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Entry 2927 20/02/11 00:02
"You! Scum! Get back! Somebody call the Imperials!"

In the crowded marketplace, people started yelling. Most people barely had room to move, and they couldn't see what the noise was about. Very few people saw a child pushing skilfully between them. Some nearby guards began to make their way to those who were shouting for them. By the time they got there, it was too late. The boy found a cart and disappeared beneath it. He clung onto the underside for as long as he could, and when he dropped and peered out from underneath, he found himself behind a store, some way from the market. 

He crawled out, dusted off his coat, pulled his winnings from his pockets, and sat down on a box to eat. 
Entry 2928 20/02/11 00:30
Hitching a ride through the city, Lekz had been sitting in the cart when the commotion began in the market. He paid little mind however, because at the time the boy had been munching on the first juicy apple he had obtained all week. Both short on funds and persistent work, Lekz found himself relying mostly on the charity of others, which in a city like this was a rare find indeed. The scuffling underneath the cart startled he away from thoughts of his snack.

"Hello," Lekz said with a bite of apple still in his mouth.
Entry 2929 20/02/11 00:34
Gabriel froze. His eyes shifted up to the boy looking down at him from the cart. In one swift movement he ran to the cart, scaled the side, and pinned Lekz against his seat. Suddenly there was a small, sharp blade pressing dangerously into Lekz' stomach. Gabriel pushed the palm of his other hand against Lekz' head and stared into his eyes. 

"What did you see?"
Entry 2930 20/02/11 00:36
"Nothing!" said the surprised boy, and without hesitation he inquired, "What didn't I have seen?"
Entry 2931 20/02/11 00:40
"What didn't you have seen? What have you not didn't you have seen? Did you not have the didn't see of how I got this?" He pressed one of his potatoes into Lekz's cheek quite violently. "Did you?"
Entry 2932 20/02/11 00:41
"What?" Lekz asked with wide eyes of confusion.
Entry 2933 20/02/11 00:46
"What yourself. Did. You. See. How. I. Got. This?" He asked, smacking Lekz in the face with his potato with each word. 
Entry 2934 20/02/11 00:50
Lekz flinches with each smack. He looks down and quietly replies, "No, I didn't see." Only now did he realize it was a knife against his stomach. He squirms back a few inches from his attacker.
Entry 2935 20/02/11 00:54
Gabriel scans Lekz' eyes as he responds. When he tries to move back, Gabriel pushes his vegetable harder into the boy's face. After a few awkward minutes, he slips his knife away and swings himself over Lekz so he can sit beside him. He continues eating, watching Lekz from the corner of his eye, seemingly amused at his shock and loss for words. 

"Hello," he finally replies. "What's your name then?"
Entry 2936 20/02/11 01:01
Lekz scooted to the other end of the cart, putting his back to the corner. "Lekz," he said while studying Gabriel. The child then picked up his apple and cautiously resumed eating. "What's your name then?" he asked with tension in his voice.
Entry 2937 20/02/11 01:10
Gabriel nodded slowly, noticing the boy's apprehension. 

"Gabriel," he said. He jumped off the cart and turned back around. "Come with me, Lekz." He walked to where the alley met the street and waited with his back to the cart, watching people walk past in the glaring midday sun. 
Entry 2938 20/02/11 01:14
Lekz was uncertain, but he also didn't have anywhere else to go. More importantly, something deep inside him was genuinely curious about the strange young man. He hopped out of the cart and pursued the silhouetted figure. Reaching Gabriel's side, Lekz asked, "Where are we going?"
Entry 2939 20/02/11 01:18

Gabriel shot into the crowds, moving so quickly around people that dust from the street trailed behind him. He went down one road, then another, and another, moving just slowly enough for Lekz to be able to keep up. Twisting down another alley, he jumped straight up, grabbed hold of a beam, and pulled himself up. He repeated this process with the next beam, now poised several metres above the ground with only a piece of wood as wide as his hand to balance on. He turned to his right and sidled along the stone rimming of the building there. Then he slipped in through an open window, vanishing from sight.
Entry 2940 (19/03/11 00:12) 20/02/11 01:38
Lekz pursed Gabriel with as much speed as he could muster. Gabriel was both quick and agile, and despite Lekz' natural talents in those areas, he still had difficultly maintaining pursuit. After running into numerous stands, people, and walls, Lekz reached the building that Gabriel had scaled. He found himself in awe of the young man's physical capabilities. Upon realizing Gabriel was leaving him, he shouted with concern, "Wait!"

He lunged upward and grasped for the beam but missed it slightly. After trying again with no more success than his first attempt, he jumped up kicking off the wall and wrapped his fingers securely around the top of the beam. Clumsily, he hoisted himself up careful to not tip over and land on his head. Fortunately the next beam wasn't so far up, and scaled it with significantly more grace. With a sense of triumph he stood up and slipped into the window.
Entry 2941 20/02/11 01:48
Gabriel grabbed Lekz' hand and pulled him into the shadows. At first, there was a thick smell of smoke and darkness. As he was lead through the haze, it became apparent that they were in one large, sectioned room with small stairs leading up and down different platforms. A hazy shaft of dull sunlight streamed into the centre table around which several children sat, talking amongst themselves, eating, playing card games, and smoking something. Most of them paused to look at Lekz as Gabriel stood him before the table and let his eyes adjust to the gloom and stinking air. 

"This is Lekz," Gabriel said proudly. Nobody responded. "He's our new canary."

There was an eerie murmur of whispers as the children looked at one another. 

"Chirp, chirp!" one of the boys teased. "Ya didn't even tell him what a canary is, did ya?"
"He doesn't need to know. That's why he's a canary," Gabriel said. 

Before any of them could say anything else, Gabriel grabbed Lekz' arm tightly and took him to a pile of hessian bags in one of the dark corners of a raised platform, and he pushed him onto the floor. Then he turned and left the room. The others whispered and watched Lekz from where they sat. 
Entry 2943 20/02/11 02:00
Lekz had tried to put up a little bit of a struggle, but he found Gabriel to be a lot stronger. Staring back at the other children, he tried to appear tough by puffing his chest out a little. However, he suspected that this gesture didn't work. Although the boy didn't know what a 'canary' was, he didn't like the sound of it. Even still, he tried to break his nervousness by being characteristically friendly.

"Hi," he chirped with a stupid grin.
Entry 2944 20/02/11 02:04
"What's that? The canary chirped. I couldn't make out what it said, Tirm, could you?" The loud boy nudged the one next to him, who agreed. "Canaries don't talk, kid. You just chirp when ya got something to say. Got it?"

There was a splintering smash as something ceramic broke against his head. One of the girls, the culprit, held up another plate as a threat. The loud boy ceased. Satisfied, she went and knelt by Lekz and watched him for a moment. 

"Those aren't really the rules. They're being boys. Are you okay?"
Entry 2945 20/02/11 02:10
He fidgeted a little and then grinned widely as his reply. "Of course," he said. After a brief moment of contemplation, he asked, "Who are you guys anyways?"
Entry 2946 20/02/11 02:17
She tilted her head. "We are ourselves. That's a strange question." She took hold of his chin and moved his head from side to side. "You're a strange boy. But..." She thought carefully. "But you'll make a good canary. So be a good bird and clean up that mess you caused." She smirked and went to sit back down. 
Latest Post Entry 2947 20/02/11 02:25
Put out a little, Lekz crossed his arms and huffed like a child. "Ok then," he grumbled before laying back onto the bags.
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