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Entry 1293 14/01/07 00:00

With a sigh, Georgio laid the new hammer, which thankfully wasn't taken off him, next to his other tools.
He expected his honourary apprentice to show up and ask for some equipment, so he gave his old hammer a good wipe of all the soot, and laid it on a small side table for her.

Taking down the 'gone to Town, back later' sign, Georgio looked at it, then threw it into the fire with a sudden roar of anger.
Turning to a wall, in which there were several axes and knives embedded, Georgio took from a small wooden box on his toolbox, a palm sized portrait of Captain Lionel Murdock. He then proceeded to pin it to the wall with one dagger, and throw many others at it. All while cursing the air in some foreign language.
Entry 1294 14/01/07 00:00

There was a sudden knocking on the door: a fast, hard, somewhat urgent knocking. It was almost as though a giant woodpecker was perched outside. 

"Are you open?" asked a small voice.
Entry 1295 15/01/07 00:00
Hurriedly throwing one massive axe into the portrait, destroying it, and causing the whole foundry to shake a little, Georgio answered the pipsqueak voice at the door, arms folded.

"If you've got business, i'm open. Get in here." He disappeared back accross the room, fiddling with something or other.
Entry 1296 15/01/07 00:00
The door opened and a child stood in the doorway. She peered into the darkness, shook her head, and ran off. The door stayed open, letting in a luke-warm breeze. Then a man in robes walked in briskly and threw a glance across the room at the smith. 

"I believe that girl was knocking on the wrong door," he said, somewhat idly.
Entry 1297 16/01/07 00:00
With a heavy, and over-aggravated sigh, Georgio waved a hand of forgiveness to the man, the girl, or anybody else involved in that scenario.

"It's alright, happens a lot-"

It was then he suddenly realised he hadn't re-concealed his tail.
Entry 1298 17/01/07 00:00
Ignatius either didn't notice the tail or didn't care about it. He walked up to a rack of weapons and ran his open palm over them, as though inspecting them for an unseen aura. He threw a glance over his shoulder. 

"Shouldn't you a little more careful than that, Georgio?" he asked in an almost mocking tone.
Entry 1299 18/01/07 00:00
Waving an uncaring, aggravated hand, Georgio threw something accross the room as a form of organising, and turned to his guest.

"Ah what's a little kid gonna do? Probably think 'm a big old troll and run off scared. Anyway my man, looking for something?"

He leant on one of the many little perches there were around the room, and addressed the man as if he'd known him for a long time.
Entry 1300 22/01/07 00:00
Ignatius smirked. "You, actually. You ARE the great Georgio, aren't you? Oh, wait, you're not great anymore, are you? You're just an average man. Maybe a little below average, taking into consideration that picture on the wall with daggers in it."

He paused and went to a window, glancing outside at the street before turning back to the blacksmith. "I'm not here to taunt you though. I heard make weapons out of many materials, correct?"
Entry 1301 23/01/07 00:00
Throwing a quarter size spear through the already fairly tattered picture on the wall, with an echoing thud, Georgio was standing behind the man.

"That's right. Need some work doing, my man?" He cocked his head, and realised he may have had a height advantage over this fellow.
Entry 1302 27/01/07 00:00
"Work," Ignatius repeated. "Yes... Work." He walked around Georgio to the blank space where a silver sword once lay. He didn't seem like he wanted any work anytime soon. 

"Something once lay here. Something... valuable. I assume business is going well. Would I be correct?"
Entry 1303 28/01/07 00:00
Nodding with a chuckle. "That it is. I even managed to sell that old mythical sword.... I mean come on, like there's any werewolves and pygmys left alive with all the bounty hunters."

Georgio had made a note of following the man's steps with his own, and looking over his clothing for any insignia.
Entry 1304 28/01/07 00:00
Ignatius bore no insignias and the only thing distinguishable about him was his pearl white eyes and red short hair like a lion. 

"A mythical sword. No werewolves. What an uneducated statement." He turned to Georgio. "Was this weapon made of or layered with silver, perchance?" He took a step towards the blacksmith. "I am quite interested to know..."
Entry 1305 29/01/07 00:00
With a chuckle, Georgio found a good chance to flex his knowledge of both his trade and that blade.

"Those statements are one and the same! If a sword were to be MADE of silver, it would be some kind of ornament. And do I look like an Antiques bazaar? The sword was coated, and in some places encrusted with a fairly dense silver coating. Which is why I had it actually... somebody brought it in for repairs, silver not being to sturdy of course. But he never came back. He was found dead in Lyte a few weeks after."
Entry 1306 29/01/07 00:00
Ignatius paused and blinked as though everything Georgio had said had just flown right over his head. Then he went from seemingly dazzled to rather concerned, turning back and walking to where the sword stood. 

"Do you recall who you sold it too? You weren't having a hangover at the time, were you?"
Entry 1307 29/01/07 00:00
"Actually I was at the stage pre-hangover... but I remember he was a tall man. With hair not unlike your own. Although when I say tall, and compare him to you, you're a little scrawny..."

Georgio was making some fairly amusing hand signals to show all of this in case his guest couldn't understand the common tongue to well...
Entry 1308 29/01/07 00:00
"Mhmm. Well..." He looked towards the door. "I'm afraid you've been had by..." he leant in and whispered, "The Enemy. You see, his monsters are weak against silver. It's imbued with holy power by default. Silver weapons are their bane, much like it is that of a werewolf. I hope you have more silver nearby. From what I hear, He is getting quite close."
Entry 1309 30/01/07 00:00
Stopping all movement, Georgio spoke so the words were between him and this man only.

"If you're about to bring a holy war into this village, I advise against it. However if you need outfitting for your little war, that's why I'm in business."
Entry 1310 30/01/07 00:00
Ignatius stayed still as a statue and smirked. "I don't fight. Worry not, young man. I would like your silver. Simple as that. [1] You DO have more, don't you? We'll need all of that stuff we can get -- no matter what form it's in. I'm willing to pay dearly for it."
Entry 1311 31/01/07 00:00
Reaching over to his Bardiche, and quickly attaching it to his back. Georgio nodded to the door.

"Then were going for a walk. I have no more in stock in any shape or form, but theres a mine shaft not half a mile from here in the bog. I've got some friends there who still work it..."

He continued mumbling on about the mine as he left the building, and proceeded to announce his foundry closed via the flagpole. He trusted his visitor was following...
Latest Post Entry 1312 31/01/07 00:00
Ignatius was indeed following quite closely, his gaze now fixed sternly ahead to the mountainside that sat north of Serten -- where he presumed the mine was. Everybody knew the mountains in North Tasif were a good place to find minerals, but many were led to believe silver is much more abundant. Since the silver mines began to ran dry, perhaps there was a new market amongst Georgio's friends. 

"Do you remember anything about this huge man who visited you the other day? Any other pieces of information would be quite useful in helping me track him down..."
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