his head upwards. With his other hand he scratched Lekz' neck with a blade. He stared down into his eyes with a ferocious expression. 

"What do you think you're doing? Speaking out of term, creating mess, destroying my favourite plate, talking back to your superiors. You know what, I've had enough."

He grabbed Lekz's neck and pulled him to his feet. He smacked the boy's forehead to stun him and, with his other arm, he pulled the boy along behind him, uncaring as to whether Lekz was stumbling along or simply being dragged. When he reached the window, he grabbed hold of Lekz' shoulders and threw him straight out into the air, five metres above the dirt and crates below. 
Entry 2951 20/02/11 02:56
Lekz' eyes only just began to adjust to the sunlight before his body began its descent. On instinct only, he hooked a leg on one of the passing beams sending him into a swing. As his body arced upside-down, he used his other leg to grasp the beam. After briefly mimicking a pendulum, he released onto a lower beam in a handstand and uprighted himself in a smooth motion by twisting his torso and tipping forward.

Although the boy was clearly shaken, that didn't stop him from gloating. Lekz stuck out his tongue and made a teasing noise before dropping to the ground to make his escape.
Entry 2952 20/02/11 03:01
Something came hurling down; a mug missing Lekz' head by an inch. The window slammed shut. 

Before him, the street continued its daily bustle. Clouds of dust were kicked up by people and animals and the falling sun sprayed everything in oranges and pinks. A man in a robe walked past, stopping at each street lantern to light them with some strange device. As he walked past Lekz, he frowned, but he didn't stop or even slow down. 
Entry 2953 20/02/11 03:11
Lekz quickly followed in the robed man's wake. With the day waning, the boy reasoned that he should find some place warm to stay for the night. At very least, he might get the man to give him some food, and on some level, Lekz really didn't like being alone.

Following closely behind, he asked in an innocent voice, "Can I help?"
Entry 2954 20/02/11 03:15
The man at first didn't respond. He simply pulled up his robe and continued doing what he was doing. After three or four more lights he stopped and turned. 

"Have you nowhere else to go, boy?" His eyes told that he had pity for Lekz. He held out his hand. "Come. We go to the cathedral. It is safe for all of Lexander's children there. Tell me, what is your name?"
Entry 2955 (20/02/11 03:23) 20/02/11 03:18
The name resonated within Lekz' mind causing the boy to lose focus briefly. Shaking his head clear of thoughts, he replied, "My name is Lekz." With a big grin he inquired, "Who's Lexander?"
Entry 2956 20/02/11 03:24
"Lekz is a fine name. It is derived from Lexander. He is our god and you will feel his welcome. My name is Artur and I am a priest at the city cathedral."

As they turned another street, before them stood a gloriously tall and golden cathedral. It pierced the crimson sky and as its bells rang, birds escaped the bell tower. 

"Do you need a place to sleep tonight, Lekz? I'm sure I can find you something."
Entry 2957 20/02/11 03:28
"Yes please," he replied slowly as he gazed at the cathedral's intricate features. Although he had been in this city for a few days, he hadn't been so close to the cathedral yet. "I'm kind of traveling, but I don't have any money, and no one wants to hire a kid for anything but small stuff. So I don't really have anywhere to stay," he yammered on without pause.
Entry 2958 20/02/11 03:37
"I'm sure we'll find a use for you." 

Artur guided Lekz inside. The nave was so fast and so full of detail that it was difficult to tell how large it was. The air inside was cool, yet still and comforting. He was taken halfway down on the left to a large door. They went through corridors and hallways, moving past other priests and what looked like homeless people. Two young girls walking past saw Lekz and smiled at him, watching him with glued eyes until he was out of their sight. 

He was taken to a quiet room to eat some food which Artur had got from somewhere, and then he was offered a makeshift bed on the floor. There were already some other people sleeping on the floor nearby. Artur told him that he would find him again in the morning, and then he bid the boy goodnight. Darkness and coolness began to creep into the room as the last candle was snuffed by Artur. The door was closed and a latch clicked into place.  From somewhere else, a choir sang a warm and enchanting piece which echoed around the thick stone walls. 
Entry 2959 20/02/11 03:46
Lekz stretched on the bed with full intent of getting back up and exploring the cathedral in a just few minutes. However, his eyes grew as heavy as the food in his stomach. Perhaps it was the music or just the day's adventures, but his tired body betrayed his intentions as he fell into a deep sleep. Lekz dreamed of strange and foreign things.
Entry 2960 20/02/11 03:50
There was a crash and a bang. Something nearby broke and the sound of rolling debris echoed down the hallway. There was no light visible from under the door, but there was soft talking. The others on the floor did not stir. 
Entry 2961 20/02/11 03:54
Lekz jumped to his feet and ran to the door. First, he tried to peer underneath in hope of glimpsing something through the space below. When the boy found that to be fruitless, he pressed his ear to the thick wood in hope of making out what was being said on the otherside.
Entry 2962 20/02/11 03:57
"Down here," said a familiar voice. "One of these doors. Quiet! Don't do that." It sounded like Gabriel. 
"The stairs are this way," said a girl. "Over here."
"Ah, right. Good. Come, let's be swift. Somebody may have heard us."

Their shuffling footsteps echoed down the other way along the hall and then everything was strangely silent. 
Entry 2963 20/02/11 04:04
Lekz didn't hesitate; he pulled open the door and followed in pursuit, first across the hallway and then down the stairs. At every turn he paused and listened for the sound of footsteps. He peered around ever corner, but they always managed to be gone from sight. Then, the foot steps stopped. Uncertain that he still had their trail, he cautiously crept forward.
Entry 2964 20/02/11 04:06
Lekz found himself in a vast, dark chamber, somewhere underground. The air down here was very still and slightly warm, and there was a disturbing odour in the air. On either side of him was a candle-bearing sconce, but they didn't give enough light to see very far at all. There were no more voices. Above him, the wooden ceiling creaked with movement on the upper floor, and then it stopped. Something scampered in the shadows nearby. 
Entry 2965 (20/02/11 04:10) 20/02/11 04:09
As quietly as he could manage, Lekz quickly put his back to the wall. He waited hoping for either another noise or his eyes to adjust. "It's just a rat," he whispered.
Entry 2966 20/02/11 04:12
The scampering indeed seemed like a rodent. It scurried from one side of the room to the other. As Lekz persistently stared into the darkness, he saw that the room was lined with thick stone columns, stretching down into darker darkness. On both sides of the room were raised altars with large, elongated bundles of something on each one. Some flies buzzed near his head, urging him to move. 
Latest Post Entry 2967 20/02/11 04:16
Lekz shook off his nervous bones and pressed onward. Swiftly and quietly, he moved across the room. Unable to ignore his curiosity, the paused to examine what was placed on the alter.
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