Arms of Alexios

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Entry 2543 08/11/07 00:00

A man in gleaming armour descended the stairs, followed by three knights. They all had an edge of emergency about them and didn't care much for whoever they happened to bump into. 

"Sir Isaac," said one, a little out of breath. "Would you slow down? You'll draw attention to us."

The leading knight stopped and turned to throw his companion an unappreciative glare, but then he calmed himself. "You're right. His majesty did stress the degree of subtlety with which we are to complete our mission. Now, I have already arranged to meet a friend of mine. He has contacts, and his information should help us significantly." He threw a furtive glance about the busy street of the rich city, tinted rose in the low sun's light. "He is to meet us at the Chustis Tavern after sundown tonight, so we have some time yet."

His fellow knights nodded and they proceeded at a more orderly pace towards a large tavern situated on a nearby corner. Like the surrounding buildings, it was a grand old structure with decorated glass windows, high and pale walls both stone and thatched, and a wide oak door which was swung open. Though the exterior was inviting and warm, the inside was even more so. A unlit chandelier hung from the high ceiling, yet it still cast sparkling specks of light about the room, as the sun shone in through the windows and into the chandelier crystals. A wide bar wrapped around an impressive collection of kegs and the whole room was busy with comers and goers. 

Isaac went to a table that a waitress was cleaning up and his fellow knights joined him, sitting in the same manner he did. After speaking briefly with the waitress about what time they began to serve evening meals, they sat silently and watched the room. 

Entry 2544 25/03/09 00:00
The Ildemin entered through the tavern warily. The deformities were all too obvious, and several derisive remarks were made. He ignored them, walking to a spare table nearby where four knights sat, one with gleaming armour. He could hear the remarks still, it'd be hard not to with his ears. They dropped, showcasing his irritation.

Brushing his robe, the mage took a seat. There were very few reasons why Ildemin were about, the most common was looking for work. This one was no different, already wearing a bored expression. He tugged at his robes again, ears rising and flicking as he picked up snatches of conversation once the novelty of him had passed.
Entry 2545 11/04/09 00:00
"As I was saying," Isaac said, though he had only begun talking just then, "We'll need to keep an eye out for a man who will be wearing a red band around his head. He won't approach us. He will nod at us when it's safe for us to approach him. Also, when he... What is that smell?"

"Ah, sir, an Ildemin is seated behind you." 

Isaac shot up from his chair and turned around. On the table behind them, Max was seated, seeming rather bored and weary. 

"Could you sit over there?" Isaac said to Max. "Pardon me, you there, with the robe. Could you sit over there?" He pointed across the busy tavern at nowhere in particular and frowned at Max.
Entry 2546 13/04/09 00:00
Max looked around and raised furry eyebrows, fixating his blue eyes on Isaac. His ears dropped again. "Odd request. Why ask, and what reason should I have to go along with it?"

His tail flicked. His eyes ran up and down Isaac now, taking in the human's appearance. "If you're worried about me eavesdropping, I can hear you quite easily from over there."

Perhaps if Isaac had used etiquette, or perhaps if he didn't have the attitudes of a practitioner of shadow magic, he might have moved. But since neither of these were true, he simply raised eyebrows at Isaac as if to ask if he was going to say anything further.
Entry 2547 02/05/09 00:00
Sir Isaac crossed his arms. "I ask because, as I said, your odour is simply unbearable, and the reasons you have for complying is that, if you do not, I shall arr... Hold on, were you sent to meet us? ... or are you just trying to cause trouble for the sake of it?"
Entry 2548 19/05/09 00:00
Akire had noticed the guards in the street, as they bumbled their way through the crowds. They actually had bumped into Akire, sending him in return, into a nearby vendor stand. He wondered what would cause such a buzz in the pants of three knights, or whatever they were called around here. 

Akire had been in the city for no more than a day and he was already poking his nose where he didn't belong. Being the curious type that he is he couldn't leave the thought unfinished without finding out why those official looking people were in such a rush, so he followed them.

It wasn't long till Akire was at some kind of bar. He waited outside for a few moments before walking in himself. He couldn't help his head from swiveling from side to side as he took in all the sights and sounds of the place. Then he spotted the funny people in armor. They were arguing with someone else, at a nearby table. Using what he could for cover, he tried to sneak closer so he could overhear them. Maybe he could ask them for a bit of their food if they were not going to eat it?
Entry 2549 19/05/09 00:00
He bared all his sharp teeth in a grin. "Possibly. I might have come by... something that could use my abilities." His ears lay, despite the grin, giving him a somewhat threatening demeanor. All the same, his eyes sparked with interest as he eyed Isaac, waiting for a response.
Entry 2550 20/05/09 00:00
With a glance at each of his soldiers, Sir Isaac turned back to Max with half a smile, as if wondering whether all this was some sort of joke. 

"Well then, if that is indeed the case, what happened to the one who was to meet us? And why would he send a rude animal in his stead? It makes little sense to me, to be frank." He laughed awkwardly and his companions joined him. 

"Sir, this one is cunning. We could actually use someone like him," one of the other knights suggested. 

Isaac hushed him with a glance. "But he can't be trusted! Clearly! Who's to say he would sooner stab me in the back than help us with a mission of such regal priority?"

"Uhh, sir, quieten, if you would..."

"Mm, very well. You there, the rude Ildemin, are you in need of money?" he asked, speaking quietly now and more conscious of the people around them. "If you agree to help us, you will be handsomely rewarded, but we'll be keeping a close eye on you. We need somebody with some wit and without any royal attachment to do some... work for us. In a moment, we're going to stand and exit through the tavern's kitchen. If you are interested, wait a few moments, ensure nobody is following you, and follow us outside."

After he collected himself, he stood with his companions and headed to the counter but bumped into a child with some sort of mark on his cheek. "Careful there, boy!" Isaac scolded, and then he headed through a doorway in the corner.
Entry 2551 20/05/09 00:00
Akire was bumped again by one of the guards, and this time was pushed into the counter. He almost went over the counter, if his foot hadn't instinctively snagged the stool to steady himself. "Hey!" By the time he had a moment to complain however, they were gone. "You guys have some nerve..." Akire glared at the door where they had left... then he had a question. "Why did they leave through that door?" He puzzled it over in his head, and then looked at the table of where they had sat, as well as where the hooded man they seemed to have argued with sat as well.
Entry 2552 20/05/09 00:00
He was half-tempted to to freeze something on this knight for the hypocrisy, but knew better. And that proved right when he got the offer, in a backhanded way.

Rude eh? That's a good one. He thought in irritation. After a few moments had passed, he stood, and made his way to and through the doorway the men had walked through before. He noticed them bump a kid with a strange star on his face. He avoided the kid, not wanting to collide, or converse, with him when he had the prospect of money in front of him.
Entry 2553 24/05/09 00:00
The door led into a tight little back alley with one wall lined with barrels and crates. It ran on a little way before coming to an intersecting alley. Both alleys were quiet and empty. Isaac stood in the middle of the back alley with two men on each side, blocking the way entirely. They all watched Max closely as he stepped out of the doorway and into the alley. Some humble bells rang in the distance and the bustle of the crowd, too, was somewhat audible. 

"Well, right to the point," Sir Isaac began, not speaking too loudly. "The king has a courtyard in the southeast corner of the palace. It's heavily guarded and for royalty and palasars only. In this garden is a statue of the prince Alexios, Lord Theodore's son. The statue is... missing some pieces. It's missing it's arms; they were snapped off and stolen not two days ago now. The king and lord request that these parts be recovered, as it is a great insult. If those pieces were displayed in public... the people would be both disgusted at the degree of blasphemy and discouraged in the strength of the king. It's simply unthinable! And so, we believe it is the work of the Twilight Blades. We are not aware of any other who would be so capable as to do this underneath our noses. Now is the time to turn away, if you so wish to not become involved..."

Entry 2554 25/05/09 00:00
Akire watched as they all left, and noticed food was still at their tables. Figuring that the food was left behind, which made it fair game, he grabbed what he could with two hands, and shoved a bit of food into his mouth and grabbed one last handful. Then, while eating the food, he walked over to the door and cracked it open to see what all that commotion was about. 

He could only hear the last bits of the conversation, uncertain of what was said. He still wanted to yell at the guards for bumping into him, not once but twice, but instead just remained quiet behind the cracked open door.

(Being patient, but this really is what Akire would do. You caught his interest, and he got questions in his head, and food in his mouth.)
Entry 2555 25/05/09 00:00
He smiled, teeth flashing in an almost vicious manner. "A job is a job. I'm in." His voice had a tone of boredom. "And not going to back out or..." The smile widened briefly before vanishing. "... Stabbing you in the back."

His ears perked, showing his curiosity. He didn't approach any further, crossing his arms and watching Sir Isaac. He was curious now. He was almost never sent to find an item, lost or otherwise, let alone more than one. And the Twilight Blades...?

He continued watching Isaac, wondering what his mission would be.
Entry 2556 28/05/09 00:00
Sir Isaac suddenly seemed very satisfied. He nodded, as though speaking to himself and agreeing with himself. 

"Right. Yes. As of now, we have a total of one lead. Scholars in the garden say they saw a small person -- likely to be a child -- heading away from the palace not long after the statue was found to be vandalised. Now, of course, the child was not seen carrying two stone arms as big as grown men, but this is all we have and so this is what we're going with. All gate guards have been given a description of the child and will not let such a person leave the city. So, assuming the gate guards are doing their duties well, we are then assuming the child is still in the city. Are we clear so far?"

The other knights all nodded and gave grave looks at one another, though they had probably heard the talk several times already. Isaac didn't want for Max before continuing. 

"Right. The child is thought to be a male between seven and ten years of age, with a very slight build, short dark brown hair, dressed like your average street rat. The witnesses also added that he seemed very light on his feet. The man who we were initially looking for -- the one who supposedly sent you -- is the type of man who can glance at a crowd and then tell you who has what colour eyes and what colour hair, and so on. But now we're going to use your perception skills. Before we begin our search, does this description match any child you may have encountered recently? I urge you to be rapid and honest in your answers."

Entry 2557 30/05/09 00:00

Akire stood at the door, listening in on this part of the conversation. He was about to burst out to offer his help... when he glanced at a hanging pan and saw his reflection off the metal. Short brown hair... slight of build... short... light.. They where talking about him?! Street RAT!? How dare they!?

When he first heard their description and realized they were referring to him in most likely hood, as no one was lighter on their feet than he was, he dropped the food from his mouth to the floor, a dull thud sounding.  He hopped that they where referring to being light on one's feet as figurative and no literal...

Taking a peek past the crack in the door, Akire looked to see if the sound of the food hitting the floor disturbed the group any... and if he needed to hide.

Entry 2558 01/06/09 00:00
"Hrm..." He tilted his head to the side as he put together the image. "Short brown hair, slight of build... short..." He nodded. "I believe you passed him on your way out." He chuckled. Not entirely accurate, but fair. Even if they did knock him over.

He started slightly at the sound of a dull thud. He held up a paw, ears twitching, silently requesting for the knights to hold their words. He looked over his shoulder, then turned around, scowling at the door he came from. He knew it was closed when he had gone through it. Looking back at Isaac, he indicated his door with his head, suggesting someone was listening there as he began to approach it, listening carefully for further movement.
Entry 2559 02/06/09 00:00
Isaac went to speak but was silenced. Again, he thought to oppose but then he noticed that Max seemed to be indicating something. A nod toward the door and then he got it. He thought somebody was eavesdropping. They immediately took action. Two of them quickly flanked the door and the third stood by Max. Isaac nodded at Max, motioning for him to proceed and investigate.
Entry 2560 02/06/09 00:00
Upon seeing the people in shiny armor move closer to the door, Akire dropped what was left of his food and looked around quickly. There wasn't anyplace good to hide! Only one place that he knew, and only if the men were stupid enough for it. Quickly placing his hands on the counter, Akire lifted himself up, and tossed himself with his arms to the other side of the counter.

However, Akire didn't put into account the flour that was on the counter, and left two hand prints in it, which seemed rather confusing to look at, as it looked like a kid just placed his hands on the table and left. He didn't even know he had flour on his hands, as he was sitting on the floor, hidden only by the counter. He was holding his breath, daring not to move or even make any kind of sound. He placed his hands on the floor to either side of him, and closed his eyes, hoping that if he couldn't see them, they couldn't see him.
Entry 2561 03/06/09 00:00
The Ildemin carefully, but quickly popped his head around to look inside. Seeing nothing, he frowned and opened the door entirely. Eyes narrowed, ears pricked, he looked around, trying to find what he had surmised to be the kid from before. He began moving around slowly, not paying attention to what the knights were doing.

Strange... where could he have gone...?

The young mage was baffled, and then he came to the counter. The handprints. The child had been here at some point. He scowled at the handprints, not moving from the counter.
Latest Post Entry 2562 07/06/09 00:00
On seeing Max enter the building safely, Isaac and another soldier followed and the other two stayed at the door. They stood either side the Ildemin and peered about at the ignorant tavern-goers. 

"Did you see anyone?" Isaac asked Max quietly. "I don't th... What are you looking at?" He followed Max's eyes to the handprints on the counter. "Our culprit did that? Why would he leave a trace of himself and then run? We can get a drawing of these to match to any suspects we find!" He headed back to get the other two men, but before he did, said, "Ildemin, search the room and ask the people if they saw the described child, if you would. I will be outside a moment."
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